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Support / Re: IMDb plugin maintenance issues
« on: May 21, 2016, 02:30:20 pm »
"IMDB Main pages, have no transfer of posters, ratings, producer, composer, description as well as information related additional IMDB web pages."  Not to mention "Original Title" which for a great deal of movies will show up in PVD database as "Var Ue_t0=window.ue_t0||+new Date();" which while scanning you are constantly having to select to "Preserve All Copies" in the database.

This issue has been going on since about the beginning of 2016 when changed their website look until now; almost half a year ago and still I have not got the solution and basically have to keep enter all information by hand (copy/paste) from IMDB's site.

Has anyone as yet come up with a solution since changed their website look?

Support / Re: pvd v1.0.2.7 and IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.26 problems
« on: January 15, 2016, 02:23:55 am »
Thanks Ivek23

I updated the scripts to Imdb Movie Photo(Poster)(2).psf v0.1.3.2 but nothing seemed to work correctly.  Perhaps it had something to with selecting silent mode and download all images. I deselected those options and changed to Automatically select best match after 10 sec. but I also went back to the old IMDB Movie Photo Script v0.1.2.0 and then tried a new scan for movies.  Found 4 and updated all 4 no problem.

I even changed on line 148... SCRIPT_TYPE   = stMovies; to stPoster;

Support / pvd v1.0.2.7 and IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.26 problems
« on: January 07, 2016, 01:16:59 am »
pvd v1.0.2.7 and IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.26 problems
1. No cover images or posters are downloaded.
2. No IMDB Ratings are downloaded
3. Original Name is nothing more than a bunch of mumbo-jumbo for some movies.  And once that gets downloaded, I get a pop-up saying I already have the movie in the database, do I want to merge them etc.

Support / Problems scanning certain movies
« on: September 27, 2015, 01:39:32 pm »
I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64 and using PVD v1.0.2.7

I'm having a problem with a movie, the movie is  called 'Inherent Vice (2014)' this movie is also a t.v show series. I kept getting an arithmetic error that I could not find a way to get rid of and had to start the scanning of all my movies all over again.
The url to the movie is:
But even entering it manually and try to scan movies to update older info like the IMDB votes, I still was getting the arithmetic error and I don't know why.  I keep getting the viddb error:
arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation string right truncation
At procedure 'GET_TAGS' line: 1, col:321
Arithmetic overflow or division by zero has occurred.
Error Code: 1.

Support / Re: No Poster with plugin IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.25 using PVD v0.9.9.21
« on: December 21, 2014, 03:10:07 pm »
Thank you Ivek23 for helping me understand what to look for/at in the script(s).  It works great.

Support / No Poster with plugin IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.25 using PVD v0.9.9.21
« on: December 20, 2014, 10:55:34 pm »
Currently using PVD v0.9.9.21.

I'm using plugin IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.25 for Movie Information.
All the information is downloaded but No Poster.
When I select to Scan for new movies and some are found, at the
bottom of Scan Results window Poster is Set to AMAZON [EN] and on the drop-down menu those listed
In Preferences under Plugins below are also available for selection.

In Preferences under Plugins,
For Type: Poster Import, I have listed only:
- AMAZON [EN]     --- in bold text
- Impawards [EN] and
- filmup_poster

For Type: Movie Information, I have many plugins, but currently
selected is as default is IMDB [EN] v0.9.8.25

So someone mentioned a temporary fix for this, and that was to use
the IMDB Movie Photo Script.
This does Not Work.
IMDB Movie Photo Script shows up as Type: Movie Information
Not Type: Poster Import as it should.

The same goes for TheMovieDB [EN].  Both show up as Type: Movie Information in Preferences\Plugins...
Not Type: Poster Import

I like to get the movie info. for No other.
For Posters / Cover Images I don't care where they come from as long as its done automatically
when I choose to Process the Scan Results and get New Movie Info.

IMDB Movie Plugin Still doesn't seem to be providing any data for the Original Title after new movies are updated; this area still seems to remain blank and I still have to enter the information manually.  Is this the same for anyone else?

Thank you nostra.

Support / How to Disable v0.9.9.21 in Win7 from minimizing to taskbar?
« on: March 27, 2013, 10:29:11 pm »
How to Disable v0.9.9.21 in Win7 from minimizing to taskbar?
I can't see an option to this in preferences while running under Windows 7
I would like to just have it to minimize but to the icon for starting it that is pinned to the taskbar.

