Author Topic: Dynamic SQL Error in Advanced Search  (Read 852 times)

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Dynamic SQL Error in Advanced Search
« on: January 09, 2017, 07:10:14 am »
I would like to mention a minor problem:

When performing an advanced search, sometimes (not always) the following error message appears:

Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -104
Token unknown - line 1, column 107
Invalid token
Error Code: 249.
(see also the attached picture)

Fortunately, whenever I repeat the (same) search immediately a second time, the message does not appear again and the search takes place as it should.
When starting the next advanced search (with another word or in another field) the same may happen: The first try leads to the error message, the second try works.

In case that it is of importance: About exactly the same error message a thread can be found here:,1471

The problem there (in the other thread) appeared with Chinese titles - I do not use such titles. Specific in my case is that I perform the Advanced Search in custom fields (as specified in this thread:,4061.0.html). I do not know if the problem could have to do with this fact.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
Windows 7 Home 32bit, PVD version