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Scripts and Templates / AdultDVDEmpire script for
« on: April 11, 2009, 07:50:53 pm »
If you're trying to import/update multiple movies from Adult DVD Empire, either do them one at a time or in small batches.

I don't use it, but trying it now in it performs a GET repeatedly without returning any information. This a good reason to be blocked by the site, although I see no evidence of that. I have no idea if this is an issue with the script or the beta. If I start with the URL as well as the title, I'm presented with a blank search results dialog. I suppose that suggests the problem is with the program. Following is a portion of my log file...

Corrected script in attachment. Only for version
The option pauseBeforeLoad in a script sets a delay between loading of pages (default 0 ms).

[attachment deleted by admin]

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