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good Image Catalogizer need


I think must store little tumbnails in database, sorting, collecting, labels and then click on it open the picture from original place.
I trying some app but most of hem store all pic in temp folder like image01..image02
..etc uh irrelevant for me.
Could anybody offer some good free app?
thank you for reading

I have more than 10000 personal photo in my pc
IMO the best prog to show it is FastStone Viewer..very fast to show the thumbnails
BUT it not store the thumbnails in a database.
Why do u work with thumbnails and not the originals ??

Working with thumbnails much better than seek the original photos in my room.
Picture catalogizers make thumbnails from all files and saves into a big database for search and collect organize etc. and you could portable on usb key instead of 150 dvd or hard drives, move with you to everywhere you want.
Many software for this but no good enough for me.
Gentibus cd is good but incredible slow and very big database wasted.
MyAlbum good too + scriptable but very old and no file tree.

At last find My Photo Index as opensource image organizer, usable but very primitiv but working fine.


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