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Support / PVD Wiki is now online!
« on: March 12, 2009, 06:26:34 pm »
Hello Everyone,

Many folks, including myself, have requested making a Wiki available to assist in supporting the Personal Video Database (PVD).  Well, you’re suggestion have not fallen on deaf ears and I’m happy to report that the PVD-Wiki is online, live and ready for use!

I’ve participated in several community support sites over the years, whether they be forums, blogs and/or wikis.  I find them to be an effective way of promoting social awareness and support of the service being offered.  A wiki will help to supplement the support already provided within the PVD Forums.  Ultimately, the goal of the wiki should be a one-stop location for documentation and training purposes.  Then, if something isn’t clear and you need additional assistance, definitely check out the PVD Official Forums.

The wonderful thing about programs that are freely available, like PVD, is that they promote a strong social community.  People love to get involved in such projects; they feel a personal sense of satisfaction in knowing that they are contributing to a community of developers – or in the case of PVD, a community of users.  Obviously, nostra is developing and supporting PVD as a labor of love.  That’s an infectious feeling that is hard to ignore.  :)  Which is why I volunteered to create and support a PVD Wiki.

Both nostra and believe in a community-driven support system (as do I).  It fosters greater enthusiasm and support for PVD and ultimately leads to a much better product.  Most users of PVD are here because it’s the best product of its kind.  Most of you participate in the forums for that very same reason.  So my hope is that you will use and contribute to the PVD Wiki for the same reason as well.  Let’s make the Wiki an incredibly useful tool in supporting PVD and the PVD community.  With your help and participation, I’m sure it will be so.

To find the PVD Wiki, click on the link below.  Be sure to bookmark the site for future reference.  And don’t forget, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Wiki, be sure to check the forums and ask.  Then, if you think the answer (or subject) should be included in the Wiki, feel free to add it.  ;D

By the way, we welcome your suggestions/feedback on the Wiki…so don’t be shy.  ;)  Post your comments in this forum.

Feature Suggestions / multiple movies editor enhancement
« on: February 02, 2009, 04:38:38 pm »
I just discovered the multiple movies editor feature.  I was actually looking for this functionality to change the Wish status to 'Not Owned" for multiple movies.  I was a bit disappointed to see that you can't do that with the multiple movies editor today.  Could this feature be added?

This is particularly important for series data.  Right now, since adding a Series downloads ALL seasons (even those we may not own), it would be nice if I can change the status for an entire season from Owned (default) to 'Not Owned'.  Right now, unless I'm wrong, you have to change the Wish checkbox for each episode manually :'(  If this were part of the multiple movies editor, this would be a HUGE time-saver  ;D

This functionality would be great for the Seen status as well.

Let me know.

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