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Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: July 18, 2013, 04:43:58 pm »
For the custom field:
There are 4 SQL tables that store the data. They are:
CUSTOM_VALUES_DATE - for date custom fields
CUSTOM_VALUES_INT - for?? custom fields
CUSTOM_VALUES_LONGSTR - for long text fields (memo I guess as well)
CUSTOM_VALUES_SHORSTR - for short text fields.

You will have to choose the proper table for the type of data you store.
The CUSTOM_FIELDS_MOVIES holds the reference of the fields display value and types.

To add a custom field to your Movie details for instance. You would insert a new file into the MovieDetail-x sequence. Rename all the MovieDetail-*.html from 8 to 10 with an increment of 1 making them 9 to 11. So you can now create a file called MovieDetail-8.html.

Put this content in the -8.html file:

Code: [Select]

           <td class="title3" colspan="1">My field</td>
     <td class="normal" colspan="3"><!--MYCUSTOMFIELD-S--></td>

Replace all occurrence of CUSTOM_VALUES_SHORTSTR with the proper table name for the type of custom field you use.
Replace the 'My custom display' value with want you see in PVD for your custom field.
We could use the globalParam file to store table names or what not and/or other SQL request but I think this is the simplest way.

Make sense?

Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: July 17, 2013, 11:18:06 pm »
yes, many files... simplicity but redundancy. With the new version of Kroozbox engine, I should be able to simplify a lot but not enough time to do it. You also have the flash version that you can access with :
http://your server address:9009/debug.html (called PVD Syabas flash template or something like that).
But I don't think you will like it - need to move with keyboard.

Yes, you can have access to custom PVD field... There were some posts about this. I'll dig tomorrow and let you know how to do it. (remind me if I forget).


Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: July 17, 2013, 04:26:10 pm »
You do have the number listing (kind of). If you select "all" entries at the top, the listing will be sorted alphabetically starting with the movies having their titles starting with space, numbers and none-English characters. Make sense?

As for you second question, I'm not sure to understand. Are you asking if there is a way to edit the movies in batch in PVD? or if a change to an sql request within the DBINFO header in the template can be easily change in all the necessary template files?

PVDTemplate was the first template I made, it is tedious to change something because it has a lot of files but its a much simpler template (to understand) then the LG template for instance.

What is your rendering engine? using a PC, a Porcorn hour (which model?) or ...?


Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: July 17, 2013, 02:23:19 pm »

Thanks for the nice words.

If you choose the # sorting you should see the listing with the titles with numbers at first location (might depends on the template you are using).
As for adding more details, I would need to know what template you are using (LG, Popcorn, Music, or.... ).. detailsdetails!??


Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: February 08, 2013, 06:18:36 pm »
Hello Gang,

New version of Kroozbox available at:

Modification done to accomodate new Syabas flash based templates (for Popcorn hour C-300, Popbox ,etc) and LG Smart TV template.

The LG template requires download from the LG market - search for 'Kroozbox' on the LG TV. Note that, at this time, the app is not yet available. Still under review by LG staff - hopefully available soon. In the mean time, connection can still be made using LG browser.


Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: May 21, 2011, 10:13:50 pm »
hmmm.. It is more than possible that I have made modifications to my template after the published version and that the seasonDetail*.html file are not the same in yours. Sorry about this.
You are right in your understanding on how Kroozbox construct the page (sequencially n final numbers). Check the manual under the Documentation folder for more details.

You can change the corresponding file yourself  (the one with the "DATEADDED" in the DBINFO header - maybe file number 3 for you) from "DATEADDED-D=dateadded" to DATEADDED-D=moddate in the DBINFO header.

Alternatively, you can download my complete HTML template folder - attached here. And, of course, always make backup first.

Let us know.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: May 17, 2011, 08:47:40 pm »
It still happens but only when you create a new entry in the series episode list not when you change it (adding or setting the path to the actual video file for instance).

It has been a problem for me as well and finally decided to fix it.

Attached you will find the file that you need.
Extract and overwrite the file in your "template/PVDTemplate-HD/html" folder.
The zip file only contains the necessary file - not the whole folder. And please, make a backup first of your template... juuust in case.

With this update you will always see the series that got the lastest modification and the listing of the episode will state the modification date and not the creation date.

This is for Kroozbox 2.0a. Shoudl work with 2.0. No need to restart Kroozbox.

Let me know.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: January 19, 2011, 09:34:26 pm »
PVD top menu->Tools->Scan Folder for new movies/file path...

Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: January 19, 2011, 02:46:24 am »

I must create my own PVD file of my movie library, but how do i do that?

