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You should be able to add custom fields with this code...

Code: [Select]
{#ConditionAddFirst <> '' '{#ConditionAdd <> '' '{%value=XYZ custom="true"}' '</p>'}' '

Put your custom field's name instead of XYZ (case sensitive, I think, but I'm not sure).
Feel free to play around with my template.

Kind regards,

You may bother me whenever you want.

Just a short anwer for the time being. I can give more detailed code snippets later this week.
But perhaps this is already sufficient.
This is not JavaScript. It consists of PVD's own functions, see help section:

In movieiframe.ptm there are two kinds of code sections, one is very simple and looks like this:
Code: [Select]
  <h2>Country</h2><p id="country">{%value=country}</p>
It starts with a newline.
It will always show up in the exported file, even if the country field in PVD is empty. In the latter case the exported source code will look like this:
Code: [Select]
  <h2>Country</h2><p id="country"></p>

The other kind looks like this:
Code: [Select]
{#ConditionAddFirst <> '' '{#ConditionAdd <> '' '{%value=writers}' '</p>'}' '
  <h2>Writer</h2><p id="writers">'}
This code snippet always starts without newline with {#ConditionAddFirst... and ends with ...} in the following line (also without newline at the end).
It is used to omit fields completely if they are empty. The corresponding HTML tags are only written to the exported file (with ConditionAddFirst and ConditionAdd) if {%value=writers} is not empty. It looks more complicated than it is. The newline before <h2> is part of the statement, it is in quotation marks. See last character in the preceding line. This newline is within the ConditionAdd statement.

I only had the IDs implemented to keep references/links vivid (those links that can be generated within PVD in description or other fields and set to point to other movies in the list: right mouse-click on the part of the text you want to become a link and choose "Create Hyperlink").
The exported IDs are hidden via CSS.

If you want to see them edit
\HTML Frames\main.css
Search für pvdid (it only occurs once in line 158)
delete #list ul li a span.pvdid, within that line.

To put the ID in front of the title edit
HTML Frames (English).ptm
Find the long line starting with %HEAD% (should be line 51).
Find <span class="pvdid"> (ID: {%value=num})</span> and put that in front of <span class="mtitle"> within the same line. It should read now"movie"><span class="pvdid"> (ID: {%value=num})</span><span class="mtitle">{%value=title}...
Feel free to change the ID portion as you like, perhaps
<span class="pvdid">No {%value=num} - </span>
<span class="pvdid">{%value=num}. </span>

Count the characters in front of {%value=num}. Originally there were 6 (including spaces: " (ID: "). To keep references/links working, edit
\HTML Frames\frame.js
and change line 68:
Code: [Select]
if (sl[i].firstChild && sl[i].className == "pvdid" && sl[i],(6+sx.length))==sx)As you see there is number 6 twice. Correct both. If you don't have any characters in front of {%value=num}, than it should be 0 here, of course:
Code: [Select]
if (sl[i].firstChild && sl[i].className == "pvdid" && sl[i],(0+sx.length))==sx)
Don't add {%value=num} to <h1 id="mtitle">...</h1> in file
\HTML Frames\movieiframe.ptm
It would break the javascript search function and certain filters.
You might add <h2 id="pvdid">{%value=num}</h2> to that line so it looks like...
Code: [Select]
  <h2 id="pvdid">{%value=num}</h2><h1 id="mtitle">{%value=title}</h1>{#StringReplace '{#ConditionAddFirst <> '' '{#ConditionAdd <> '' '{%value=origtitle}' '</p>'}' '
  <h2>Original Title</h2><p id="otitle">'}' '
  <h2>Original Title</h2><p id="otitle">{%value=title}</p>' ''}
Add the following code to \HTML Frames\frame.css and the ID will be inline and formatted the right way:
Code: [Select]
  margin:0px 0px 0.4em 0px;
  padding:0px 0.5em 0px 0px;

Scripts and Templates / Re: Export template: HTML List (English + German)
« on: February 27, 2016, 11:57:08 am »
Not offended at all. Thanks for your contribution.  :)

Scripts and Templates / Re: Export template: HTML List (English + German)
« on: February 12, 2016, 09:02:25 pm »
I think I will add this to the original scripts, too.

