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Title: Language files
Post by: on June 13, 2008, 06:20:45 am
Being hopelessly anglo, I can't help you with translations, but here are some corrections for the English file:

  504, "Also know as{IFCTRL}:" --> "Also known as{IFCTRL}:"
  511, "Aditional Rating{IFCTRL}:" --> "Additional Rating{IFCTRL}:"
  512, "Aditional Rating Name" -->  "Additional Rating Name"
  856, "Put at the begining of the title" --> "Put at the beginning of the title"
  881, "(Warning these changes can not be undone easily)" -->  "(Warning: These changes can not be undone easily)"
1037, "Series with expisodes" -->  "Series with episodes"
1043, "Selected Series with expisodes" -->  "Selected series with episodes"
1453, "Aditional Information" -->  "Additional Information"
1908, "An Error occured while connecting to the server.#13%s" -->  "An Error occurred...
1914, "An Error occured while getting file information.#13%s" -->  "An Error occurred...
1918, "An Error is occured while saving data.#13%s" -->  "An Error is occurred...
1919, "...Are you shure you want to proceed?" -->  ...Are you sure you want to proceed?"
1927, "...The file %s already exsists." -->  ...The file %s already exists."
2462, "Tommorow" -->  "Tomorrow"

And while I'm at it, a suggestion... There's nothing wrong with the filters menu, but I find it helps if it is as simple and logical as possible. Following is an excerpt from my custom language file. By naming each filter group in the form "All—Attribute—Not attribute," it's much easier to take in the status of all filters at a glance, and still understand from the position/context what each one means.

 402, "&All"
 403, "&Not viewed"
 404, "&Viewed"
 405, "All"
 406, "Owned"
 407, "Not owned" (i.e., on wish list)
 408, "All"
 409, "Loaned"
 410, "Not loaned"
 411, "All"
 412, "Online"
 413, "Not online"
 414, "All"
 415, "Bookmarked"
 416, "Not bookmarked"
 417, "All"
 418, "Movies"
 419, "Series"
 431, "No poster"
 432, "No photo"
 433, "No cover"
 434, "No screenshot"
 430, "Advanced filters"
 435, "All"
 436, "Visible"
 437, "Not visible"

Users, of course, can have it their own way by using a custom language file, as described here: (
Title: Re: Language files
Post by: nostra on June 13, 2008, 11:07:53 am
Thanks for your corrections and suggestions. I'll fix the language file in the next update.
Title: Re: Language files
Post by: nostra on June 14, 2008, 12:32:20 am
Fixed in (this version is not announced yet, but is already on the server)
Title: Re: Language files
Post by: on June 14, 2008, 02:49:30 am
Thanks for the update. You seem to be raising the bar on yourself. I've come to expect you'll fix anything that need fixing in "a week or so." Now you're implementing mere suggestions in less than 24 hours!  ;D