Heu... we are here in forum of the PVD software. Meaning that the PVD file is created by the PVD software that you can download from

To start the STARTME file you might need to be in the working folder of Kroozbox. Not sure how you are starting it.
Note that if Kroozbox is working in service mode, you don't need to start it with STARTME.

The only thing you have to do is build your movie database with PVD and point Kroozbox to it by changing the value of "dbName" in the file located in your template folder (typically: \Kroozbox2.0\templates\PVDTemplate-HD\

Restart Kroozbox. that should work providing that the path of the movie provided in the PVD software is the same path for Kroozbox. (ex.: if PVD point to d:\mymovie\title\title.avi , the machine running kroozbox should see this movie with this path). Otherwise there are ways to dynamically cahnge the path but that's for another time when/if you provide us with a a mapping of your network.

Noet that Kroozbox won't be able to play  the movie file located on the PCH local drive.


Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: January 16, 2011, 10:02:53 pm »
Ok should be easy enough.

Soooo, isn't there a machine missing here!? if I understand, you also connect to your "newsky-server" from another machine running PVD client from where you populate your PVD database. I suspect this since the link in kroozbox have a pointer to the "\\Newsky-server\" .
If you would use the PVD client on newsky-server it would normaly point to the d: drive. Anyway, not a big deal.

FYI. The play link that you should see in your browser should point to - that's kroozbox. But the info link after the "&media=" part should be the path of the movie as seen by Kroozbox (since Kroobox will be the server - not as seen by the dune or any otehr machine).

Basically, instead of seing the link we want to see something like:\share-server\.... or encoded as

Solution to force change the link in Kroozbox without changing the link in the PVD database:

Open the file located in your template root.
Add the lines:


Here I'm putting all the combination of coded/not coded so we are shure to get proper results (but its the second line that should do the trick in your case).

Save file. Restart Kroozbox. Test. Check link in browser to confirm - don't forget to reload/refresh Kroozbox page on the dune machine too.
That should work.

Let me know.

Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: January 16, 2011, 04:46:26 pm »
I've been reading Dune specification.
You don't (should not) need smb protocol to play your movie through Kroozbox. Kroozbox can be configure for it but it would be a long road to make it work.

From what you told me here - Kroozbox should work. I suspect some type of right access to the file.

We need to know your network layout for this...
Please provide more details on your configuration:

* Is Kroozbox running as a service - for now you should make it run with STARTME.bat.
* Where are the movie file located? on the Dune machine directly? on a dedicated network machine/nas.
* Is Kroozbox running on the same machine where the movie files are located (\\Newsky-server) ? if not, where is it running in regards to Dune and movie file location?
* Are you using PVD program on the same machine where the movie files are located? I suspect the anser is "no" but need to be sure.
* Is "\\Newsky-server" the Dune machine (that has an internal hard disk)?
* You do see the Kroozbox interface on the Dune machine - only the movie doesn't play. Right?

You are saying that the movie get downloaded when you click on the play link in Kroozbox interface in the browser. It means that it should also work with the Dune machine. I am puzzled.
Really need more information on your configuration/layout. There are a zillion way to install all this.


Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: January 15, 2011, 10:22:24 pm »
Not sure if I understand.

Note that Kroozbox for mkv, avi, etc type of file is *not* using smb but act as its own http server.
I am not familiar with Dune DB Prime so I cannot comment much on any shortcoming.
Kroozbox can also serve as just file pointer - changing the path with an smb references if you need that but... that's a long trip.

Please answer those:
* What is your level of success with Kroozbox? can you see the sommary pages in DB Prime and in your computer browser?
* Can you launch a movie through Kroozbox using your computer browser (Internet Explorer or the like) or is the file get downloaded or "404 Not found" ?

Try to be precise on the error/problem you get. Maybe using google translator from russian?
I can read/write/speak french and can communicate to a certain extend in italian, spanish and german.. sorry no russian. Thanks.


Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: January 15, 2011, 05:50:49 pm »

I have created the same structure that you show here (Мультфильмы\Ш\Шрэк Навсегда (2010)\Shrek_Forever_After_(2010)(multi)(1080).mkv) and I was *not* able to reproduce your problem.  Working fine with my setup.

Soooo, a few points:

* Make sure that the Kroozbox machine has access to the "\\Newsky-server" machine - try kroozbox in a *none* service mode by running the STARTME.bat file (and the service turned off). If that works it means that the service account under which Kroozbox is running doesn't have proper access to the "\\Newsky-server" serveur - change in the service management.