Feature Suggestions / Re: Gratitude List
« on: July 31, 2015, 08:40:46 pm »
...and multiplied by one Quattuordecillion :-*
Although there is still that strange sort order when upper and lower case or ä-ü-ö are involved... ;)
However, I didn't contribute to this list cause I thought doing all this HTML exporting stuff would be kind of acknowledgement of my gratitude. Since I didn't donate. Which would be an even nicer way to say thanks than to say... um... thanks. If I ever leave my state of pennilessness... ::)

Support / Re: PVD 1.0.xx problem
« on: May 24, 2015, 11:51:42 am »
Apart from the error message... did you ever try one of Ivek's scripts to fix some of the broken imdb plugin features?,3282.0.html
I was very happy about his "Imdb Movie(cast) script". You can combine this with the imdb plug-in in a batch file. The batch file (a sample batch file is attached) should be copied to the plugins folder, the script to the script folder. You can try other scripts and modify the batch accordingly (with notepad or another text editor).
The newest (beta) version of the cast script (Ivek wrote, the original one would have some minor error) can be found here:,3991.msg19066.html#msg19066

Scripts and Templates / Re: Imdb Movie Script for rating ...
« on: May 16, 2015, 01:59:50 pm »
Thanks for this. :D Absolutely brilliant!
I just stumbled upon this. Just didn't notice it before ::), although it was here for quite some time now....
The Imdb Movie(cast) script solves all the problems that I personally ran into with the imdb plugin.

Support / Re: PVD 1.0.xx problem
« on: May 16, 2015, 01:15:07 pm »
Some PVD threads seem to crash. Whatever, after looking through this bug report it doesn't really help me, either. It just shows your system environment, PVD threads, and other programs running on your computer while the program crashs occured. It might help nostra, of course, who is the author of PVD. But for the time being you might want to delete it from your post. It doesn't show passwords or something but gives away a lot of information about your computer.

I'm not really sure what happens and how to solve this.

I would download the portable version of PVD (just put it in some folder on your desktop for testing purposes) and try to add a movie to a fresh database (without the old plugins and scripts installed). At first, try to add a movie "by hand", not by importing anything. Then try to add one from file or internet. Then try it on an imported database of yours. Then try it with old plugins and scripts added to the scripts/plugins directories. And so on. Just to narrow down the cause of the problem.

Another idea would be to backup and then optimize your imported database. You will find these functions in the "Administraton" or "Tools" submenu (after clicking the "Personal Video Database" button). For optimizing the database I would at least choose to delete all invisible movie and person orphans and also choose the garbage collection (you can check these options in the "Optimize database..." menu). Doing that should have the database rebuild. That might give a cure if there was something strange hidden in your database structure.

Support / Re: PVD 1.0.xx problem
« on: April 19, 2015, 11:48:59 pm »
Did you successfully add new films before? Or was it right from the start? Maybe it's a problem with file permissions (no permission for PVD to write to the file)? You might test this with administrator rights:
If you've put the database file into the PVD program directory or another system folder that might be the cause. By the way, what does the bug report say (after clicking "show bug report")?

Scripts and Templates / Re: Show database on Android
« on: January 30, 2015, 12:59:20 pm »
Since it was asked by rick some time ago...,2328.msg12254.html#msg12254

Dolphin browser (which became more or less the standard browser for android) now can handle iframes. So the HTML frames template works fine with that, now.

Support / Re: PVD not opening properly
« on: January 30, 2015, 12:47:48 pm »
By the way, the .bak file doesn't do anything on its own after starting PVD. You can restore a database from that file, but it is never active in the background or something. Each movie database consists of a single file with the ending .pvd. Your's is MOVIES.PVD, I guess, but if you generated more than one .pvd file you could try to open one after another in PVD. As I said, each would be an independent movie databaseon its own.

Support / Re: PVD not opening properly
« on: January 30, 2015, 12:39:11 pm »
First of all I would copy the files MOVIES.PVD and movies.pvd.bak to some safe place (and all other .pvd files that might be there). Did you try to open Movies.pvd (via fileopen menu in PVD)? Or is it already the active database? Did you check if you have reading/writing permissions to the .bak file? (If you can copy it you may ignore this question, I guess...). Does PVD have reading/writing permissions to these files? Are the files readable at all? Maybe your hard drive has an erratic sector or something.
If nothing helps, create a new database with a different filename, add a movie entry (just to see if that works). You could try to reopen your real database later. And if you copied all files with the ending .pvd to some backup folder nothing can get lost or messed up (that is not already messed up...).
I don't know if your database problems have anything to do with the black pane. I had some display problems when viewing PVD in full screen (while my database was fine). Try if switching to windowed view and resizing the PVD window makes a difference (also shut it down in windowed mode and restart it).
Try to reinstall a freshly downloaded PVD. Make sure that it doesn't default to your potentially corrupted database (move the file to some other place before reinstalling into an empty folder). If the left pane is fine then your databse file is the problem. But if it is still black, something else is causing the problem.
This is just a bunch of ideas, of course. Maybe someone else can help with better ones...

