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Development / Re: Info before creating plugin or script
« on: January 14, 2011, 08:33:57 am »
Both scripts and plugins can be programmed to accomplish your tasks. Script are easier as you do not need to use a complex development environment and scripts does not need so much programming knowledge.

A script engine manual can be found here:

Thanks, i already took a quick look at allmovie.psf, i don't know much about Pascal because the teacher i had 15 years ago was so bad at teaching that she said "beegeen" (as in BeeGees) instead of "begin"... I'll see what i can do, nobody said it would be easy but at least now i know it's doable ;)

Development / Info before creating plugin or script
« on: January 13, 2011, 02:28:36 pm »
PVD is currently able to read localized titles from IMDB by creating an account at IMDB, setting your preferred language, and then adding the login info to PVD's IMDB plugin. The problem is IMDB is either missing some localized titles or the ones available are sometimes incorrect.

I have found a webpage called that has pratically all movies in original language and Portuguese, but are only available by name search. Before i try to make a script or plugin, i want to know if either one is capable of doing the following:

- Search "Original Title" in the page (for ex:
- If there are no results, set "Title" to "N/A" (to manually set it later or use other search criteria)
- If there are 1 or more results, open each result and search for a IMDB link equal to the one in PVD
- If the IMDB link from PVD is found, set "Title" to localized title in that page, otherwise set "Title" to "N/A"

What are your thoughts?

Support / Re: Show localized AKA movie title?
« on: January 13, 2011, 11:33:58 am »
Maybe a button to switch between Title and Original Title in the movies list could make its way to a future release?

The title used in the list is set at Preferences > Movies > Title formatting. If titles are changed by running a plugin, the changes likely won't show in the list until it has been refreshed.

THANKS again! That's exactly what i wanted. I'm really feeling like a noob now, that's practically the first thing in Preferences that i messed with it when i first started using PVD... %O (%Y)  ;D

Some movies don't have Original Title, maybe because it's equal to Title (no localized title available in IMDB), it's just a hand full, so i copied the Title manually.

You guys are the BEST!!

EDIT: Many localized Titles are not available in IMDB, but i have found a webpage called that has (as far as i've checked) all my movies with both original and localized titles. The problem is that i have to search every movie manually, so i guess when i have the time i'll try to make some kind of script to do it more quickly.

Support / Re: Show localized AKA movie title?
« on: January 13, 2011, 12:34:39 am »
Did you configure the plugin to overwrite the title? (You need to fully (not grayed) check the checkbox next to the field name on the list below plugins)

THANKS! Because the checkboxes were all checked, i didn't notice they were grayed behind the check, so i just "ungrayed" those two checkboxes. Title list is still in English like i like it, but movies are now saved with Portuguese Title and Original Title.

Maybe a button to switch between Title and Original Title in the movies list could make its way to a future release?  ;D

You guys are great, thanks for all the help, that's what makes a great program even greater ;)

EDIT1: The movie list changes to Portuguese Titles after all, so for now i'll keep them in English. If (or when?) it becomes possible to list Original Titles instead of Titles, all i have to do is add the IMDB login info, then CTRL+A in the Titles list and press the execute plugin button :)

EDIT2: It doesn't change the List Titles after all, the Title in the list only changes if i edit the film after updating the Title to Portuguese with IMDB! Weird, but it works for now  :)

EDIT3 Argh i hate editing, but i hate double posting even more... well the Titles list changes after all, so i'm back to EDIT number 1... nobody is perfect!

Support / Re: Show localized AKA movie title?
« on: January 12, 2011, 11:22:13 pm »
Actually the design of the application assumes that you save the localized title as "Title" and original title goes to "Original Title" field. All other titles are meant to be in Aka field.

Ok, THAT i didn't notice lol

So, ignore ALL i said so far  ;D since the program already saves "Original Title" and (localized) "Title" per IMDB settings, all it is missing is an option where we could change the movie list between "Original Title" and "Title". Maybe in the form of a button in the toolbar?

I still have problems getting the localized title from IMDB, this is what i got so far: i have IMDB configured to Portuguese, i added login information to IMDB plugin (the one in bold by default), i copied/pasted the login/pass to IMDB login page just to check they were right, then i tried scanning a folder with an AVI (You don't mess with the Zohan). The "Title" created by PVD was the same has the original title, yet in IMDB is "Não te metas com o Zohan". So my question now is: do i have to type the (localized) title manually, or should the (localized) title be read from IMDB by PVD (which isn't happening)?

Support / Re: Show localized AKA movie title?
« on: January 12, 2011, 12:44:01 pm »
A localized title field would be a good feature too, or better yet an option to switch between original title and localized title in the main Movie List  ;)

Could a custom script download the AKA list from IMDB, filter the localized AKA title (if available), and reorder the list with the localized AKA title at first position?

I like having all my movies with original title (usually English), but sometimes friends/family members don't recognize the movie by it's original title, hence the need for localized titles.

Support / Re: Show localized AKA movie title?
« on: January 12, 2011, 10:05:36 am »
Maybe i'm missing something. I registered an account at IMDB and changed site Preferences to Portuguese Title display country and language, IMDB shows Portuguese movie title when searching or entering a direct movie link, and added login/password to IMDB plugin in PVD. But when i added a movie to PVD it was all in English (as it is supposed to be and as i like it) and the first AKA title was still the same as in the IMDB list (Spanish in the movie i added), not filtering out Portuguese stuff anywhere.

EDIT: topic title should be "Show selected localized AKA movie title first?", because all i want is exactly that, in the AKA titles list, the first AKA title shown in the selected language (when available) and all the other AKA titles below that one, everything else can stay in English as it already is.

Support / Show localized AKA movie title?
« on: January 12, 2011, 03:15:03 am »
Hello. I've been using PVD portable for months and it's the best movie database program i ever!

I have a doubt about AKA titles. For example, "Alice In Wonderland" ( is AKA "Alice no País das Maravilhas" for Brazil / Portugal, i would like to know if it's possible to show Portuguese AKA title first when it exists.

If this is not yet possible, maybe it could become a feature for a future release  ;)

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