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Support / impawards import plugin *not working*
« on: March 10, 2011, 05:35:58 am »
i have impawards set as my default poster import, and for the past coulple of weeks, since the last pvd plugin update it seems, it hasn't workded. anytime i try to import a movie poster, old or new (ex. tron: legacy, or pirates of the carribean), i get an error window popping up with a white x in a red cirle and the word error. thats it. before when this was a minor issue it would at least say socket error, this time its not stating anything other than error. anyone getting this by chance??? possible plugin update needed??? not a huge problem but the default poster import button is nice and handy vs. pulling up impawards and manually tracking down posters lol any help with this would be greatly appriciated, thanks.

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