Support / Re: IMDB Plugin
« on: February 19, 2013, 03:08:20 pm »
Yesterday I updated to and scanned to add new movies.  6 new movies were found.  All information from was updated, but the strange thing is that for each of these newly added movies, even though, all criteria was found the Web Search box for each of these movies is BLANK... No text is entered into the Web Search box... can someone please try to explain why this has happened... If nothing gets entered into the web search,  I cannot use this feature unless I select to copy and paste it into the web search box prior. The web search box should have the original movie title displayed in this box for each of the newly added movies, but it is blank.

So I too a closer look, even though the title of the movies for each and every one of the new movies I'd added to the database was the exact same as the Original Movie Title, In the data base, nothing gets entered into the Original Title field after scanning.  I have to manually put the text there. So there must be some sort of syntax in the new script that doesn't apply text to the field for Original Title.

According to:
Have you changed the name of scripts?
Original name of the script is: Imdb Movie.psf
Yes Thanks this is the problem.  When downloaded it actually comes down as Imdb+Movie.psf not "Imdb Movie.psf" as you stated so I simply deleted the '+' sign instead of replacing it with a space.

Thanks Ivek23
Now the IMDB rating and votes are updating with only one step.

I downloaded the and extracted imdb+Imdb Movie.batch to the plugins directory of PVD but how to invoke it to get it to work?

The above is basically self explanatory.  I put ImdbMovie.psf in the Scripts folder. I put imdb+Imdb Movie.batch in the Plugins folder. I set IMDB [EN] for movie information as default because as your picture it shows IMDB + Imdb Movie Scr as a selectable item, but I don't get this at all to show in Preferences\Plugins screen.

I even tried downloading the zip file for placed the above mentioned files as explained above, and copied over the IMDB.dll to update to v0.9.8.5, left all plugins and scripts as they were.  But still IMDB + Imdb Movie Scr... does not show up.
So how can I select it if its not there?

I don't use Kinopoisk at all.  For IMDB [EN] I have selected IMDB Votes as the Custom field for votes.  Made changes to the Classic Movie and Classic Movie Tabs skins so IMDB Votes are displayed.  But for what ever reason, this IMDB + Imdb Movie Scr is not too be seen.

Is there an way with XP Pro I can edit the pvdconf.ini file found within the \%UserName%\Applications\Persoanal Video Dadabase folder even though IMDB + Imdb Movie Scr... is not showing up as an item to be selected?

Thanks ivek203

I downloaded the and extracted imdb+Imdb Movie.batch to the plugins directory of PVD but how to invoke it to get it to work?

Plugins in Preferences shows the imdb+allmovie selection and there is a imdb+allmovie.batch file in the plugins directory.
Within the plugins directory I also have in addition to yours and the allmovies one listed above aimdb+kinopoisk.batch and a imdb+kinopoisk_people.batch file but in the plugins under preferences there is also no listing for anything to do with kinopoisk.

Thank you Ivek23 for the script.
I reverted back to and it works.

For anyone wondering how to use it, follow this:

1. Place the script in the script folder.
2. Download the IMDB Data for new movies normally with IMDB [EN] set as the Default Plugin for Getting Movie Information.
2. In Preferences change the Default Plugin for getting Movie Information to Imdb Movie Script.
3. Select all the movies you would like to update the IMDB ratings for then use the button on top '[EN] Get Movie Information from (Ctrl+Alt+I)'

But if your like me and have made changes to the Skin to insert the IMDB Votes as a custom selection then you will have to once again now change back to IMDB [EN] as the Default plugin for getting movie information and then rescan all these movies once again to put back in the IMDB Votes for the above will take them away. So this would mean having to scan the movies 3 times instead of just the 1 time.

Hope Nostra comes up with a fix real soon and more so for to stop making changes to their web site for the placement of certain basic criteria.

I updated to with your link above but still, the IMDB rating does not change when I rescan (Ctrl+Alt+I) for movies I already tried to get the IMDB rating for.  So is the problem suppose to be fixed? or Not?

Can you perhaps briefly explain what the difference are between v0.9.9.21 and

PVD v0.9.9.21, IMDB [EN] plugin v0.9.8.5 not downloading or updating IMDB Rating anyone else have the same problem?

Changelogs / Re: Beta
« on: August 14, 2012, 11:51:29 pm »
If I had to choose one option, it would be the second.
I cannot see this helping... My problem and I would guess others as well is simple.  When no data can be found under the Title given for a movie; when scanned through IMDB, "Nothing" is entered in as text for a web search period. It has nothing really to do with where to search.  I don't want to have to use the keyboard. I use my mouse only for I use the TV as my main monitor the actual pc is 8ft away from the t.v. In order to put text into this search box its already a couple of steps to do with a mouse. and the same thing is still happening with this version. When no data can be found for a movie Nothing is entered as criteria to search for. so; How can I search where-ever if nothing is put in there?
The only problem I can see with v0.9.9.21 is the above and it is still not resolved in this beta version.

