Would you like the option of a "movie seen dialog" (as described below)?

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Author Topic: Better suggestion poll  (Read 1520 times)

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Better suggestion poll
« on: January 30, 2010, 04:22:31 am »
One of the problems with a poll is they don't work very well unless the question is clear and unbiased. It's impractical for me to revise buah's poll, but I can add my own. I suppose it's biased too, but maybe we can make sense of the results of the two of them together.

As I stated in the other threads, the fundamental flaw in buah's suggestion is it would adversely affect some users. In case it helps to declare my bias...one of them would be me! For reasons I don't understand, buah cannot accept my suggestion his proposed change be optional. But I also had my own suggestion...

It would be nice to have a special dialog that would include all the things that need to be updated after a movie is viewed—date (with same options as current menu), rating, comments, the option to delete the media, etc. It would be particularly useful if it could accommodate custom fields—then it could be adapted to any particular routine/work flow.

No matter what kind of collection we're maintaining, there's usually a number of things that need to be recorded after a movie has been viewed. For most, this is probably just the date viewed and the user rating. If so, both can be set easily without going into edit mode. There is the possibility, however, that one is recorded and the other forgotten. Some may have a routine of recording other information—like a comment, or who they watched the movie with. So the idea is to put all these things in one dialog, not just for convenience—but to ensure everything pertaining to the viewing is recorded. This dialog would in no way change the existing ways of recording these things. It would be a separate menu item that could be placed on the tool bar.

Please remember nostra has no interest in these polls, so he's not bound by the results. And my money's on "Don't care," but maybe this will be an interesting experiment anyway. ;)