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Support / portable mode, relative paths, monitoring etc
« on: November 25, 2011, 12:48:08 pm »

I just downloaded this great app, thank btw.

I'd like to use it in portable mode (as all of my apps), as i would like to use it on an external drive (so letter may change), and all of my movies to be in a PVD subfolder (so that it always find it).

So I start pvd using portable.bat, but how do I set my movies folder to a relative path ?
They are all in a "video" folder, so i expect to be able to enter ".\video\" or "video" as my video folder, which i did in the "folders" preferences submenu.

Problem is it doesn't seem to refresh properly. When I use CTRL+F it requires me to select which folders should be scanned, while i just want to update the current one...
I'd like my database to be automatically refreshed though...

Also, it seems it tries to group things, even though i disabled this in the options...


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