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This started a month or so ago; when I create a new movie master everything is imported correctly but no images. If I them try to import the poster from Amazon.com I get the message no movies found.
They only way to get an image for a movie is to save the jpg from the internet and then add the file to the movie record.

Thanks you for looking into this,

Try updating the plugins.

Updated plug-ins cannot import posters anymore. Get message "No movies found". Tried several different movies. I have version  Haven't aded movies for awhile but have several hundred in my database that I imported posters for previusly

I can confirm that since a few days amazon plugins (German and English) don't work anymore.
Amazon seems to have changed something (again) :-( Compare:

The selection and quality of posters at TMDb has improved dramatically over the last year or so. That plugin currently only includes the option of downloading all available posters. That's not practical, as movies typically have several high-quality posters, and popular ones can have a dozen or more. It would be wonderful if the plugin could be modified to download only the default poster and/or allow a selection from the available posters.

I might be misunderstanding it, but it appears from the API both should be possible. It's not clear which is the default poster URL, but it's likely the one returned by Movie.search. Other poster URL appear to be provided by both Movie.getInfo and Movie.getImages. The best implementation would be to modify the existing movie info plugin to just get the default poster, and to add a new poster plugin that would present thumbnails for selection and allow for choosing the original, mid or cover size.

I'm suggesting this here because I think this might significantly reduce the demand for keeping the web-page based plugins like Amazon and IMPAwards up-to-date. Although the selection is not as broad, TMDb does now seem to reasonably good coverage of common non-English movies, and includes non-English posters. The minimum poster width is 666 pixels and the norm seems to be 1000, so the quality is much better and more consistent than other sources. Those for whom TMDb would be an appropriate default source for posters are unlikely to need anything else.


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