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Support / RSS feed not working for "Version 1 [Testing]" forum
« on: November 15, 2010, 11:54:55 am »
The "Version 1 [Testing]" forum was added, but I'm not picking up posts from it in Google Reader.  I'm using the main feed URL:
Code: [Select];action=.xml
I thought maybe it was deliberately left out of the main feed's posts since not everyone might wish to see them, but I can't subscribe to the individual feed for it either:
Code: [Select];board=12;type=rss
I get the message "The feed being requested cannot be found."  Other individual forum feeds can be added normally.  The feed does exist, because I can view it in Internet Explorer, so it could be a problem with Google Reader, but I thought I'd check here first to see if it was misconfigured.  Anyone else noticing this in Google Reader or any other feed reader?

Support / Some AKAs not importing from IMDb
« on: November 05, 2010, 12:06:29 am »
None imported:
Sheng nu de yu wang

3 of 4 imported:
King Worker

Using latest version of plugin (

Code: [Select]
(11/4/2010 3:44:15 PM) Logging in...
(11/4/2010 3:44:15 PM) POST:
(11/4/2010 3:44:16 PM) Searching movie information for: Sheng nu de yu wang
(11/4/2010 3:44:16 PM) GET:
(11/4/2010 3:44:16 PM) Redirected to:
(11/4/2010 3:44:16 PM) Redirected to:
(11/4/2010 3:44:17 PM) Redirected to:
(11/4/2010 3:44:18 PM) GET:
(11/4/2010 3:44:19 PM) GET:
(11/4/2010 3:44:19 PM) Redirected to:
(11/4/2010 3:44:20 PM) Redirected to:
(11/4/2010 3:44:20 PM) GET:

Feature Suggestions / Enable IMDb plugin to do Advanced Title Search
« on: August 23, 2010, 12:55:10 pm »
Maybe Advanced Title Search would be a good addition to PVD's IMDb plugin because, in addition to the title, you can search using the year of the movie, among other things.  For example, in searching for the movie Jump, I tried jump, jump 2009, and jump (2009), but an Advanced Title Search returned fewer results.  I would think this would make a significant reduction in the number of times you have to double-click one of the search results to import data, and fewer search results to look through when you did.  The year you typed into PVD based on your source of information might differ from the year that IMDb had on record, but this should be a rare occurrence and you could always cancel the search, delete the year, and try again.

If you were just adding a video manually, you might do as well to search using your web browser and paste the IMDb URL into PVD with a macro program, but a bigger benefit would be had in using the File Scanner and operating like the program Media Center Master, which tries to extract the year from the filename/foldername (and actually runs multiple searches at IMDb and uses the one that returns a result).  "TV Series" could also be added to the search, where appropriate, to narrow it down further (based on PVD's knowledge of the number of files).

BTW, in this case, using "Jump" for Title or Original Title in PVD didn't turn up the right movie in *any* of the search results, so I had to find the IMDb URL in my web browser.

Scripts and Templates / Black blocks in custom skin
« on: August 23, 2010, 03:58:42 am »
I've been getting black bars/blocks like this in my custom skin (modified from PVD Classic Tabs) for some time:

There's a lot of them like this when first starting PVD and they gradually diminish in number as I click different movies in the left pane.  On expandable fields, clicking the minus and then the plus will also remove them.

Things I've tried:
1. Comparing the skin code for rows where this happens and where it doesn't.  Country and Original Language, for example are identical, yet the blocks never occur in Country.
2. Checked default background color.  Its $f4f1e9, not black ($000000)
3. Resetting colors in pvdconf.ini as suggested here.
4. Changing to 'PVD Classic Tabs' skin.  This removes the black blocks from all but the Tagline field.  Restarting PVD with 'PVD Classic Tabs' active removes all of them. Changing to 'PVD Classic' also removes all of them.
5. Making the code for the Country row exactly the same as in the 'PVD Classic' skin.
6. Examined 'PVD Classic' and 'PVD Classic Tabs' skins to see if there was something that set the width for Tagline, but I didn't see anything.

I found a partial fix by adding width="120" to the Country column like so:
Code: [Select]
                            <column width="120" halign="right">
                              <fieldlabel field="country" />
                              <country />
Code: [Select]
                            <column width="120" halign="right">
                              <fieldlabel field="country" />
                            <column width="120">
                              <country />

but this didn't work for the Description box, no matter which of the columns I added width to nor what order the attributes were in.  This is another example that has a Description:

Skin attached.

