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FeatureDate added and Date modified fields support timeImprovedImproved and fixed plugins and scriptsFixedRestoring database from backup (multiple issues)FixedAccessing database from different windows usersFixedMany small bugs fixes
Export plugin:
Now supports file name formatting for "nearfiles" parameter and "recordtemplate" parameter. Possible values are:

%d% - internal id
%rid% - movie id
%ot% - original title
%t% - title
%y% - year

Additional function: {#StringReplace 'Original Text' 'String to replace' 'string to replace with'}

Image fields now support autosize. Example:

--- Code: ---<column valign="top" halign="center" width="40%">
 <border shape="none"/>
   <poster autosize="true"/>
  <column imgctrlcol="true">
<postercountlabel halign="center" width="50"/>

--- End code ---

The code produces a poster field with maximum width of 40% of the window and poster buttons (next/prev/add) below. If poster is smaller than 40% of window width it will be rendered in it's full size (not stretched to 40%).


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