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Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 14, 2018, 11:56:20 am »
Thank you so much!

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 13, 2018, 08:45:43 pm »
Thanks for the fast response dear Ivek. I have one question. Can your IMDB_[EN][HTTPS] _000a.psf script substitute all other IMDb scripts, except IMDB_[EN][HTTPS](episodes).psf of course?
Thank you for an answer in advance.

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 13, 2018, 10:04:41 am »
Yes! It seems that so far works great, dear Ivek (I'm still updating episodes)!!! Thank you so much.

So, of all of my 7000 movies, it left only one movie-mystery that I cannot update: Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium (

Whether IMDb url field is empty, or I manually put IMDb url in the field, all 3 scripts give the same error 404 - please check screenshot attached. I also tried and emptied all IMDb fields except Title, but no luck to import

Can anyone of you import data for this movie?

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 10, 2018, 09:40:09 pm »
Dear VVV,

Some of my URL fields probably had some special characters in IMDb addreses, because now after I manually deleted url, than import data from imdb, I got new imdb url in url field. To test this newly imported imdb url, I applied update again with "overwrite" option on and everything went well, so obviously you were right.

Thanks Ivek for the update.

I have discovered one more issue with both IMDB_[EN][HTTPS].psf and IMDB_[EN][HTTPS] _000.psf

I can update Series record (for example But I can't update it's episodes. Updating just crashes PVD.

Here's part of the debug code

Code: [Select]
allocated memory  : 99,05 MB
command line      : viddb.exe -portable -debug
executable        : viddb.exe
exec. date/time   : 2018-08-08 10:01
version           :
compiled with     : Delphi 2010
madExcept version : 3.0l
callstack crc     : $0811da24, $53dbdf84, $4ecf9cfa
exception number  : 7
exception class   : Unknown
exception message : Unknown.

main thread ($9a4):
0811da24 +000 ???
008d0d77 +a27 viddb.exe    MainU    8520 +148 TPVDMain.ExecWebImport
008c5470 +3c8 viddb.exe    MainU    5445  +60 TPVDMain.DoPluginExecute
008cc7cf +057 viddb.exe    MainU    7482  +10 TPVDMain.ExecImpBtnClick
00551163 +06f viddb.exe    Controls           TControl.Click
005dc454 +000 viddb.exe    Buttons            TSpeedButton.Click
005dc43e +0ea viddb.exe    Buttons            TSpeedButton.MouseUp
00551598 +038 viddb.exe    Controls           TControl.DoMouseUp
00551614 +070 viddb.exe    Controls           TControl.WMLButtonUp
0055151e +07e viddb.exe    Controls           TControl.WMMouseMove
00550bf8 +2d4 viddb.exe    Controls           TControl.WndProc
0055081c +024 viddb.exe    Controls           TControl.Perform
00554de8 +0ac viddb.exe    Controls           TWinControl.IsControlMouseMsg
00555338 +3e4 viddb.exe    Controls           TWinControl.WndProc
00554b5c +02c viddb.exe    Controls           TWinControl.MainWndProc
004a9b5c +014 viddb.exe    Classes            StdWndProc
755f7885 +00a USER32.dll                      DispatchMessageW
005812c9 +11d viddb.exe    Forms              TApplication.ProcessMessage
0058130e +00a viddb.exe    Forms              TApplication.HandleMessage
00581639 +0c9 viddb.exe    Forms              TApplication.Run
009af241 +b69 viddb.exe    viddb     257 +120 initialization
75e03368 +010 kernel32.dll                    BaseThreadInitThunk

thread $1828 (TWorkerThread):
77ccf8da +0e ntdll.dll                           NtWaitForSingleObject
775015c8 +92 KERNELBASE.dll                      WaitForSingleObjectEx
75e0118f +3e kernel32.dll                        WaitForSingleObjectEx
75e01143 +0d kernel32.dll                        WaitForSingleObject
005a2651 +19 viddb.exe      VirtualTrees 6002 +3 TWorkerThread.Execute
00467507 +2b viddb.exe      madExcept            HookedTThreadExecute
004a703a +42 viddb.exe      Classes              ThreadProc
00406c38 +28 viddb.exe      System        985 +0 ThreadWrapper
004673e9 +0d viddb.exe      madExcept            CallThreadProcSafe
00467453 +37 viddb.exe      madExcept            ThreadExceptFrame
75e03368 +10 kernel32.dll                        BaseThreadInitThunk
>> created by main thread ($9a4) at:
005a2596 +16 viddb.exe      VirtualTrees 5965 +1 TWorkerThread.Create

