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'Not enough storage is available to complete this operation' error/bug after exporting using HTML Frames English template.
After the export was (as it looked like) succesfully completed, pvd was idle for a little while.
Then the crash occurs

See: bugreport.txt

-using pvd v0.9.9.21-

Talk / Personal Videogame Database
« on: July 17, 2012, 12:16:19 pm »
Currently I'm having a 2-member team working on a catalog program for game collectors (working title: PriViGaDa).
There will be a 'regular game info' panel where you can choose to will retrieve it's info from or add the info manually.
But there will also be a 'collectors info' panel where you can add (manually) specific info about a game you own.
And yes, it will be freeware.

My question is:
What info should be stored in this 'collectors info' panel.
For now I came up with these:

-Edition (e.g. White Label edition)
-Package (boxed, miniboxed, dvd-case, jewel-case, etc.)
-Sealed (yes/No)
-Media (e.g. CD-Rom [1x], 3.5" Disks [4x], etc.)

But there might be more info you would like to store.

* So, do you think it's a good idea creating such program?
* Do you have any ideas for more fields for the 'collectors info' panel other then mentioned above?

Thanx for the input already :-)

I added a new movie and only filled in the title and copy-pasted the url from IMDB and [dutch site].
Then I import the movie info [all fields selected] from IMDB.
When finished, it imported the dutch countries from moviemeter, not the countries from IMDB.

Why is this?

So for now I have to do this to make it work:
Add a new movie and only filled in the title and copy-pasted the url from IMDB.
Import movie info.
Add the url from moviemeter [dutch site].
Import dutch movieinfo into comment field and the rating from

Support / Search problem due to prefix
« on: October 03, 2009, 08:06:07 pm »
I'm using v0.9.9.14.

First I let the program search a movie at IMBd.
Then I use Import -> [NL] Get movie info from in order to get the dutch description of the movie placed in the field Comments.
The problem is that when a movie has for example a prefix like ", The" in the field "Original Title" (My preference setting is "Put prefix at the end of the title"), the program can't find the movie title at As result you just get a alphabetical list of movies which never includes the one I'm looking for.

To solve this I have to remove the prefix from the "original title" field in order to let the program find the movie at After that I have to put the prefix back in the "original title".
(Or copy past the URL from moviemeter into the field URL and then use Import -> [NL] Get movie info from because it looks like this program search by URL first if there is any in the field URL. But this option is way more work then removing the prefix temporary...)

Is this a sort of bug or am I doing something wrong?

B.T.W.: awesome program, the best of all the movie-collecting-apps around!!!

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