Support / Re: How Do I Get Just One Category To Show?
« on: September 17, 2014, 10:50:55 am »
If you refer to the HTML Frames and HTML List templates I wrote (fresh versions are here)... they keep the sort order you had in PVD.
In fact, PVD has some issues with sorting by alphabet. First there will be numbers followed by all capital letters, then by lower letters form a to z, and then by characters like Ä, Ö, é, â, ü, etc.
Is that what you experience?
The problem is known, but to have a better collation the database would have to be redesigned in some complex way to be able to use the newer firebird features. See here. Nostra didn't find the time yet to address that, I guess.
You could change the sort order by hand. Open the main HTML file with some text editor and and move the respective lines with <li>...</li>.
Another workaround:
1) Open the main HTML file in your browser. Mark and copy the whole movie list. Paste it to Excel (as first column).
2) Open the main HTML file with some text editor and copy all the lines with <li>...</li>. Paste them to the second column in Excel.
3) Mark the first column, let Excel sort it from A to Z. When Excel asks to expand the selection, let it do so.
4) Copy the second column and replace all the lines with <li>...</li> in the text editor.

Scripts and Templates / Re: Export template: HTML List (English + German)
« on: September 07, 2014, 11:23:42 pm »
- added: search function
- bug fix: two coding issues handicapped speculative parsing by the browser

The search function does a full text search. It crawls through each and every movie page in the list (but only through visible entries), which means it is quite slow. Especially when running online (in that case it might take about 30 seconds for 100 movies). Do you like it nevertheless? What do you think? Should I take it out again or keep it?
I added a cache for this function. So if you search a second time (and it doesn't matter if it's for a different search phrase, of course) it will be a lot faster... The cache will persist unless you do a full reload in your browser.

Scripts and Templates / Re: Export template: HTML List (English + German)
« on: September 06, 2014, 12:33:27 pm »
...and some kind of minor update... ;-)

- the active movie link always lost focus after rearranging/filtering the list. That was a little bit annoying so I changed it.

- added some descent artwork

Scripts and Templates / Re: Export template: HTML List (English + German)
« on: September 04, 2014, 07:32:28 pm »
Some kind of major update... :-)

"HTML Frames" now supports...

- "IMDB Rating" and "Rating"
- "Connections"
- "Tags"

"Further options..." button now also provides sort by "IMDB Rating" or "Rating"

Additional features generated by "pimpHTMLframesExport" (after export this tiny executable can be found in subfolder "(filname)_files\pimpHTMLframesExport\") don't result in thousands of small HTML files anymore. Now, all the additional links act as filters (altering the movie list instead of linking to seperate pages). You can always get back to the full list by selecting "show all entries" (near the "Further options..." button)

Some minor bugs were fixed (and maybe some new ones generated... so let me know if you notice strange behaviour).

Have fun

Maybe it was by mistake. I'm sure there would be a comment if they fell in disgrace out of a sudden or something. Here they are again...

Hi Nostra... why was the attachment deleted?

Development / Re: Picture export
« on: May 29, 2013, 11:55:58 am »
Hi Oliver,
I would export the posters with your .nfo file, just as you tried first.
As a workaround you could put the image references into XML-Comments:
Code: [Select]
<!-- commented out -->
You can also export the posters without any links to them:
If you reference a poster subtemplate in your .nfo export template...
Code: [Select]
{%value=poster params="full" template="poster.ptm" maxvalues="1" width="150" height="150"}...your poster subtemplate (poster.ptm) could be like this:
Code: [Select]
{#StringReplace '{%param=imgdata}' '{%param=imgdata}' ''}The trick is, PVD still exports the posters but at the same time this StringReplace statement replaces all references to the images with literally nothing.

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