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Talk / Thanks to Ivek!
« on: February 26, 2017, 06:17:08 pm »
I just wanted to say, thanks to Ivek for all his work keeping PVD working. I still think PVD is the best database for movies, even if the core program hasn't been updated in awhile. Keeping up with all those website changes over these past couple of years can't have been easy (I know, I've been trying to maintain a single site script myself and still can't quite get everything right).

I do hope nostra will come back to this project eventually (or at least release the source code), but in the interm, kudos to Ivek for refusing to give up on it.

Thanks again!


Support / Odd bug when switching views
« on: May 24, 2015, 02:52:14 pm »
Keep running into a minor bug in PVD 1.0 when changing between Movie and People views. Specifically, when using the Search functions.

If I am in Movies view, and enter something in the Search panel, I get a list of matching movies. If I then click on one movie, [optionally edit it], click on another, then switch to People view and back again, often the previously-selected movie is displayed again, NOT the more recently-selected one.

Something similar happens if I start off in People view, do a search, select a person, select another, then switch to Movies view and back again. PVD displays the record for the previously-selected person instead of the most-recently-selected one.

This doesn't happen ALL the time, but pretty frequently. It only happens the first time I switch views after doing a search. It doesn't happen anymore after switching views again... until the next time I do a search.

Admittedly, it's a VERY minor issue, but I figured I may as well report it anyway.

Steps to reproduce:

1) Start off in Movies view. Make sure the Search panel is visible.
2) Enter a search query where you know it will return multiple results.
3) Select one of the results in the list on the left.
4) Now select a different record.
5) Switch to People view.
6) Switch back to Movies view.

More often than not, PVD will display the record for the movie selected in step 3, rather than the one selected in step 4.

The same thing happens if you reverse Movie and People views in the steps above.

Talk / Wither nostra?
« on: April 26, 2015, 04:38:28 pm »
Has anyone heard from nostra (or, for that matter) recently? I find it worrying that they've both been silent for so long.

Feature Suggestions / Toolbar icons
« on: April 26, 2015, 04:16:23 pm »
It seems to me that in PVD 1.0, when the "Toolbar" tab is selected, the icons on the toolbar are pretty large compared to the rest of the user-interface elements.

Would it be possible to have a "small icons" option added to the program preferences, with a set of icons about half the size of the existing ones?

Feature Suggestions / Ribbon legibility in v1.0
« on: April 26, 2015, 04:12:24 pm »
I'd like to see visual improvements to the "ribbon" in PVD 1.0. Right now, it's very hard to tell whether a ribbon "tab" is selected or not, on a 1080p monitor with the default Windows color scheme. The "beveling" ("depressed") effect that indicates a tab is selected just isn't very obvious at all.

Would it be possible to increase the "depth" of the beveling, e.g. the width of the lines? Right now it looks like it's merely a single pixel in width, which just gets lost at today's high monitor resolutions, especially given that the beveling is just different shades of gray against a gray background. If need be, the size of the "tabs" could be increased to allow for a larger/thicker "bevel".

Also, it would help if there were other visual effects to go along with the beveling. Perhaps the background color of the "selected" tabs could be make a different color/shade, or the text rendered in a different style (bold or italic).

Support / Problem with image file open dialogs
« on: December 26, 2013, 02:26:23 am »

I'm having a bizarre problem with the open-file dialogs for images within PVD.

When I click on the "load image from file" button on the toolbar in the Poster, Front Cover, or Disc Cover sections of the Movies editor screen, or the portrait section of the People editor screen, the "Open" dialog is missing the button that turns the "Preview pane" on or off (this button should be near the top right corner of the dialog, between the View button and the Help button). Further, the Preview pane itself is present (and cannot be turned off, since the button is missing), but does not display anything when I click on an image file. I can get thumbnail previews if I set the dialog's view options to medium, large or extra-large icons, or to "Tiles" or "Content". But the Preview Pane itself stubbornly refuses to show the selected image.

Oddly, the dialog for the "Open..." command on the main PVD menu (for opening a database) DOES have the preview-pane-toggle button (but since that dialog only shows database files, I can't tell if images would preview in it or not).

What's really strange, though, is that PVD is the ONLY application I have that has this problem. The file-open dialog in, say, Microsoft Windows Paint (or in Paint.NET, or Libreoffice, or most any other app that can load images) has a fully-functional Preview pane. Likewise, Windows Explorer itself has a Preview pane, the toggle button is present, and the pane will display image file previews.

I KNOW this used to work in PVD, but I can't be sure at what point it stopped working. It may have been when I upgraded to the latest release (I am running, but I can't verify that.

I can work around this by using any of the thumbnail views within the Open-image dialog, but the dialog resets to Details view every time I use it.

Any idea what's wrong? How do I get this working again?