* You can play with UUEncodeMediaLink value (true or false) in the of your template to see if it change anything (kroozbox has to be restarted for this to take effect).

* I didn't try your link using the path with a server name - it should work but maybe mapping the server to a drive on the machine running kroozbox might be an option. You can then add entry to your "" of your template to change the link from the PVD entry to the drive mapping that you used. For instance:
(replace n: with whatever drive name you use in your mapping - Kroozbox need to be restart after that)
You can verify the link value in your browser.

* You could always set the "debug" flag to true in the file of your template, run with startme.bat and see the output on the screen when you click your media link in the borwser. Kroozbox would tell you more information on what is happening.

Let me know,

Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: November 30, 2010, 03:10:49 pm »
It its running from the dos box, all is nice. Now the PS3 might have issue with UPNP (or Kroozbox needs to be configured specifilcally for the PS3 requests - it can probably be done but I don't have a PS3 to test with). Other users are using Kroozbox with the PS3. If there is a web browser on it, should be ok.
The only thing you need to do at this point (after Kroozbox has started) is to point the PS3 web browser to Kroozbox. For that you need to know the IP address of the machine where Kroozbox is running and enter it in the PS3 browser address. It would be something like:   - being the IP adress of the Kroozbox machine (this will be different in your environment) and 9008 being the ip port that Kroozbox is listening on (this is the default port and should not be change).

To find out the ip address of the Kroozbox machine, you can do a run (or search) on "cmd" from the start button. A DOS box will open. Type "ipconfig" <enter>. THe IPv4 address will give you the adress to use.

Hope this help.

Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: November 29, 2010, 02:33:33 pm »

I like to believe that Kroozbox is easy to install even if there is no user interface for the installation. Most of the posts on this thread relates to specific problems or adjustments that users would like to have. You don't need to understand all of the posts.
You should at least open the readme.txt file inside the package. Windows have what it takes to extract all the files from the zipped package.
* Make sure that Java runtime 1.5 or more is installed. Run "Java -version" from the cmd prompt to ensure its availability.
  (Java can be downloaded from
* Unzip the content of Kroozbox package to the forlder of your choice.
* Start the software by running the "STARTME.bat" file.
* Turn on your Media Tank and TV and select the service you want (standard or high definition service)

When this is working (with the sample provided), point Kroozbox to your PVD file and restart it.
You do that by opening  ./template/PVDTemplate-HD/
Change the value of the "dbName" property to point to your PVD file.

Hope that helps,

Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: April 07, 2010, 02:52:04 pm »
Well.. yes it is possible. You can edit the html files located under the "html" folder of your template. Check the template documentation in the "documentation" folder. Always make backup of the original before making modifications (no need to restart Kroozbox when making HTML changes). Now, I understand that this might be overwelming if you don't know html. Maybe you can be more specific on what you need in terms of template. Any examples out there I can look at?


Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: September 29, 2009, 03:05:22 pm »
I am pretty sure that is has to do with this specific image only (some encoding that kroozbox doesn't recognize). Try a different one and let me know (you may have to restart Kroozbox if the image cache is 'on' - not sure anymore).

Originaly the template would not allow those big images by asking the browser (or the NMT) to force-resize the image - I removed those browser side instructions to have a faster rendering (NMT can be quite slow on some stuff). Maybe I should have left it there - as a fall back in case Kroozbox failes the resize... oh well.


Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: August 30, 2009, 06:06:45 pm »
Good... and I think the trailing "/" is necessary when you enter the folder in PVD.

Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: August 23, 2009, 10:25:56 pm »
Maybe this:

There is no automatic mounting of a share on the NMT (grrr). So, you have to activate the share in the NMT box before Kroozbox can access it. Doing this is simple; just open your share once from the top menu of the NMT. Come back to the top menu and open Kroozbox - go to movie and play.

If that doesn't work, it means the share link build by Kroozbox is not proper. Tell us what the complete link is. You can get it by using your browser to connect to Kroobox on port 9008  (http://<ip address of Kroozbox>:9008). And go to your movie where the ISO file is located (or the Video structure) and get the link from the browser status bar (on bottom) when you put the cursor over the link.

Development / Re: Kroozbox - PVD to media theatre solution
« on: June 28, 2009, 05:00:36 pm »
Damn... I should increase the size of my QA department.
This is improtant for me too - french language speaking - but I don't use the listing mode anymore.

In you can change:
PVD_TitleFieldListing=::maxchar(20)::origtitle (or "PVD_TitleFieldListing=::maxchar(20)::title" if you use the title instead)

Adding the ::htmlencode:: statement. That will do the trick.

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