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Feature Suggestions / NOT in advanced search / 2 usuability tweaks
« on: January 21, 2010, 01:17:33 am »
I use the db for about 3 weeks now and I keep being amazed about its features. My latest "discovery" is, that it can multitask - I can delete movies while it downloads movie information in the background. Very cool!


1. NOT in advanced search
It would just be handy to have somewhere an exclusion, as all the other categories are positive and a AND already exists.

2. Option: Always download larger picture (where available) / standard picture
I think this would be a nice feature, reducing user input. And I guess many choose the same option for most movies.

3. clear filters should also clear search field
Ok., maybe I just did not figure this out correctly, but so far, I always have to delete the search field and then reset the search filters to get the whole selection of movies again.

Support / Existing Similar Entry Detected - Understanding the Options
« on: January 16, 2010, 09:48:24 pm »
Background to my question: I am pretty sure that I have the same movies twice somewere (on a different disc).
Upon importing movies, when a similar record has been found, the following dialogue pops up.

So here come my questions:

1.: This line describes the entry I would like to create right now, correct? But for what the ID number at the beginning?

2.: "Add new". Here a new entry will be created. I think I can just press ok. without having chosen this. If so, what's the difference?

3.: These are existing entries in the database. Are hidden entries included here? Also, some movies exist in several versions, for instance Thomas Crown Affair in a nineties and sixties version. I might have a dupicate to one or the other. What happens now if I select one entry and press ok. Is the original entry going to be completely overwritten or does the new entry just take the info from the exisiting entry? If it takes the info, will I still see where the old entry had been saved (for example disc G - otherwise I would still have the duplicate on the disc, but without entry to trace it. Also, I might have overwritten the sixties with the nineties version.)

4.: I don't think I have this movie ever imported. Why does it appear - is it one of the hidden entries?

I hope question 3 is clear, as this is my key issue here. I would appreciate any help.

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