Feature Suggestions / Suggestion for View toolbar
« on: November 14, 2013, 07:34:13 pm »

The "View/Group By" tool needs a button next to it to QUICKLY set the grouping back to "None". It's really a pain to have to click the drop-down menu and scroll through it to get to the "None" option.

The program has "reset" buttons for most search/filtering tools, it should have one for "Group By".


Feature Suggestions / Counting number of movies in actor's filmography
« on: November 10, 2013, 04:43:28 pm »

One thing I can't find anywhere in PVD is a quick, easy way to show a count of the number of movies listed in each actor's filmography. I'd like to see this added.

At the least, it should show the total number in each category (actor, director, etc.) of the filmography section. I see it already kind of does something like this for the "Awards" category (a record might say "Awards (1 Wins & 2 Nominations)" for a given person), but it could be applied to the other categories as well.

Ideally, it could be further broken down to show both the total number as well as certain other statistics: the number of movies with visible records plus the number with hidden records (the way I use PVD, I always import full filmographies from IMDB, so visible movies are movies I actually own, hidden ones are ones I don't own). So PVD could display, say, "Actor (100 movies, 25 visible, 75 hidden)" or something like that.

Sure, I could sit there and count the movies by hand, but why should I have to?  ;D


(P.S. - I know that the "Statistics" feature can show the number of movies in my database for each actor, but this only counts the number of visible movie records, not the actor's entire filmography. And besides, it takes an extra step... I'd like to see the count shown right in the People view.)

Support / Problem with skin
« on: November 04, 2013, 04:21:25 pm »
I recently noticed a problem with the "PVD Classic" skin used in People View mode.

If I hover my mouse over the area where the person's picture is supposed to go, I get the pop-up toolbar with buttons for importing an image, paste from clipboard, etc. The trouble is, the amount of space allocated within the skin for the picture isn't wide enough to display the entire toolbar at times, and the far-right button "Remove Image" is often truncated or hidden completely by the image area's bounding box. This makes it difficult or impossible to click on that button.

Is there any chance the image toolbar could be reworked so it always displays in front of the image bounding box, rather than behind (and masked by) it?

Barring that, how would I go about increasing the minimum size of the image area so the toolbar will always fit inside it?


Feature Suggestions / Mass editor issues
« on: October 28, 2013, 06:20:16 pm »

I finally upgraded my PVD to the 1.x version, and while it's working well enough, I'm really missing the way the "old" Mass Editor used to work. When I add a bunch of movies off a DVD-R with the file scanner, I need to set the values of several fields on all of them. With the 0.9 version, with all of the movies selected in the list, I could click the edit button on the toolbar to get the multi-editor in its own window, and could change the value of multiple fields all at once. In 1.x, the Mass Editor only lets me set the value of a single field at a time, and I have to laboriously choose the field from the drop-down fields list (which is way too small for the number of fields, by the way) , choose the value from the values list, and click the green "Apply" button to apply the changes, then do it all over again for each and every field I want to update. The old method was MUCH faster and easier. Why even call it a "Mass Editor" if you can't edit everything en-masse?  :P

ALSO: There is a pretty big bug in the Mass Editor right now. If you select a Field, select a Value, click the "Apply" button, then choose another field, the "Value" box retains the value from the previously-chosen field, which is totally inappropriate for the newly-chosen field. If you accidentally click the "Apply" button, the inappropriate value is written to the record, and you then have to edit the record to remove or correct it.

For example, say I have a "Location" called "Storage boxes in closet". I select a number of movies, open the Mass Editor, choose the field "Location", then choose "Storage boxes in closet" from the Values dropdown. Okay so far. Then, I choose the field "Media Type" (perhaps intending to set it to "Retail DVD", let's say), get distracted for a moment, and click "Apply" accidentally (forgetting I hadn't actually chosen a new value). Now I have a movie with "Storage boxes in closet" as a "Media Type", and have to fix it manually.

Furthermore, if the more recently-chosen field happens to be a "list" field (e.g. "Genre", "Tags", etc.), then clicking "Apply" has the additional effect of adding a new (inappropriate) value to that list, and you have to go into "Preferences/Lists" to delete it.

What needs to happen is, any time a new field is chosen from the "Field" drop-down list, the "Value" box should be cleared out so it doesn't retain the previous value.


Support / Selecting text
« on: October 20, 2013, 05:55:41 pm »

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my PVD permanently to the version 1.x line (after having lingered with 0.9.x for many moons). It works well enough for the most part (and I'm gradually getting used to the "new" user interface), but I've noticed one irritating little problem.

When I'm editing a record, it always used to be that I could use the mouse to double-click on a word in any text field and select the entire word. (This is pretty standard in most, if not all, Windows programs.) But in version, this doesn't work. I can still select text by click-and-dragging, or by using SHIFT and the arrow keys, but double-clicking does nothing (it just sets the position of the typing cursor as if I had single-clicked).

