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Development / PVDB to Excel export (or tab seperated CSV)
« on: December 21, 2015, 01:31:47 am »
I thought I'd share a nice table export of PVDB to Excel with the FlameRobin SQL Tool (
Windows download from

It will output all your movies and series (with filenames and paths) in a somehow ordered manner :-)

Requirements: PVD database must be connectable via a firebird server (> v2.0).

Code: [Select]

-- ## NOTE: Comma seperator at the BEGINNING of a line
-- ##       allows for easy disabling certain lines!

       IIF (c."title" IS NULL, a."title", c."title") AS "title"
       , IIF (c."origtitle" IS NULL, a."origtitle", c."origtitle") AS "otitle"
       , IIF (b."season" IS NULL, '', b."season") AS "S"
       , IIF (b."epnum" IS NULL, '', b."epnum") AS "E"
       , IIF (c."title" IS NULL, '', a."title") AS "etitle"
       , IIF (c."origtitle" IS NULL, '', a."origtitle") AS "eotitle"
       , a."year" AS "year"
    -- ## list directors in column "director(s)", if [null] set to '' (empty string)
       , LIST (DISTINCT IIF (e."name" IS NOT NULL, e."name", ''), ', ') AS "director(s)"
    -- ## list languages in column "lang(s)", if [null] set ''
       , LIST (DISTINCT IIF (g."value" IS NOT NULL, SUBSTRING(LOWER(g."value") FROM 1 FOR 3), ''), '|') AS "lang(s)"
       , a."rdate" AS "released", a."imdbrating" AS "IMDB", a."rating" AS "rate", a."orating" AS "orate"
       , a."url" AS "url", a."path" AS "path"
    -- ## put your replacement string for local drive name to a unc resolved one here
    -- ## adapt this line: i.e. 'M:\ALL_MY_MOVIES\' to '\\server\share\ALL_MY_MOVIES\'
       , (replace (a."path", 'M:\MYMOVIES', '\\movieserver\share\MYMOVIES\')) AS "unc"
       , a."mid" AS "a.mid", a."epid" AS "a.epid", a."series", b."mid" AS "b.mid", b."epid" AS "b.epid"
    -- ## for debugging or more infos
       -- , LIST (DISTINCT IIF (d."pid" IS NOT NULL, d."pid", ''), ', ') AS ""
       -- , LIST (DISTINCT IIF (f."lid" IS NOT NULL, f."lid", ''), ', ') AS "f.lid(s)"

       LEFT JOIN EPISODES b ON a."epid" = b."epid"
       LEFT JOIN MOVIES c ON b."mid" = c."mid"
       LEFT JOIN CAREER d ON a."mid" = d."mid"
       LEFT JOIN PEOPLE e ON d."pid" = e."pid"
       LEFT JOIN AUDIO f ON a."mid" = f."mid"
       LEFT JOIN LANGUAGES g ON f."lid" = g."lid"

       d."ctype" = 1                            -- ## only directors [=1]
       AND (d."pos" < 6 OR d."pos" IS NULL)     -- ## limit the number of directors, default=6 [starts at 0]
       AND (f."pos" < 5 OR f."pos" IS NULL)     -- ## limit the number of languages, default=5 [starts at 0]
       -- AND a."series" = 0                       -- ## if set [0], do not display series container
    -- ## user defined
       -- AND (a."title" LIKE '%James Bond%' OR c."title" LIKE '%James Bond%')
       -- AND (a."title" LIKE '%Doctor Who (2005)%' OR c."title" LIKE '%Doctor Who (2005)%')

      "title", "otitle", b."season", b."epnum", "etitle", "eotitle", a."year"
      , a."rdate", a."imdbrating", a."rating", a."orating"
      , "url", "path"
      , "unc"
      , a."mid", a."epid", "series", b."mid", b."epid"

- Save the above code to something like "Movie and Series Export.sql" with a text editor.

- Load the file (some commentaries are included) into FlameRobin after having
  connected to your "Personal Video Database" (via firebird server).

- After execution of the statements make all records visible in FlameRobin (not only the first 300).

- Now select ALL records from the edit menu and copy them to clipboard (might take a while)

- Open an Excel sheet, mark 1st column / 1st row and press CTRL+V to insert your exported records.

- If you don't need UNC paths, comment these 2 lines:
   * from the SELECT statement:      -- , (replace (a."path", 'M:\MYMOVIES', '\\movieserver\share\MYMOVIES\')) AS "unc"
   * from the GROUP BY statement:  -- , "unc"

- I used this basically for learning, so the SQL statements might be improved ;-)

- This might also serve as a basic SQL export script - change it to fit your requirements.

