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Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: October 03, 2018, 12:13:40 pm »
I have found different url formats versions in my PVD too?
Can we write a fast url standards?
My proposal is (remember that we cann't use httpS):
IMDB Movie (finish with '/'=Slash):
  • Movie=
  • Person=
TMDB (NO finish with '/'=Slash):
  • Movie=
  • Person=
FilmAffinity (finish with '.html', maybe spanish (several countries) or english):
BTW, in the last times of imdb.dll pluging it retrived bad movie and people url (for instance for directors with URL+'?ref_=tt_ov_dr' and writers URL+'?ref_=tt_ov_wr'). In that moment I wrote a little SQL script (you can use it in debug PVD mode in one hidden option of Help menu) in order to correct the database:
                 update PEOPLE set "url"=replace("url",'?ref_=tt_ov_dr', '/');
                 update PEOPLE set "url"=replace("url",'?ref_=tt_ov_wr', '/');
perhaps it may help to correct something.

I just wanted to ask if it's possible FA to have it's own rating custom field?
In the next MOD version I will include the solution that Ivek was advancing
because it doesn't nothing bad for the "normal" users but you need add by yourself this Custom field.

BTW, I have included several 'hidden' Custom Fields of Ivek23 in the scripts.
Ivek23, perhaps can be useful for other users open a new Thread with the information "Possibles improving Custom Fields" working in MOD version, how is the information and how add in the PVD database.

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 29, 2018, 09:44:42 am »
Have you more Customs Fields that the MOD estandar? ... A lot more.
The PVD is very stable but it have some inner problems: Be careful with spaces in the Custom Fields.
The error cames in the same movies? ... YES!
If you tell us the movie title perhaps Ivek32 or myself can reproduce the problem.
The error cames with other scripts/provider? ...  No. Checked with FA and TMDb.
So the problem is with the IMDB scritp. This is a very complicated script. In the default version it dowloads 6 web pages, everyone with his own routine. So is very important to know what page 'fails'. BTW, if you are updating only some fields you are downloading a lot of not needed pages.
I must admit I don't know how to use ***Script M. Configuration***.
I must rebuke you  ;D.
You are losting a lot of time. I rewrite the ***Script M. Configuration*** help in this post Controling the retreived information in PVD MOD
If you are trying only to update Title, Top_250 and IMDb_Votes You only need the principal page so you must uncheck the other 5 pages! (7000 movies x 5 pages = 35.000 downloads saved) Please, make a little efort  ;)
My custom fields were "Top 250:" and "IMDB Votes:", so now because you gave them different names, I have to update 7000 movies,
You don't need create a new fields, you can rename its. See this post
I disabled updating fields in IMDb script and I discovered that if I disable updating some or all fields, everything works, for now!? Not all of these fields cause problems for movies. For some movie only one field causes problem, for other movie other two fields, and for some movies all these fields.
Please, tell us those fields and movies! As I wrote in the forum, there is some uses of the database for the script not very safe (use Description and Comments, fields that are used for movie information and user file information, etc). The PVD database standar is not completely finished.
One more example of this, if you wants to update the Comments or the user Rating (not the IMDBrating) with a script you must clear it before (normaly with the Mass Editor)
If I delete it, when I press to exit edit mode, deleted Title comes back? Also the same for Description for some some movies - I delete it and it comes back when I exit edit mode?!
Perhaps you have people information (awards, featured, etc) with the same movie that you have.
PVD have information of the movie by two way: By Movie list and by People info (for this I not download the People's awards, it brings to PVD a lot of unknowed movies).


Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 27, 2018, 06:04:00 pm »
Nice to know about you, afrocubam  :D
You have got a hard error, it seems that PVD tries to dulicate some record with a SQL instruction.
Some information in in this link: Why am i getting a primary/unique key violation/

Some test in order to detects/reproduce the problem:
  • Have you more Customs Fields that the MOD estandar? (In the last version I have include 'Updated').
  • The error cames in the same movies? If yes, can tell us.
  • The error cames with other scripts/provider? If yes, can tell us.
  • Can you try disabling IMDB pages donwloading with the ***Script M. Configuration***? First try only dowloading the base page, after adding the Certification page, after adding the  "Also Know as' page,... I suspect of the retreive of people because it is the part less depurated in PVD and the one that handles more links.

Really is a strange error,  ???