PVD v0.9.9.21, Windows 7 64-bit

[attachment deleted by admin]

Talk / Entering movie ratings at multiple sites
« on: August 14, 2010, 08:29:24 pm »
In trying to compare different recommendation sites for movies, I've realized how much time it takes just entering all your ratings, so I'm making this thread to post the shortcuts I've found:

With listal, you can batch import them from IMDb very quickly, even faster if you use Web Search Pro and a macro program like Macro Express (There are free alternatives, but this one has an easy-to-use-and-remember interface and good context help through F1).  You
1. create a new private search engine in Web Search Pro with a Name like "Listal Batch Import" and URL
Code: [Select]
httppost:// use macro program to:
a) launch Quick Type Search with CTRL+Q
b) insert a little delay to give it time to come up
c) paste text using clipboard "Listal Batch Import" into Quick Type Search's "Search using:" field
d) type Tab key to switch to the "Search for:" field
d) paste your IMDb vote history URL (mine is
e) type Enter

If you just wish to just go from an IMDb page to the listal page for it, you can use the KG-IMDb Greasemonkey script, which puts little links with favicons under the IMDb title.  Currently working links are Rotten Tomatoes (direct link based on IMDb ID), MoviePosterDB (direct link based on IMDb ID) criticker (regular search), Youtube (regular search), and others.  To add listal, which can also do direct links based on IMDb ID, you can add these entries to script somewhere next to the other search engines:

Code: [Select]
//listal - Watched
trackers.push(new SearchEngine("listal - Watched", "", true, ""));

//listal - Want to Watch
trackers.push(new SearchEngine("listal - Want to Watch", "", true, ""));

You have to pick to mark the movie either Watched or Want to Watch when you click a link on the IMDb page, but you can always switch your choice once you're on the listal page.

For searching listal using PVD's Web Search, you can use

Code: [Select]
Then there's the IMDb Movie Collection Manager - by Futuros script you can use while browsing actor pages or using MoKA to display your ratings or the My Movies folder you've put a movie in .

Just discovered you can right-click on the plugins to bring up the option to disable future update notifications of them.  I'd like to do that for the kinopoisk posters plugin as well, but I don't see any way to re-enable the notifications once you've turned them off (which I'd like to do later when the next version of the scripting engine might allow it to work on non-Russian versions of Windows).

And one typo I noticed while searching for it: Under Preferences > Plugins, TheTVDB [EN], the title of the box that comes up when you click Configure says TMDB instead of TVDB.

Also, when using the TVDB plugin, the URL of a TV show's page is not added to the URL field like it is with TMDB (ex. and posters are sometimes not downloaded, like for the shows Flashforward and Firefly

"Database Error
Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator. "

I keep getting this message when I try to either do a search on the forum or edit a post.

I'd like to see PVD use the field 'Release:' date of a movie on DVD/Blu-ray to automatically notify you when it comes out.  There could be a popup and/or a link like "3 new releases" you could click on that would display those 3 movies in the left pane.  (or just set View > Group by > Release)  If Release date = current date, then PVD would know to notify you; if Release date > current date, a message like "3 new releases" where the count would continue to accumulate as more release dates passed.  To stop future notifications, the user could either delete the contents of the 'Release:' field or uncheck the 'Wish' box. is a site that does this by sending you an email, but they have a limited database.

Feature Suggestions / Repeat last search
« on: May 14, 2010, 09:00:08 am »
One problem I often run into occurs when I

1. do a search in movie view,
2. select one of the search results,
3. click on an actor's name to go to people view,
4. click on a different movie by that actor to look at it in movie view.

PVD switches back to movie view, but the search is still applied, so I can't look at the movie I clicked on.  I have to remove the search, go back to people view, and click on the movie again.  This could be changed in 4 ways:

1. In movie view, once the user manually removes the search, the movie that was clicked on in people view gets selected.
2. An option is added so that, if the user CTRL+clicks (or ALT+clicks) on a movie in people view, the search in movie view is removed and the movie that was clicked on in people view is selected.
3. The search in movie view is removed automatically and the movie that was clicked on in people view is selected.  This would be feasible if two other features were implemented:

a) Repeat Search, like using the F3 key in your web browser to search for the same thing you last searched for.  Even better would be if the search box was a drop-down box where you could select your previous searches like you can your previous web site URLs in your web browser.
b) Select Previous Selected Movie, like the Back button in web browsers.

4. [suggested by] The active search in movie view is maintained, but the movie that was clicked on in people view is displayed at the top of the list of search results in the same way a new movie added while a search was active would be.  

This may be the best of all because if there were the Select Previous Selected Movie feature, you could just click that and resume going through the results of your initial search after you were done examining the movie at the top.

Support / Some posters won't display
« on: May 13, 2010, 06:20:46 am »
I have a couple of very large posters I got from that won't display at all in PVD but display normally in other image viewers.  I uploaded this one (2979x3780) to Imagevenue


Can someone try loading it in their copy of PVD to see if they have the same problem?

I thought the problem might be the large size, but it displays normally when I save it as a TIFF and load that in PVD.  So now I'm thinking its something unusual about the JPEG format it came stored in.

