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Feature Suggestions / Export - Pick and Choose List.
« on: August 06, 2010, 04:57:44 pm »
Hello Everyone,

Export - Pick and Choose List.

What would really be helpful for non-experts like me would be Pick and Choose options for exports, similar to the Pick and Choose options for CSV and Excel imports.

Seth, Burgundy, France.

Scripts and Templates / Export scripts and 'custom fields'.
« on: August 06, 2010, 03:49:10 pm »
Hello Everyone,

I have read the info on making scripts etc and cannot work out what I need to do to export a custom field.
Any help would be much appreciated.
I have custom fields set up ....
'L'Echiquier Catalogue No:' - this is where on the shelf the movie is, I do not file in alphabetical order.
'Sony Juke Box Slot:' - This is where in the Sony Juke Box the DVD is.

Thanks in advance.

Seth, Burgundy, France.

Support / [SOLVED] Bugs - Languages, Clear data and Skins.
« on: August 06, 2010, 03:34:02 pm »
Hello Everyone,

I have just found your WONDERFUL piece of software, THANK YOU so much for developing it.
I really like the import and export facilities and the custom fields, really useful to move
stuff from my existing MS Access database.
I am not a progammer but am reasonably computer friendly.
I have looked through the forum but could not find any on the topics below.

I am running 'Windows 7' on an 'ASUS Eee BOX' and using 'PVD ver'.

Bugs or oversights.

    In EDIT mode on a film, there is a 'Languages' field.
    In non edit/view mode this appears as 'Audio Stream 1'.
    If you export the data it appears nicely as 'Languages' again.
    Should it not be Languages al the way through?

    Having put in or selected the wrong data sometimes I use the CLEAR facility but is does not clear
    the ORIGINAL TITLE or the DATE field and on a subsequent search it picks up the same data.  I have
    to go into EDIT mode and remove the original title and date.   Should this not CLEAR like all
    the other fields.

     The 'PVD Kinopoisk Theme' and 'PVD IMDB + Kinopoisk Theme' and 'PVD Classic Tabs Remix', and
     quite a few of the others has tab heading in Russian, this is OK if your are Russian.

     Could the default number for media type be '1' when something is entered into the type field, just
     saves a couple of keystrokes.

     Can we have the statistics so it show the highest numbers first, or even a choice?

Despite all that it's a GREAT piece of software.   I have given you a link on my web-site.

Seth REEDER, Burgundy, France. (Where it is still not raining).

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