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FeatureSkins: separate stars and buttons for each skinFeatureSkins: height attribute for rowsFeatureSkins: height attribute for spacerFeatureSkins: maxvalue, precision attributes for ratingsFeatureSkins: allow rating without starsFixedSkins: automatic width calculationFixedSkins: Collapsed/expanded states did not save after changing the skinFixedSkins: Offsets in custom sectionFeatureExport: Configurable duration formatFixedExport: resizing imagesFixedExporting photosFeatureScript Engine: GetFieldValueXML, GetSeriesFieldValueXMLImprovedRound seconds to the full minute when showing duration in minutesImprovedDefault colors and underline options for all controlsChangedBudget and Box Offcie fields can contain bigger valuesFixedgrouping by composers and writersFixedBigger toolbar icons supportFixedClearing date fieldsFixedCreating a database having international characters in path


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