Thanks for your attention and have fun...

Support / Display aspect ratio
« on: November 27, 2013, 08:32:38 pm »
Hello nostra,

currently it looks like the "Display aspect ratio" from mediainfo.dll is used to determine the value
for the the respective database entry in PVD.
May I suggest to use the "Original display aspect ratio" (if available!) from mediainfo.dll in future
versions of PVD instead, since AFAIK this value reflects the DAR of the video container format
which is respected (and used) by almost all modern players like MPC-HC, VLC, SmPlayer etc. ?

TIA Chris

Support / Missing awards from IMDB movie import plugin
« on: November 12, 2013, 10:54:47 pm »

Latest IMBD plugin (v0.9.8.22) seems to fail when importing awards for a movie (PVD is v1.0.2.7).

It looks like the awards link is read on import, but even existing entries are NOT overwritten
when overwrite for awards is set.

Can somone please confirm this?

TIA Chris

Support / Passing user credentials to Firebird server
« on: November 10, 2013, 08:43:28 pm »

Hi Nostra,

as far as I can see, PVD does not make any use of the "ISC_USER/ISC_PASSWORD" environment variables, which
would allow seamless connection from PVD to a FB server.

Is such feature planned?

TIA Chris


Hi folks,

maybe I'm too stupid to find any information on this, but whenever I add a file path/file (movie file) to a db record,
all images (jpgs) with similar or same name as the movie itself are imported into (added to) the poster view.

Since I always save preview files with my movies, I do NOT want them to appear in the poster view automagically
(I always have to delete them manually after adding the movie's path). The very same happens on re-reading
the file information (from the list menu) of any particular movie.
From my observations, the "unwished import" does not happen when the movie is part of a series and sorted as such.

Any help or a switch to turn off this behaviour would be very welcome.

TIA Chris

Scripts and Templates / A dark skin - best compromise ...
« on: October 31, 2013, 10:33:24 pm »
Hi folks,

get the attached file and put the content (after extraction) to the "Skins" folder.
The layout of the skin is done in english and tested with PVD only.

I do not plan to work on further changes to it - it's a one time work to see what's
currently possible with PVD's skinning abilities. Comments are welcome though.

Have fun

A word to the developers:

It took me some time to rewrite existing skins (movies and persons) for my personal
"Best Viewing Experience" of PVD. All skins supplied with the latest distribution are
not to my taste of "real eye candy".
Though I think PVD deserves just this (because it's the best multimedia DB I came
across so far), creating a dark skin is a PITA.

I will bug you now with my experiences of skinning PVD. I wished to create a dark
skin and will tell you, why it's so hard to get something useful in a simple way ...

1)   Link Check Combo Boxes:
   For a dark skin, a combo box background color of black or similar would
   allow light font colors (white on white is simply unreadable...) - such setting
   is missing!

   another solution might be to make the combo box colors (black on white) -
   independant of any color settings of the used font. Then we always get it
   ... black on white.

2)   The filmography (tree view) lacks any useful settings to handle (or overwrite)
   colors, sizes and font outlines. I guess this is related to the link property
   settings which only handle colors (but i.e. no font outlines like "bold" etc.)

3)   The handling of the "rating" controls is also missing valuable properties for
   overwriting it's defaults (from "fieldfont") like font size, outlines, color.

My best compromise (see my attached skins for movies and persons derived from
Zacca/Nostradamus) is having a fieldfont color setting of "7F7F7F" to make it
both visible (better guessable) on black and white (or light and dark) backgrounds.
The skins are IMHO "state of the art" of what's achievable with PVD as of v1.0.2.6,
and ... it's just too complex and insufficient!

One other issue that bugs me alot is with PVD itself:

   On importing a (video) file (or re-reading file information) PVD thinks it's best
   to add a JPG with similar or same file name in the same directory to the cover art.
   For me, it's a PITA (again ... uhhh..(-:) to remove these files one by one manually
   after importing any files - for I don't want to have them in my PVD DB (mostly
   screenshot thumbnails).

   SOLUTION: A switch in config to only import the relevant file and NOTHING else!

BTW, you may publish (or distribute) the attached skins with PVD if you like.
Perhaps someone might find it useful or even like it ;-)

Finally my kudos to the developers - PVD is (otherwise) just great!

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