I would like to know if the original double-click selection could be restored? Double-clicking really is much easier than the other text-selection methods for most of my editing.


Support / Folder access weirdness
« on: October 13, 2013, 07:55:51 pm »

I've noticed a bit of weirdness with regard to how PVD looks for its database files on my hard disk.

When I set up Windows 7 on this PC, I relocated the "My Documents" folder off of my C: drive to the E: drive. (To do this in Windows, you open Windows Explorer, find and right-click on "My Documents", click "Location" tab, then "Move...") The folder I moved it to is "E:\Aimhere's Documents", though this still appears in Windows Explorer as "E:\My Documents".

Now, this arrangement works for most programs. All of my other apps which attempt to store files in "My Documents" get redirected to the correct folder on E:. But for some reason PVD doesn't work correctly with this.

If I try to create a new database in PVD, in the "Save as..." dialog I can navigate to the folder path "Computer > E: > My Documents > PVD Files" and see my existing database files. So I type in a new file name (let's call it "TEST") and click "Save". But if I flip over to Windows Explorer, I find the database file has been saved as "E:\Aimheres Documents\PVD Files\TEST.pvd" instead of "E:\Aimhere's Documents\PVD Files\TEST.pvd" (note the difference... PVD saved it in a folder named without an apostrophe.)

What's more, the new 1.x version of PVD won't even open database files from "E:\Aimhere's Documents\PVD Files" (if I navigate to this folder in the "Open..." dialog and choose a file, no data is displayed in the app window)... unless the file is ALSO present in "E:\Aimheres Documents\PVD Files". If the file is not present in the latter folder, PVD 1.x just creates a new, empty database there with the given filename. (The 0.9.x version will at least open a file from its original location in "E:\Aimhere's Documents\PVD Files".)

It looks like PVD's internal routines for managing folder paths are somehow stripping the apostrophe from "E:\Aimhere's Documents" prior to opening the files, resulting in the creation of "E:\Aimheres Documents" (if it doesn't already exist) and writing database files in subfolders of that. And 1.x appears to expect to load databases from that location as well.

If this issue can't be fixed, I may need to move my databases to a different folder (perhaps just "E:\PVD files") and forget about using the "My Documents" folder. I wouldn't mind doing this, but PVD's code really ought to be fixed so it works as expected with folder names containing apostrophes.


(P.S. - this folder-name issue explains why I was having trouble loading my existing movie database from 0.9.x into 1.x, per my post in the "Apostophe Catastrophe" thread. Once I moved the copy of my database to the folder without the apostrophe, 1.x was able to load it. It seems PVD just doesn't deal correctly with apostrophes, in folder names as well as in database fields!)

Support / IMDB People plugin
« on: October 11, 2013, 12:22:49 pm »
This may be related to the issue in the other thread regarding the IMDB Movies plugin.

I'm finding that when I'm in People View and use IMDB to import an actor's filmography, it doesn't always pick up every film listed on the IMDB website. It may only pick up a handful, or sometimes none at all.

The IMDB People plugin always used to work fine, I'm not sure at what point the problem started. I've usually been using it to update existing entries, and have seen it add a film or two most times I run it, so didn't notice the problem until I ran it on a few actors who didn't have much of a filmography to begin with, and saw the imported filmographies were smaller than the ones on the website pages.

I'm (still) using PVD version, with version of the IMDB People plugin. In Preferences, the IMDB People plugin is set to import filmography (fully checked, not filled-square checkbox), and "merge filmographies" is checked.


Feature Suggestions / IMDB plugin: archive footage
« on: August 11, 2013, 01:51:40 pm »

Would it be possible to add an option to the IMDB plugin, which would let it import "Archive Footage" titles for People, in addition to their main "Actor/Actress" filmography? For that matter, an option to include "Self" titles might occasionally be useful. (Both of these should remain optional, chosen in the plugin's configuration dialog, for those users who don't need this information.)

The reason I ask is that, some of the people I add to my database have almost as many, if not more, titles as "archive footage" as they do regular titles. And just today, I ran across one whose IMDB page ONLY included "archive footage"... there was nothing under "actor/actress" so the plugin didn't import anything.



Feature Suggestions / Image viewer improvement
« on: July 13, 2012, 11:17:16 pm »

When viewing an image in the "full picture view" mode, it would be nice to have "previous image" and/or "next image" buttons, if there are more than one image in that section. This would be very useful in any record field that can have multiple images, e.g. posters, screenshots, actor photos, etc.  Ideally, these buttons would only appear when the mouse pointer hovers over the full-sized image.

