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I noticed that the link from my signature isn't working anymore and until I can fix it I'm uploading here a printscreen to see how my template looks now.

I just recently saw that you wanted to experiment with my template afrocuban. If it's of any interest to you or anyone else here it is

Talk / Re: news
« on: March 07, 2016, 05:50:21 pm »
I also agree with this request to do something with the program and not to let it die, please make public the source code on Github(thus giving the users the opportunity to maintain the code) or turn it into a paid version with continued support(personally, I would gladly pay to buy this software). I'm grateful for the time in which I could use this software until now and I want to thanks again to the developer for this, but it would be a pity to lose all the work done so far and all users to have to migrate to other solutions(because with the latest modifications on IMDB site the plugin is not working anymore and it became increasingly difficult to use the software).

Thank you and I hope the situation will improve soon!

Scripts and Templates / Re: Export template: HTML List (English + German)
« on: February 24, 2016, 02:15:12 pm »
Hi! I'm using PVD for many years now and since I think that this is my first post on this forum, first I wanna thanks to the author and everyone else who contributed to this great piece of software. I''m using version (I guess it's the last one) and I did some modifications on top of the HTML Frames export template (which I think is based on the work of svenne), basically some filters for movie year and genre, alphabet links, a search button for movies title only (which I see now that in the last version of the template exist a form of search too), duration, rating, genre of movies in the list of titles, and some others. So I thought to put a link here to a site with a collection of my movies with these modifications and if someone is interested to some of this I can upload the template of course.
I hope I don't offend anyone for posting here but since this is the thread of the HTML Frames export template I thought it's the right place to do it.
Thanks everyone and keep up the good work!

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