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Support / Posters
« on: September 08, 2009, 10:28:35 pm »
Thanks for the update.

This change...

The code produces a poster field with maximum width of 40% of the window and poster buttons (next/prev/add) below. If poster is smaller than 40% of window width it will be rendered in it's full size (not stretched to 40%).

...seems to affect posters in a fixed-width column as well. I really, really want my posters resized (maintaining aspect) to fit the width of the column, regardless of the actual poster size. I would want it to work this way too if I wanted to use the variable column width. The overall effect of posters that change in width when moving from one movie to another is distracting and ugly.

Can I change my skin to get what I want, or does this require a program change?

Talk / Linguistic
« on: August 03, 2009, 09:51:31 am »
I'm not looking for an argument. I'm looking for other peoples views on this. If it is an issue that they have come across, would like it worked on in future versions of the software etc. Definitely NOT an argument.

Are we talking about the same word?

Argument: reason given in proof or rebuttal; discourse intended to persuade.

Like it or not, proposed changes to established software require proof the change is beneficial to most users and a worthwhile undertaking by the developer. Occasionally, it's so obvious the argument doesn't need to be expressed. Sometimes, a well made argument is unopposed and implemented with little discussion. But most often, some debate is necessary to refine ideas to the point they are worthy of implementation.

But I talk to much. I'll leave you to your discussion. Please don't forget I need a "no poster" filter for episodes, although I'm perfectly happy sharing it with season records. ;)

Feature Suggestions / IMDb People Photos
« on: July 15, 2009, 07:28:59 am »
The IMDb People Information plugin currently downloads the head shot thumbnail used on the person's main page. That works okay in the default skin where there's not much more room provided than to display the thumbnail at it's actual size (140 pixels high). In my "Theatre View" skin, however, these thumbnails look awful. The thumbnail is normally (but not always) linked to an actual photo (400 pixels high), which can be displayed at actual size in my skin. It would also look somewhat better in the default, although it would only be displayed at about half it's actual size.

So, I'm wondering if the plugin can be modified to download the actual photo, rather than the thumbnail. I'm not sure whether there's any need to worry about the larger image sizes. 10,000 photos at ~20k instead of ~4k means a database that's 160Mb bigger—I don't know if that would concern anyone. I suppose it could be optional.

On the other hand, what's the point of collecting crappy photos? The default skin can easily accommodate the larger images. The column needs to be about twice as wide, but that still leaves plenty of room for data beside it. And the larger image looks so much better. Maybe it makes more sense to get only the larger images, and provide for them in the default skin. Users who want a more compact presentation can simply reduce the column width in the skin (and the image will be scaled-down to fit).

Support / Importing from Access
« on: July 10, 2009, 01:23:41 am »
Welcome, gf. ;)

I just install PVD on my computer and it works fine. My problem is that I make a MS-Access Database about 2 year ago and I archive 1450 Films in this Access DB. The direct import in PVD was not possible, I take AntMovieCatalog and import my files from Access and then to PVD. All screenshots were lost but this is not so bad. I can get new covers with connection or else.

My worst problem ist, that lot of comments in the Access text field have some special characters . All the descriptions could be imported in AntMovieCatalog, but the import from AMC to PVD was broken. After about 50 Films the import aborted with error. It will be really hard to bring the text with cut/paste into the PVD, so maybe you will realize in next release an import from Access?

About printing: for me it will be ok, if I get a simple CD Cover with the Comment of the film and a picture. Yes this is a lot and it takes me some time in Access to make my special report, but this feature in PVD could be nice.

Thanks for reading this an maybe you will take some of this idea in your next program release.

You should be able to export from Access to Excel, and then import from Excel to PVD. Include Title and/or Original title and Year (to ensure proper matching of records), Description, and whatever else you want to import. Include these fields and only these fields in the Excel import configuration.

For printing, use Plain text export plugin. Using templates, you can create whatever form of report you want.

Support / Plugin configuration
« on: July 10, 2009, 01:01:21 am »
hey thx for this this program is amazing. i was using collectorz for the longest time but i like this better. just a question any idea how to get the producer and composer fields filed automatically with imdb or allmovie? thx

Welcome, Dan.

Either one will download those fields. Check their configuration in Preferences - Plugins. Specifically, ensure the fields you want are selected in the Overwrite fields box that appears when the plugin is selected.

Support / Old Database Does Not Work
« on: July 02, 2009, 07:28:01 am »
I have recently downloaded your new version of personal video database but when I install the program it will not load in my old data base from version which means I have to do the whole database again.Could you please fix this problem :'( :'(

Welcome, moxley.