Thanks for your input though; I see by right-clicking on the toolbar and choosing Edit, I could add all the icons I had prior.
Thank you.

Changelogs / Re: Beta
« on: August 12, 2012, 01:29:23 pm »
What happened to the Tools menue and Preferences, this is\was a one stop place to configure everything?
What happened to the Play button (and area to configure which video player to use; or does it just look at the ending .avi; .mkv, .org, .mp4 and use what ever player I assigned to play these files)?  I still miss this Play button.

The reason I would like to set Web Search to Title is because again, this is a one stop place where; if I go back to where I found the movie at, instead of IMDB, I not only get the IMDB url, but I can also get the cover image which sometimes are missing, I can first high-light the Title, the text in the Web Search box to copy it, then hit the the Web Search button, find the link on the google site, then go to it, first find the image\cover poster right-click to save it, then find the IMDB url, copy and paste it into the url section for the movie data and then use the Get IMDB Data button.  If the picture\poster is missing I already have it saved to put in.

I like option #1;
A drop-down list of relevant fields to choose from (Title, Original Title, AKA, Series, Studio, Director, first 3 Actors, IMDb tt#, File Path, etc.). Plus a very useful one: 'Clipboard'. (While I'm dreaming—it would be nice if any text selected in the program could be right-clicked for a context menu including Copy. Or since that may be the only applicable command, maybe just another variable for 'Selected text'.) It could default to the MRU.
Hope you choose to implement this in the beta release.

Changelogs / Re: Beta
« on: August 11, 2012, 03:51:20 pm »
There is no icon in the Web Search section to initiate it.   Entering in some text then hitting enter does not work.
How are you suppose to use web search?

There are no pop-up remarks attached to the three (3) icons prior to Import:
so what are these icons (for or what do they do)?

I would also like to know if when fixed, the Web Search will be able to be monified in the settings to except and Display either the Original Title of the Movie, (which it is now set too in v0.9.9.21 and that which cannot be changed) or Just the Title you have given for this movie. A selection in settings.  Having this option will enable users like myself to always be able to do a web search at\from the place where I orginally found this movie. Thiis is especially useful when it comes to those movies when scanned and no data on IMDB's site can be found.  If I selected to Use Title when it came to displaying text in the Web Search box then it would always to possible to search from where I found the movie to get the IMDB url for this movie. Currently in v0.9.9.21 if no data is found for a movie, then there is No text at all present in the Web Seach box; you have to be either at the keyboard so you can highlight the Title of the movie and then hit "ctrl+C" to be able to copy and paste it into the Web Search box or Type it in the Web Search box or just use the mouse to double-click on the movie title so you can edit it and then high-light the movie title then right-click to select to copy and then right-click and again to paste it into the web search box... This is alot of work; whereas if Title was displayable in the web search engine instead of the Original Title it would make it that much easier to do a web search. This should be a individual preference and a selectable option in the settings for the Web Search criteria to be used.   

Ok, so tried to use it a little bit more.  When I selected Web on the top menue, The Web Search section disappeared selecting it once more, made it reappear and this time with the Icon to be able to use it.

By the way, where are the Preferences menu item where I can enter or change specific options?
Where is the Play Icon?
How or where do you select which of your vidoeo players to use to play the movies? 
I cannot Play any of the movies without opening the containing folder and then double-click on the movie to play it. Correction, I can also right-click on the Movie Title in the left hand column and select Play from the menue.
Where or how do you select or change the Skin?
All of these were found under Tools\Preferences in v0.9.9.21 but cannot be found in this new beta.

Support / WebSearch input data question
« on: November 21, 2011, 11:41:56 pm »
Is there anyway to have the text of WebSearch comprise of the Title of the movie display to the end user instead of using the Original Title of the movie.  This way I could use it to find the information  through another site that is needed by PVD to update the movie data.
Right now I have to double-click on the movie name in the left pane and the highlight and copy the Title of movie where no data was found and then paste it into the websearch box.

eg: In my naming scheme, I capitalize the First Letter of each word.  When a scan is done for new movies, some of those movies I might not be able to find the data for, simply because in the Original Title a small i is used for the word is or a small t for the word the.

In Preferences under Movies\Title Formatting.  I just found and selected to 'capitalize first letters in all words' Not sure if this will make a difference or not seeing as how my Filenames are like this to begin with during the scanning process.

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