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I have tested quite a number of free and commercial movie collection system and so far PVD is really the best. I came from movie collectorz.com but I migrated to PVD few years ago when collectorz started using their own database instead of relying on websites like imdb or amazon. This causes a lot of problem for collectorz users and some of them migrated to PVD. While PVD is not as streamlined as collectorz, for a free software and basically developed by one person, this is really a great software. I am sure if nostra have more time, we would have an even better product.

Anyway, I am just wondering why is the userbase for PVD so small. For a free movie collection software, PVD is right at the top in my opinion. Nothing comes close. And when comparing between PVD and other commercial collection software, PVD it at least top 3. So why? If there are more users, I am sure with enough donations we can at least provide some incentive to nostra to update more often.


 I totally agree.
 I myself had tried almost every solution around. I have use Xtreme movie manager for a while but switched to PVD.
 PVD is awesome and at the top.
 I have donated a while back but would be prepared to pay for more, definitely.


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