thread $1e90:
77cd0166 +0e ntdll.dll     NtWaitForMultipleObjects
75e03368 +10 kernel32.dll  BaseThreadInitThunk

thread $1d80:
77ccf8da +0e ntdll.dll       NtWaitForSingleObject
775015c8 +92 KERNELBASE.dll  WaitForSingleObjectEx
75e0118f +3e kernel32.dll    WaitForSingleObjectEx
75e01143 +0d kernel32.dll    WaitForSingleObject
6a1a29b8 +38 MSVCR80.dll     _endthreadex
75e03368 +10 kernel32.dll    BaseThreadInitThunk

thread $1590: <priority:2>
77ccf8da +0e ntdll.dll       NtWaitForSingleObject
775015c8 +92 KERNELBASE.dll  WaitForSingleObjectEx
75e0118f +3e kernel32.dll    WaitForSingleObjectEx
75e01143 +0d kernel32.dll    WaitForSingleObject
6a1a29b8 +38 MSVCR80.dll     _endthreadex
75e03368 +10 kernel32.dll    BaseThreadInitThunk

thread $15ec:
77cd1f4f +0b ntdll.dll     NtWaitForWorkViaWorkerFactory
75e03368 +10 kernel32.dll  BaseThreadInitThunk

008d0d67        mov     eax, [$9cb0b8]
008d0d6c        mov     eax, [eax]
008d0d6e        mov     eax, [eax+$30]
008d0d71        call    -$4c988e ($4074e8)     ; System.@LStrToPChar
008d0d76        push    eax
008d0d77      > call    dword ptr [ebp-$18]
008d0d7a        movsx   esi, ax
008d0d7d 8521   sub     esi, 1
008d0d80        jb      loc_8d17aa
008d0d86        jz      loc_8d0d9d
008d0d88        dec     esi

I suspect it has something to do with double quotes  - ". When " is in title (for the episode, importing is tried from the page which title is series name under the double qoutes, then episode name, then PVD crashes.

For example, for the  ,
script tries to import data from imdb page which title is (can be seen on browser tab) "Flight of the Conchords": Sally, or something similar, but it definitely has double quotes,

Hopefully I can get some advise.

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 08, 2018, 01:18:43 am »
I have found the cause of the error from this message:,4134.msg20748.html#msg20748

... and the workaround for it.

The problem is IMDb url that is stored in the "URL" field! Although it is perfectly valid (I copy it from the URL field then paste it in browser and it goes to the proper movie), it will not work if you try to update movie in PVD, or to manually edit any other field imported by IMDb script or plugin!

So, I went to Grid View, and for some movies I tried to delete Title and Origititle and, bam - I got the same error message as the one while importing with script.

Finally, in Grid view I deleted stored IDMb url (which is perfectly valid), and then let the script imports data and, another BAM - everything worked great!

Meaning, when I delete stored IMDb url (it is sometimes possible in Tree View, but it is always possible in Grid View), I am able to edit any other field, hence to update movie!

Why is this happening and why to only certain movies/records it's the mystery probably no one will solve.

If someone can explain this I'd be more than grateful. Luckily, I had only 105 movies of 7000 movies with this issue, so I will manually edit each one url and update it, but that will not resolve possible future issues. Workaround is not a solution, that is why it is called only - workaround.

Best regards

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 07, 2018, 08:25:41 pm »
Thank you so much for your help guys! I will try cumulative script patch after finish updating.
Regardless of Ivek's and mine issue regarding "www", it is obviously solvable, one way or another. Still, the original, first issue is mystery and I connected it with the issue that I cannot overwrite some fields (mostly "Title", but some other as well), manually or automatically. Do you have any idea why some field could not be editied, manually, or automatically???

Thanks in advance!

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 06, 2018, 11:46:22 pm »
Hello VVV,

Thank you for another SQL tip. I applied it immediately upon you first right about it, and it worked like a charm! I just thought if it's possible to generalize the term as much as possible, because we don't know what will happen with IMDb code in the future and with maintain of PVD and IMDb script, but hey - we will survive. I have my database for 20 years, from the first days of "WhereIsIt?" program, til final solution - PVD.

About optimizing database, thank you for explanation, but I think I mustn't use it because it looks it will do exactly what I don't want at any cost - it'll delete duplicate people, so I would loose them in movies, so I would again have to update 7000 movies to get people back, again most probably to get duplicates. The only solution to duplicates that I see is to delete all people, then to update all movies with people records (director, actor, producer, writer, composer, etc...).

Maybe I'd do that, but only when I'm sure that I will be able to update movies without breaks that I have now.

