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Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: October 19, 2008, 01:45:51 pm »
The critical option for me is the cusomized file scanner. Until I have something that can parse file names correctly as title names I can't use PVD. I need something that can parse names from this format:
%TITLE%[.%year%][.%release type%].%source%.%format%[.%additional format%]-%release group%.%file format postfix%

spaces between words as do elements are seperated by dots.
[] is optional data.
field data is determained as follows:
release type - is a word from a set of words like LIMITED, FESTIVAL, UNRATED
source - is usually DVDrip
format - is a word from a set, usually xvid
additional format - a word from a set, like AC3
release group - one of many names like DIAMOND, AAF, DEVISE, FLAWL3SS, etc... setting it to be -* would work (anything after the - and before the .avi )
file format postfix - .avi .mkv .mp4 etc.

i'd like to keep those parsed data parts in their own fields if possible.

if this is too complex, just having a list of words to be discarded, plus a mask, would be good too (like a word list, plus anything after the - sign, or after the .dvdrip*) , but i'd so much prefer to save this data somewhere.

Thanks for this great program :)

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