(I apologize if this has been suggested before. I'm too lazy to do a search right now, hehe)  ;D


Support / Search (and replace) in People URL field
« on: September 24, 2011, 03:30:05 pm »

I have a minor problem in PVD I'd like to solve. There was a time a while back when the IMDB plugin was returning URLs of the form "", instead of "", because that's what IMDB itself was returning for search results at the time. Eventually, IMDB went back to using "", though. But now, I have a number of performers in my People database who still have the "" flavor of URLs, and every time I update a record from IMDB (via the plugin) without remembering to change the "us" to "www", I wind up with two URLs in the URL field, the original "us" and the current/standard "www".

What I'd like to do is filter my People database to only show records that still have "", so I can update them all and be done with it. But there doesn't seem to be any way to search by URL in the "Search" box. "URL" is not an option in the drop-down list next to the "Search" box, and choosing "All" doesn't actually include the URL field in the search (apparently "All" only includes the fields listed in the drop-down list, which, again, doesn't have "URL".)

I thought that maybe I could export the URLs to a CSV file (which I can), edit that, then re-import it... but discovered there is no CSV import for People, only for Movies.  :(

So my question is, IS there a simple way to do a search (and replace) on the URL field in People view?


Scripts and Templates / AdultDVDEmpire update
« on: August 06, 2011, 04:02:19 pm »
Hi all,

Made a minor change to the AdultDVDEmpire script (it was no longer grabbing the "original title", fixed). See sticky above for download link.


Support / File scanner regular expressions
« on: July 31, 2011, 05:41:14 pm »

I need some help with the configuration for the File Scanner, specifically, regular expressions.

I like how, when importing video files, PVD strips things like "CD1", "CD2", and so on from the filenames when generating a movie title. So, for example, "This Movie CD1 (2011, SomeStudio)" becomes "This Movie" in the title field.

Thing is, I have more and more movies that came from multiple DVD sets, where each DVD is broken into CD-sized files as well. They have filenames like "That Movie D1CD1", "That Movie D1CD2", "That Movie D2CD1", etc. ... OR, "Another Movie D1A", "Another Movie D1B", "Another Movie D2A", etc.

When I point PVD's file scanner to movies like these, I wind up with titles like "That Movie D1CD" or "Another Movie D" in the Scan Results window. Note how it retains part of the disc/CD identification tag. I have to edit the title and strip them out by hand.

Also, with the "DxCDy" naming convention, PVD doesn't group all the parts together under the same title, instead I get a separate item for each DVD ("That Movie D1CD" AND "That Movie D2CD"). So, I have to select both items and right-click to choose "Same Movie".

Now, I don't really know much about regular expressions, so I'm not sure how to go about fixing this in the preferences for the File Scanner. I'd like to retain the "D1CD1" or "D1A" tagging for the filenames, but keep it from carrying over to the titles in the File Scanner.

Any ideas?


Feature Suggestions / Selecting actors from a movie
« on: January 08, 2011, 09:51:39 pm »

I thought of a feature that I would find useful. When looking at a movie record in Movie View, I'd like the ability to switch to People View with the list on the left filtered to only show the actors in that movie. (Then I can work with just those people when doing updates from plugins, reviewing their details, etc.)

I can pretty much get the same thing by selecting and copying the movie title, switching to People View manually, pasting into the search box, and choosing "Filmography" as the field to search. But it would be nice to be able to do it all in a single step, without having to copy-and-paste anything.

The reverse would also be useful: when viewing a person's record, switching to Movie View filtered to show only that person's titles.

This could be implemented as an item on the context menu you see when right-clicking the "Title" field on a movie record, or the "Name" field on a Person record.



Support / Dealing with movie duplicates
« on: December 28, 2010, 07:29:26 pm »

I'm having a minor issue with duplication of movies in my database. Here's what's happening:

I like to maintain a [reasonably] complete filmography for each of the actors in my database. So, for each actor, I use the IMDB People plugin to import the filmography from IMDB. The plugin is set to overwrite filmographies, and "Merge filmography" selected in Preferences.

This works well enough most of the time. But occasionally, for certain movies, IMDB lists a different release year than the one I already have in my database record for that movie. This causes the actor's filmography to have TWO entries with that movie title, one for the complete movie record I already had, and another linking to an "invisible" movie record with the release year from IMDB.

Now, I can usually get rid of the duplicate entry by editing my "complete" movie record to match the release year from IMDB (this has the effect of merging the two records, as long as the titles match exactly). Occasionally, though, I also have to take the additional step of clicking on the imported IMDB title in the actor's filmography to make the movie record visible in Movies View, then holding down the CTRL key while deleting it.

What I'd like to know is, is there a simple way to scan through all of my actor filmographies to find these duplicates? Right now, I'm dealing with them as I notice them, but I suspect there are a ton more I haven't found yet. I don't know if the "Delete movie duplicates" in "Tools/Optimoze Database" will do what I want, and I'd rather not risk having it delete any "complete" movie records.


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