To add to this, I hve experienced one more IMDb script issue:
- If URL doesn't have slash - "/" at the and, we get "404" error message, like URL doesn't exist on, while actually url is valid. Please see first screenshot attached.
- After pressing OK (1-5 times, depending on how many pages are imported), script adds ghost link: - "http:/"? Please check second screenshot.

Anything we can do about this?

Best regards

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 06, 2018, 03:08:55 pm »
Thanks VVV. It's clear now.

Is it possible then, considering your statement:

I have found different url formats versions in my PVD too?
Can we write a fast url standards?
My proposal is (remember that we cann't use httpS):
IMDB Movie (finish with '/'=Slash):
  • Movie=
  • Person=
TMDB (NO finish with '/'=Slash):
  • Movie=
  • Person=
FilmAffinity (finish with '.html', maybe spanish (several countries) or english):

... to standardize urls in form:


Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 06, 2018, 12:00:34 pm »
Dear VVV and Ivek,

Meanwhile, I have experienced another strange issue. While updating some movies, it asks me to confirm the movie, although IMDb urls are already in database, and for for twice!. You can check comparing offered url on the first screenshot (question marks), with the url already in database in the second screenshot (red arrow) - they are the same.

Also, for some movies I get infobox "Movie not found :)" although IMDb url exists - please see third screenshot?!

It didn't happen earlier.

It's like script doesn't use existing urls. Why is that?

Any idea? Thank you in advance.

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 04, 2018, 04:00:07 pm »
Thanks for your idea, VVV. I remember I used that option at the very beginning, and that then as I can remember it deleted some records I didn't want to. Do you by any chance know what exactly optimizing will do to my database? I hae never ever had some problem with PVD database speed, but whatever - I'll do it if my records will not be deleted or database corrupted.

Kind regards

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 03, 2018, 09:06:50 pm »
Thank you for your feedback, guys. Good to know that I'm not the one who messed up database, since you two have also people duplicates. Thanks for FA rating and all "hidden" custom fields.
I tried your SQL script in debug mode, cause I also notice mistakes in imported urls. Thank you for that. It didn't want to run with "As script" unchecked (some dynamic error...) so I ran it "As script", and although my database is which is over 15GB, with posters it finished in 3-4 minutes claiming "Script successfully executed"
After that I tried to update movies I stated above, but no luck. But, for example, I just repeated update for "All About Eve" which didn't succeed at first, and now it succeeded?! It never happened in original PVD, and the only conclusion I can make is that if some field isn't rewritable (for God knows what reason) the record cannot be updated.

I'd appreciate any further help on this and am more than grateful for your tremendous work and efforts to make PVD alive!

My best regards to you two.

Feature Suggestions / Re: FilmAffinity English
« on: October 01, 2018, 11:59:10 pm »

I just wanted to ask if it's possible FA to have it's own rating custom field?

Thank you in advance

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 01, 2018, 11:54:36 pm »
Dear VVV,

Thank you so much for your feedback!
I'll try to be brief as possible in my response.

1. I have never had any problems with spaces, although aware of possible problems. I tested them before start to use them almost 9 years ago.
2. To reproduce the problem, maybe better idea is to make a new database that consists only a few problematic movies and then send it to you (with my pvdconf.ini and my skin)? Anyway, some movies are:
3. Probably the problem is with IMDb script. But, not only movie, but now I suspect that people are problem too, even before I started to use PVD MOD. I mean, and I'm not sure at all, when we started to use IMDb scripts I noticed that I have duplicate entries for people. It's like some people were imported by nostra's imdb.dll and their duplicates with scripts. So now, for example I have two (sometimes, even more) actors with the same name in database and their filmography is split (to movies imported by imdb.dll and other part with script). If I update both, I get full filmography in both, but links to movies are still split. If I delete any name, I loose them in movies linked to that name. That is why I suggested to send you a small database. Is it even possible to overcome this?
4. I know you won't believe me, but renaming custom fields never worked for me. Of course I tried it once again before started to update database this time, but it just didn't showed up after renaming. My PVD is heavily customized, and I use my own skin (please check the screenshot enclosed), so I'm pretty aware of all aspects of renaming/updating fields. I tried also with IMDb User Reviews/Comments (my custom field name is different), but again to no avail. Simply said - total mystery to me.
5. Fields that I wanted to update/overwrite were: Description, IMDb User Reviews/Comments, Title (not origtitle), Top 250, IMDb Votes, Box Office, Actors, Director.

Kind regards and thank you for your time!

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 28, 2018, 12:37:52 am »
Nice to know about you, afrocuban  :D
Thank you! I really enjoy it!
You have got a hard error, it seems that PVD tries to dulicate some record with a SQL instruction.
Some information in in this link: Why am i getting a primary/unique key violation/
Thank you, dear VVV. I read and I think it's exactly the problem I experienced. Unfortunately, I do not programming, so it wasn't too much helpful for me, but I understand what it says.