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 23, 2018, 08:13:39 pm »
and started to copy/paste my files and then the problems started with duplicates in the portable mod version
So I think that you have choose the way 'Copy & Paste' movies in PVD, isn't it?
When you say 'my files' what do you want to say? Because in this way you must copy and paste de PVD records, the 'movie lines': Amadeus, Casablanca, etc from the database of the old version in the MOD PVD.
Have you tried first one by one movie in order to learn?
Can you attach one error window screenshot?

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 22, 2018, 10:44:56 am »
hello, have been a long time user of this wonderful program , but i am completely lost as to how to use this mod. is there a clear ,  step by step explanation of how to install this mod over the old one. i have tried to do it with the instructions in the early part of this discussion but it did not work. i am not a programmer so a lot of what you say is very easily misunderstood . i really hope some one can help.
would love to get this program working the way it used to.
many thanks
I have rewritten the post 'Passing from original PVD version' in order to help to this situation.
I understand that you have installed the MOD version and you have problems to recover your movie database over the MOD version.
If you are a ancient PVD user, the easiest way to change to the MOD version is Copy and Paste the movies.
If you are a ancient PVD user, follow the Ivek23 post steps. Or, other way longer, pass first to the original and then Copy and Paste the collection.

Note: If you are a normal user, I strongly recommends use the SyMenu free launcher to install and keep updated the portable Personal Video Database MOD version (after pass your ancient collection). It's easy and completely free without charges, advertisements, etc. (same philosophy as PVD) and perhaps you discover other advantages (for instance the Win10 users don't need use the infamous Windows Tiles).

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 20, 2018, 07:46:48 pm »
Attached the Acumulative Scripts Patch date:2018.09.20 (to copy in PVD folder for overwriting the existing script files).
All alerts just to this message applied.

~ length ~ works but this part of the code AddFieldValueXML ('length', ItemValue); it prints Lenght number 00:01:37, which is wrong.
This part of the AddFieldValue code (14, ItemValue); // Filed number 14 = Duration. it prints Lenght number 01:37:00, which is absolutely correct.

Wonderfull, Ivek23, you have discover the bug in PVD= Field number 14 works in minutes and ~length~ field works in seconds but two are Duration. Easy to solve multiplying by 60.

I noticed a difference with my olf file made with the old PVD

Thank you for your alert, Miguelh1020, try to apply this acumulative Patch over "PVD MOD 2018.08.08" Scripts folder.

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 19, 2018, 07:00:30 pm »
I'd like to request that the AdultDVDEmpire script be adapted for this mod. I've been sort of maintaining the ADE script in the past, but I can lo longer get PVD and Proxomitron to play nice together. From what I can glean from looking at the mod's scripting, the mod uses an external program to download all https:// web pages, then parses them locally. This is beyond my capabilities to adapt.
The script development has changed a little but is not far from the traditional aproach and all funtional code can be re-used ... and I can help you.

For test if your ancient script work you can follow those steps:
1) In Explorer/Firefox browse the page of one movie in your provider and "Save as" / "Web page, only HTML"  it in a text file "Example_movie.htm" in your Scripts folder
2) In your script:
     a) In the function GetDownloadURL, code the result as "Result:='';" (this avoid the HTTPS PVD problem)
     b) In the funtion ParsePage, recover the dowloaded provider page with "HTML:=FileToString(GetAppPath+'Scripts\'+'Example_movie.htm');"
3) After this instruction you can process the page with the script in order to get all the information.
4) When you arrive a good result for this unique movie, publish the script in the forum that I pass the code to the new download script process and then you can try it with multiple and real pages and finish the script.
Note: For process the results of the search page you can use the same method.

Let's go, you can do it!  ;)   ... and all people are invited too!  ;D

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 19, 2018, 06:25:36 pm »
Attached the Acumulative Scripts Patch date:2018.09.19 (to copy in PVD folder for overwriting the existing script files).
All Ivek23 alerts just to this messages included but:

Please, Ivek test the ~length~ question.

With ~length~ it works for me in the two PVD versions but if you don't have movie file you must edit the movie panel in order to see it (add a field by number is [deprecated] in PVD manual).

Note:  I have removed the PRESERVE_USER_MOVIE_CHARS parameter because this can be done with the 'Set Overwrite Options for the selected plugin' (the "Calendar" button, at right of the script 'Import name' in the version and in 'Preferences/Plugin Preferences' in the

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 18, 2018, 08:12:10 pm »
Script Movie Configuration bug for
The launch of the configuration script does not work if PVD is stored in a path containing spaces (for example "D:\Personal Video Database")   see attached error.

