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Development / customfieldlabel vs. caption in skin
« on: July 01, 2011, 02:38:36 am »
OK I am trying to add custom fields to the pvd_imdb_theme movie skin. If I do the following, I get "watcher Watcher:" as my field label
Code: [Select]
                     <column width="140" halign="left">
                        <customfieldlabel field="watcher"/>

If I leave out the customfieldlabel element, I get no label at all:

Code: [Select]
                     <column width="140" halign="left">


I'm using the beta but I'm probably just doing something stupid. So what am I doing wrong?

I'm starting to piddle around a little with templates. I am trying to get a template to display only the first 3 actors for the movie but it is displaying the whole list. I must have something wrong.
Code: [Select]
{%value=actors maxvalues="3"}
The whole line for that is:
Code: [Select]
<p><strong>(IMDB Rating:{%value=imdbrating}) Actors: {%value=actors maxvalues="3"}  Director: {%value=directors maxvalues="1"}</strong> {%value=description} </p>

Feature Suggestions / Saving Advanced Search queries?
« on: August 25, 2010, 06:32:41 pm »
Are there any plans to allow saving Advanced Search queries (ideally with a query name)? After creating a fairly complicated advanced search (which nostra went to some trouble to allow and which I am most grateful for), it seems a shame to have to recreate the same query again (even though it does save the most recent advanced search).

I added a movie that has never been in my database. Still I get this message box (attached). This happens with any movie. I am adding the movie via New Movie Master and my first thought was it was because I had poster checked. My second thought was to change back to IMDB from IMDB+Allmovie.  But I get this regardless. Could this be related to those invisible movies I keep hearing about and don't really understand?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Support / [SOLVED] Help Index Thread Down?
« on: August 21, 2010, 02:04:59 am »
For some reason, and this is all of a sudden because I was getting to the links before, if I click on any link in the Help Index thread, I get "The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you." On the page with that message, it still shows me as logged in with my username.

Hi, I'm new here but have a possible feature request, hopefully a small but useful one.

I just finished deleting all the plugins that used sites not in my own language, along with pvdtotray.dll. It was easy to do but I really had to pay attention, closing and opening PVD several times to see what dll did what, and not something I would recommend to my less geeky friends. This no doubt will become more and more error prone as the word of PVD spreads to all corners of the world, requiring plugins in languages from Azerbaijani to Zulu, when presumably there would be 300 items on my import menu. So I would suggest an interface for disabling a plugin OR at least make it so that "Check for updates" doesn't grab all the plugins that I declined from the initial install.

EDIT: I just found Tools -> Preferences -> Internet connection -> Ignore list. I'm not sure why it's a blank list for me, but apparently there already is a way to be selective on the check updates feature. So my request is only a way to disable a plugin regardless of whether it is being updated.

Support / [FAQ] Can't get CSV import to work
« on: August 10, 2010, 02:43:20 am »
I think Personal Video Database is the best of its kind that I've tried, the feature to have a list of actors is especially appreciated and I like the fact that it is very customizable.

My question is regarding CSV import, I don't seem to be able to import a movie through a CSV file no matter what I do. I've searched the threads and it looks like the usual workaround is to use XLS instead, but I wonder if I am misunderstanding something, particularly since it doesn't prompt for field structure on each import, which implies to me that there is some best configuration for the CSV plugin that I shouldn't have to keep changing. I may have some questions about XLS import as well, but I'll start with this because it may answer some of my XLS questions as well.

In preferences for the CSV import I have two fields pushed over to the right Title and Actors (if this were a real example, the intention would be to pull the remaining fields from IMDB -- love the Ctrl-Alt-I shortcut).  And I have a file that looks like this in Notepad:

"This is a test","No actor"

So to me, after importing, I should have a movie called This is a Test (which I don't).

I even tried exporting to CSV and I even failed to import that file.  I noticed the export created semicolon separated values in the file, so I also tried using semicolons in the delimiter for import. Also the exported file has three characters that appear at the beginning of the file ?»? in Notepad and Excel, which I am not sure what to make of. I am running Windows 7 x64.

So is there a best way to set up CSV plugin preferences to make it work or should I just stick with XLS files?

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