Some test in order to detects/reproduce the problem:
  • Have you more Customs Fields that the MOD estandar? (In the last version I have include 'Updated').
Yes, I do. A lot more.

  • The error cames in the same movies? If yes, can tell us.

  • The error cames with other scripts/provider? If yes, can tell us.
No. Checked with FA and TMDb.

  • Can you try disabling IMDB pages donwloading with the ***Script M. Configuration***? First try only dowloading the base page, after adding the Certification page, after adding the  "Also Know as' page,... I suspect of the retreive of people because it is the part less depurated in PVD and the one that handles more links.
I must admit I don't know how to use ***Script M. Configuration***. When I call it, only dialog box with options for all scripts pops up, and when i save configuration, PVD restarts.

I try only to update Title, Top_250 and IMDb_Votes (Yes, you made a problem for me, hahaha. My custom fields were "Top 250:" and "IMDB Votes:", so now because you gave them different names, I have to update 7000 movies, and I ran into this problem when updating, hahah").

But, I did what you suggest - I disabled updating fields in IMDb script and I discovered that if I disable updating some or all fields, everything works, for now!? Not all of these fields cause problems for movies. For some movie only one field causes problem, for other movie other two fields, and for some movies all these fields. Sometimes, If I repeat import, it succeeds??? Strange thing is that I discovered also that for some movies I cannot manually  delete Title when edit movie. If I delete it, when I press to exit edit mode, deleted Title comes back? Also the same for Description for some some movies - I delete it and it comes back when I exit edit mode?!

Really is a strange error,  ???

Conclusion: It has problems with overwriting existing fields, that cannot be deleted even manually

At the end: a great respect and thank you for "Metascore" field!

Kind regards

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 26, 2018, 10:42:40 pm »
Dear VVV and Ivek,

Thank you so much for your hard work and for your devotion to PVD.

I do thoroughly test PVD-MOD and I have found it almost perfect.
Nevertheless, I do have a problem while importing online data from IMDb. The problem can be seen in the screenshot.

It happens only during update of some movies, not for all. It doesn't happen when enter new records/movies.

Any help is more than welcome!

Talk / Re: Alternative
« on: May 29, 2018, 09:13:06 pm »
The Alfa 5 version:

The programa detectes well your Windows "WIN_7" (the same as Ivek) but it seems that curl don't work well in yours computer.
In order to verify curl, can you run in Script folder with the cmd window (the MS-DOS window) the next command:

curl.exe -o downpage.htm

You should see that the page is downloaded and saved in the file "downpage.htm"

Dear Easy

As you asked, I verified that curl is working with no problems from the command line (checked with ConEMUx64 as admin as well as in regular cmd.exe as user). downpage.htm downloaded perfectly, so curl is working, right?

Other thing, can you post the path of the Script folder when you do the PVD MOD test? is in order to detect if there are any char (espace, language, etc) that provoque the error.

Testing location was D:\Desktop\Poster\PVD MOd\PersonalVideoDB\Scripts. So, there is a space in "PVD MoD" folder name.

That is why I tested PVD in C:\PersonalVideoDB\

The result is somewhat better: TheMoveDB works flawless again, FA imports data, and FA New Releases and IMDB crash PVD. IMDB finds the movie, but crashes PVD when trying to import data. Strange thing that in one trial was imported as movie url.

So basically, it seems that the MOD doesn't support spaces in folder names, and still IMDB script from C:\PersonalVideoDB\Scripts folder (without spaces) still not working for me.

Best regards and thank you so much for your hard work.

Talk / Re: Alternative
« on: May 28, 2018, 01:57:45 am »
The Alfa 4 version:

Using again without Proxomitron (never used it with Easy's MODs) and with portable.bat

TheMovieDB script works smooth.

FilmaAffinity and Imdb scripts still doesn't work - same errors as posted above in PersonalVideoDB\log.txt and PersonalVideoDB\Scripts\PVdBDownPage.log.

On a second ("clean") laptop FA and Imdb produces PVD to crash.

If you still need me to test PVD please let me know.

Best regards

Talk / Re: Alternative
« on: May 20, 2018, 10:10:18 pm »
The Alfa 2 versión:

A lot of improvements and corrections of yours detected problems (The IMDB script download all pages, the awards page got me nearly become crazy).
Remember run with "portable.bat" that in this test version is with the debug mode set. If you have problems, please post the two files:

PersonalVideoDB\log.txt   and   PersonalVideoDB\Scripts\PVdBDownPage.log

Don't worry if I answer late, I'm decided to finish the PVD_MOD but I have and idea that give a lot of work but it's worth it

Dear Easy, thanks for your work! It is truly and sincerely appreciated. Although still no luck for me with IMDB and FA scripts. Still same errors about no internet connection and started of course via portable.bat.