Thanks both. I have not understood the first time. Corrected in the attached patch that oame with the TheMovie [DE] scripts too.
NOT YET the Ivek23 alerts corrected in this patch.

Two questions to Ivek23 about duration info.
1) What is the diference between  "AddFieldValueXML('length',ItemValue);" and "AddFieldValue(mfDuration,ItemValue); " with "mfDuration = 14;"
2) PVD have a command "Re-read file information" in order to fill the next fields:

Is this Duration yours field? In your PVD version is not it ~length~?
a) If yes, I have added a new script parameter in order to preserve it for the user with a movie file copy
     PRESERVE_USER_MOVIE_CHARS = True ; //Preserve the user movie copy characteristics (length and languages channels) instead of the original runtime and languages.
b) If not What PVD field is? I don't be able to find it in my PVD database or in the forum documentation and it overwrites the .

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 18, 2018, 08:34:46 am »
Please add a german version of the script - I copied the english one and modified it, works  :)
Great new to have a German user.
It's true that TMDB have a german version but I don't know german. But don't worry I'd prepared the scripts for easy translation: I use a txt file with the first line in english and the second in the 'foreign' language.
I'd done the draft of german translation with Google attached. May you correct those files in order to incorporate to the MOD version?
BTW, if there is other 'foreign' person with other language need all help are welcome.

It imports a screenshot of the movie, how to disable this?
There are two way to control the saved of information in the PVD database.
1) The PVD standard with the 'Set Overwrite Options for the selected plugin' (the "Calendar" button, at right of the script 'Import name').
2) The custom fields and others aren't included in this option so the scripts have hardcode parameters that now are easily changed launching the first script '**** Scripts Configuration ****' (you must have selected one movie or one person).
This is the way to disable the screenshot save:
a) Launch the PVD MOD Configuration Script:

b) With this the PDV MOD Script Configuration windows opens. In the wanted script sheet, Enable or disable your preference (Screenshot with a horizontal blue arrow)

c) Saved it (vertical blue arrow)

BTW you can activate or deactivate a script checking the Active box (green circle)

What about (maybe optionally) not recovering the focus of the PVD window, ...
This isn't easy because PVD interacts with the focus but I have understood your request: To work with PVD in second plane completely.
With this information I'll try to do something if possible.

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 16, 2018, 08:28:04 am »
Today the scripts configuration parameters are hardcode in the script. This is not a good practice (and BTW is the reason why PVD must restart after use **** Scripts Configuration ****).

In the pluging system there are two funtions (CanConfig, Configure) in order to activate and use de 'Configure Selected pluging' buttom (the "Tool" buttom, at right of the 'Import name', between 'Launch Import' buttom and 'Set Overview Options') (see Programming own plugins).

Somebody know how do that for the Scripts?

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 13, 2018, 09:55:30 pm »
Attached the files and scripts with the next changelog:
        V (11/09/2018) VVV: PVdBScriptConfig.ini -> Bug corrected "GET_FULL_FEATURES"
           Ivek23: ParsePage_IMDBMovieCREDIT (Full Cast and Crew section) = Repaired pieces of code for transmitting actors information
           Ivek23: ParsePage_IMDBSearchTitle = Corrected missing posters in search movies results.
           Ivek23: ParsePage_IMDBMovieMPAA = Corrected parts of the code.
           Ivek23: ParsePage = Added compatibility with CustomFields ~IMDbID~, ~Updated~ (last needed because is not possible save in ~moddate~).
           Ivek23,VVV: ParsePage_IMDBMovieBASE = Corrected to the API evolution. Now get "keywords" in ~tags~ (not in ~category~). Get ~origlang~.
                       Added compatibility with CustomFields ~Bottom 100~, ~Metascore~, ~User Reviews~
                      New script parameter PRESERVE-PVD-DESCRIPTION-SETTING = Avoid double use of ~description~ and ~comment~ using only the user check fields table selection otherwise try get "Storyline" and "plot_Summary".
           Ivek23,VVV: New script parameter PRESERVE-USER-MOVIE-CHARS = Preserve the user movie copy characteristics (length and languages channels) instead of the original runtime and languages.
           Ivek23,VVV: ParsePage_IMDBMovieTECHNICAL = Added compatibility with CustomFields ~ImdbTechSpecs~ (original PVD ~features~ can be disabled in the program check fields table)
        V (11/09/2018)  VVV: TheMovieDB "keywords" info goes to ~tags~ PVD field (Ivek23 suggestion). Added ~Updated~ field.
            V (11/09/2018) VVV: Added ~Updated~ field

Some commentaries:
It will be added the custom field ~Updated~(Short text)  to the standard database because the PVD give problems with the ~moddate~ but the other custom fields, even if the scripts write the information, will not be added because are provider oriented.
There are two database uses:
1) the use at the same time of ~description~ and ~comments~
2) set the original lengh movie and lenguage that over the user file movie copy
that are not standart. Now there is two script parameters to allow the user this behavior.

