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Support / Downloading People Info off IMDB, needs fixing
« on: June 29, 2011, 07:40:03 am »
When i download a person off IMDB, Its not picking up the full year range for actors tv shows. I downloaded Adam Baldwin, around 5 shows didnt have a year next to them in the Actor field, when i looked on the IMDB site it was cause those shows had two year dates. Example, Day Break 2006-2007, so when i downloaded it, it only showed the title of the show with no date at all next to it. When i tried to edit in the year it would only allow 2006 and leave off the other part -2007.

Also, there are 2 columns in the actor field with the name of the program. Its not downloading what the program is, like say TV Series, Movie, Video Game, etc... Shouldnt that middle column be what thats for, instead of repeating the programs name?

Oh and also the Tech Specs would be cool to have as well. I think that would complete all the fields off IMDB for movies and TV.

Is there plans to add those fields in? I see PVD has Movie Connections already, but is missing those other fields.

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