Windows 7 64-bit

Feature Suggestions / Image scaling/resize quality
« on: May 05, 2010, 09:27:15 am »
When I switch to PVD to view large posters after seeing them in Firefox, I'm struck by how much softer/blurrier they are.  I've written this off to a faster algorithm being needed for real-time scaling like occurs when dragging, but as computers have gotten faster, maybe something better could be used, at least as an option.  Photoshop includes Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear, and Bicubic algorithms.  Even Bicubic executes instantly on my computer for a 899x1280 image.  And even Bilinear looks better than whatever algorithm PVD is using.  Attached is a PrintScreen cap with a poster resized in Photoshop using Bicubic on the left and a screencap of it scaled to the same size in PVD on the right.  The black text at the top is shows the difference most clearly.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Talk / Amazon.* Greasemonkey scripts for large covers
« on: May 04, 2010, 10:19:24 am »
2 scripts:

1.  AmazonImageSizeChanger

Displays larger image on Amazon product page so you don't have to click on Zoom.

2.  amazon popup image script (also in the form of an addon here, which I prefer since it checks for updates)

Displays larger covers on Amazon search results page.  First of all, I like using the Amazon web page better than the preview box in PVD, which displays thumbnails at lower quality (and yet still slower) than they're displayed on the web site, for some reason I don't understand.  With this script, you can see the larger size just by hovering the mouse over the thumbnail.  If you want the poster, you can drag it and it will open in a new pop-up window where you can save it.  The best part is that it opens the large size image (if there is one), not the regular size you get from using the 'View Image' command in Firefox.  Here's an example DVD that has a 899x1280 poster I was able to save with this script:

You only get a 351x500 image if you use 'View Image' or PVD's Amazon plugin.

Also note that the large image opens in a pop-up window, so, if you're running a pop-up blocker, you'll need to add an exception to it for each country's version of the site that you use:,,,,,

Support / "Use as default" poster doesn't hold
« on: April 12, 2010, 08:33:29 am »
If I

1. click on the folder icon "Load image from file" to add posters,
2. select multiple posters and load them all at once,
3. click on the paper clip icon "Use as default" for a poster other than the first one

the setting doesn't hold.  When I select a different movie and then go back to the one I just added, I have to re-click on the "Use as default" paper clip icon on the one I want set as the default.  Only then will it stay set permanently.

BTW, I only recently realized that you don't have to use the right arrow icon to navigate through your posters.  You can just right click on the poster to navigate to the next one.  I can't believe it never occured to me to try that.   ;D

PVD v0.9.9.19, Windows 7 64-bit

Scripts and Templates / AnimeNFO
« on: April 06, 2010, 10:11:58 am »
When importing data from, could there be an option to automatically set the Genre to 'Animation?'  I usually only use AnimeNFO when a video isn't listed on IMDb.  On IMDb, anime is always categorized as 'Animation' so this is what I search for when I want to see all the anime titles in my database.  Otherwise, its a bit cumbersome to always have to do an Advanced Search for:

Genre containing 'Animation'


URL containing 'animenfo'

to make sure I've gotten them all.

Support / Slow switching from People to Movies
« on: April 01, 2010, 10:04:52 am »
When I'm in People view and switch to Movies view, its started taking 47 seconds every time.  I see the viddb.exe process is using 100% of a CPU core.  What could be requiring so much processing?  Switching from Movies view to People view is immediate.  I tried disabling my antivirus and also clicking on an actor's name to do the switching rather than the button on the toolbar.

I'm using on Windows 7 64-bit.

Support / Command line usage
« on: February 09, 2010, 08:03:51 am »
I'm trying to start using PVD from the command line but I can't get the parameters to do anything.  I'll use a shortcut Target like:

"C:\Portable Apps\PVD Portable\PVD_Portable.exe" -addmovie="test"

and PVD will open but it won't add a movie.  Same for the -selectmovie parameter.  I tried using a Windows command window and the Run dialog but the result is the same.  Also, if PVD is already open, executing this command will open a new instance instead of passing the parameters to the existing one.  What am I doing wrong?

PVD v0.9.9.16
Windows 7 32-bit

Support / Scrolling
« on: January 18, 2010, 08:18:17 am »
1.  I set my mouse wheel to scroll "One screen at a time" under Control Panel>Mouse.  PVD is the first program I've encountered where this doesn't work.  It only scrolls a few lines a time.  Has anyone else encountered this?  I'm using v0.9.914 Portable and Windows 7 32-bit (English language).

2.  When I use the scroll bar of the right pane, the window content smears--specifically, when I drag the slider down, the bottom part of the window content is drawn repeatedly while I'm dragging and new content is only drawn once I stop dragging the slider.

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