Here are the logs, hopefully they will help you What is funny is that on the status bar I see the message "downloading from portable.bat" while running IMDB script, and "Downloading from FilmAffinity[ES].psf" while running FA script.

Dear Ivek, it doesn+t work neither with your attached scripts.


Code: [Select]
(20.05.2018 22:46:34) Compiling script: IMDB_[EN][HTTPS].psf
(20.05.2018 22:46:34) Script compiled successfully: IMDB_[EN][HTTPS].psf
(20.05.2018 22:46:34) Executing script binary
(20.05.2018 22:46:34) Logging in...
(20.05.2018 22:46:34) Function GetDownloadURL BEGIN======================|
(20.05.2018 22:46:34) Global Var-Mode|0|
(20.05.2018 22:46:34) Global Var-DownloadURL||
(20.05.2018 22:46:35)       IMDB URL.
(20.05.2018 22:46:35)       Parse stored information DownloadURL:||
(20.05.2018 22:46:35) Function GetDownloadURL END====================== with Mode=1 Result=C:\PersonalVideoDB_MOD-V.Alfa_.2\PersonalVideoDB\debug.bat|
(20.05.2018 22:46:35) Searching movie information for: 10,000 BC
(20.05.2018 22:46:35) Function ParsePage BEGIN======================|
(20.05.2018 22:46:35) Global Var-Mode|1|
(20.05.2018 22:46:35) Global Var-DownloadURL||
(20.05.2018 22:46:35) Local Var-URL|,credits,keywords,images&api_key=0a4782bd3877917501a2d45e1198f809&language=en|
(20.05.2018 22:46:35)   Begin mode Normal|1|. Getting provider data for MovieID||
(20.05.2018 22:46:35) Function DownloadPage BEGIN======================|
(20.05.2018 22:46:35) Global Var-Mode|1|
(20.05.2018 22:46:35) Global Var-DownloadURL||
(20.05.2018 22:46:35)       Local Var-URL||
(20.05.2018 22:46:35)       Download with PVdBDownPage in file:|C:\PersonalVideoDB_MOD-V.Alfa_.2\PersonalVideoDB\Scripts\downpage-UTF8_NO_BOM.htm the information of:|||
(20.05.2018 22:46:35)       Waiting 2s for exists of:C:\PersonalVideoDB_MOD-V.Alfa_.2\PersonalVideoDB\Scripts\downpage-UTF8_NO_BOM.htm
(20.05.2018 22:46:37)       Waiting 2s for exists of:C:\PersonalVideoDB_MOD-V.Alfa_.2\PersonalVideoDB\Scripts\downpage-UTF8_NO_BOM.htm
(20.05.2018 22:46:39)       Waiting 2s for exists of:C:\PersonalVideoDB_MOD-V.Alfa_.2\PersonalVideoDB\Scripts\downpage-UTF8_NO_BOM.htm
(20.05.2018 22:46:41)       Waiting 2s for exists of:C:\PersonalVideoDB_MOD-V.Alfa_.2\PersonalVideoDB\Scripts\downpage-UTF8_NO_BOM.htm
(20.05.2018 22:46:43)       Waiting 2s for exists of:C:\PersonalVideoDB_MOD-V.Alfa_.2\PersonalVideoDB\Scripts\downpage-UTF8_NO_BOM.htm
(20.05.2018 22:46:50) Function DownloadPage END with NOT INTERNET connection ===============|

And the other:

Code: [Select]
20180520224106-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2
20180520224127-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2
20180520224139-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2
20180520224635-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2
20180520225153-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2
20180520225234-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2
20180520225337-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2
20180520225603-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2
20180520225652-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2
20180520225711-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2
20180520225729-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2
20180520225742-PVdBDownPage variables:
Number arguments = 2

Kind regards

Talk / Re: Alternative
« on: May 12, 2018, 11:19:14 am »
This error happens to me in Easy MOD's version -, and of course proxy isn't turned on in PVD while it happens.

Talk / Re: Alternative
« on: May 11, 2018, 11:17:39 pm »
... now also Filmaffinity [ES] [HTTPS] script, which previously did not work, also works.

Strange. This script doesn't work for me. It gives me error:

"Too many faulty attempts to internet conexion.
  žRetry or Cancel"
(typos are seen in dialog box - "coneXion" and "ž")

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