Ivek23, may you test the script in order to verify if it work as you expect even with your custom fields?
When all work I' ll publish a new MOD version. Please, as me if you have any doubt.  ;D

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 09, 2018, 02:25:35 pm »
Ivek23 you had done an extraordinary work. It will take me some weeks to put in in a new MOD version.

I have one question in order to set un standart for ~genre~ / ~category~ / ~tags~. I try to summary:
~genre~ = Present as "genre" in IMDB, TheMovieDB, FilmAffinity,AllMovie
~tags~   = Present as "keywords" in IMDB, AllMovie, TheMovieDB
~category~ = Not present in IMDB neither TheMovieDB but
     FilmAffinity have the information "Genre1.Genre2 | Category1.Category2"
     AllMovie have the information Theme1 | Theme2 | Theme3 | Theme4 |
Are you agree?

I have other questions over the custom fields but I must study one by one.

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: September 09, 2018, 01:52:45 pm »
Is it possible to hide the flickering windows or run them minimized?
unfortunately not because the PVD makes the launch. The MOD tries to hide it and recover the focus of windows PVD, but it can not be done more.
Is it normal that importing from IMDb is very slow ...
As Ivek23 responded, the IMDB script can arrive to download to 6 pages per movie. In addition, IMDB increase the response time when it detects multiple queries of an IP user.
Have you tried the TheMovieDB script? This free provider is specially designed for this type of programs: download only the precise information in text mode, so it works very fast.

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: August 14, 2018, 07:54:48 pm »
 :) The problem of the hurry. It will be corrected in the next version. Thank you.

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:35:30 pm »
I think that what is the problem: can you edit the PVdBScriptConfig.ini with notepad and change GET_FUL_FEATURES by GET_FULL_FEATURES with two L and try again ?
Thank you for your help.

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: August 08, 2018, 10:31:31 am »
  • MOD V.2018.08.08; VVV, Ivek23: Proxy support (if configured in PVD).
                                           IMDB Movie now retrieve Movie Technical Specs page (Ivek23) and use EventYear in awards.
                                           IMDB People now retrieve full biography page (Ivek23), use EventYear in awards and image bug with full awards solved.
                                           FilmAffinity change the ~poster~ begin string because API change.
Last version always in the first post

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: August 08, 2018, 08:18:10 am »
Is the famous problem with downloading images in the people PVD part. I have forgotten to keep the rondabout result througth the awards part. It will be solved easily.

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: August 06, 2018, 10:55:59 am »
Well, I don't understand all of your arguments but I "buy" : Return to the first solution for the movie
AddAward(EventName, AwardName, AwardCategory, AwardRecipient, EventYear, AwardWon);

and the same use EventYear for the People script in order to warrant the same data (I have done the test with Casablanca and Michael Curtiz).

Ivek, thank you very much for your explanation (I attach the scripts and the screenshots).

BTW, I want to publish a new release the next Wednesday, 8/8/2018 (nice date, isn't it?) with those scripts, proxy support and other bugs corrected.

Dear users, please, tell me all you bug discovers in order to correct it fast for this next version (and the 9/8/2018 we'll can go in holidays  ;D )

Support / Re: Personal Video Database MOD
« on: August 03, 2018, 07:44:24 am »
Really this is a correction of a first version error. The Script Manual says:

    procedure AddAward(Event, Award, Category, Recipient, Year : String; const Won : Boolean);
    Adds an award to a record. Parameters:
    Event = name of the event
    Award = award name
    Category = award category
    Recipient = for movie records this variable should contain the name of a specific person who won the award and
                     for people records the variable should contain the title of a movie for which the person won the award
    Year = release year of a movie (only applicable when adding award to a person record)
    Won = set to true if the recipient won the award and to false otherwise

In the first version the movie script added the "EventYear" (normally is the next year of the movie). But now we can add awards with the people script and then the year must be the movie year so we could have the same award with different years. So, in order to respect the Script Manual, the movie scripts doesn't write the year and is the people scripts who writes the year.
BTW, I have hesitated to write the year of the movie instead of leaving it blank but I do not know the consistency of the data. What do you think?

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