I'm assuming you didn't intend to post this in Solved Issues. The support here is good, but not that good. ;)

The current version of the program is designed to convert databases for it's use. Please describe exactly how you are attempting to open the database, and what is happening. If you haven't done so already, make a backup of your database first.

Feature Suggestions / New Features
« on: June 28, 2009, 09:59:47 pm »
Since you're working on your list... I'll vote for [IMDb number of votes], and while you're at it, please add the Top 250 rank (that appears right after the vote count). And since both these change over time, this would be another good reason to make available the date the movie was last updated by a download.


A minor quibble: A custom number field for votes won't display with a thousands separator. Shouldn't it do so by default—like standard number fields?

For those not following our fearless leader on Twitter... ::)

Make sure you update the imdb plugin. Take a look at the plugin configuration. There is more than just fixes...

The new export plugin version is available for download. Whole new functions are available now. More on the forum soon.

For the second one, we'll just have to "stay tuned." Hopefully, he'll tell us what he has created—before he forgets. ;D

Support / David Carradine
« on: June 04, 2009, 10:51:43 pm »
What a day! Not only do I have to deal with the bizarre death of David Carradine, now his record in PVD has gone mad. To make a long story short, according to the attached page.html (renamed TXT) it seems something has gone wrong with the IMDb People update. The page is obviously not HTML. The actual page appears normal in my browser.

I updated a number of other records, and the problem did not occur. So it seems to have something to do with this particular record/page. I Ctrl-Deleted the record, restarted the program and re-added the record. The problem remains (although it looks different). So I suppose whatever is happening is not the program's "fault," but maybe the plugin should be detecting this so it doesn't pollute the database with bad data.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Support / Value Converter
« on: June 03, 2009, 10:27:57 pm »
This is great fun getting tweets about new plugins, but what is this for and how does it work?

Value Converter needs a configuration file named valueconf.cfg that contains entries in following format fieldnumber|value|change to.

Number and not name? If so, is this message still a valid reference for field numbers?

value and change to
Valid constants, I pressume. Is it the value of the whole field, or can it be a substring? For example, will it work like a "search and replace" to replace specified substrings in a memo field?

Does this change the data in the database, or just how it's displayed?

Support / Additional Awards advanced filters
« on: May 27, 2009, 11:28:58 pm »
This new feature in is very cool, but might be somewhat obscure to many users. The attached screenshot illustrates how it can be used to display the winners of the Academy Awards Best (Motion) Picture award. (The "Best Picture of 2008" appears above the poster because my solution prior to this feature was to record this in the AKA field—it has nothing to do with this feature.)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Development / PvdImport Field configuration
« on: May 22, 2009, 07:43:10 am »
For raldo and darichman—Proposed default field configuration for Media Center plugin.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Scripts and Templates / Theater View Skin
« on: May 12, 2009, 12:47:56 am »
If I can get over my fear that I might be asked to explain how I did what I did, I'll post my own creation
You do not need to fear. I can explain such things if needed.

obsessive trial and error
Sounds cool  ;D

I'm finished obsessing. Nostra will now explain my skin to anyone who cares. ;D

This has become my all-purpose skin. I tried to strike a balance between a theatre and desktop view so I wouldn't have to change skins. I regularly use the same monitor (22") for desktop and remote control video viewing (from about 10'). It's a compromise, but it works. I haven't used tabs because it's easier for remote viewing to scroll in one pane, and to expand/collapse all fields. I've programmed my remote to access menus and to set filters various ways.

The data comes from IMDb and a modified version of the AllMovies script. Category, studio, tags, description, review and most other custom fields are populated by AllMovies. The documentation for the script (at the link) indicates what goes where.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Development / SQL statement for MC Plugin
« on: April 12, 2009, 06:33:48 pm »
I'm taking this conversation public, where maybe someone will have mercy on us... :-\

Code: [Select]
WHERE ("ctype" = Y) AND ("mid" = X)

I can add CAREER."role" to get the role as well, but I don't see how to number the rows (i.e., so the end result can be something like 1. [actor] - [role]). We need to do this because MC can't handle ordered lists.

Code: [Select]
  PEOPLE Inner Join
  CAREER On (CAREER."pid" = PEOPLE."pid")
  CAREER."ctype" = 0 And
  CAREER."mid" = 111

There is no easy way of numbering result rows in Firebird.
I do not really understand:
-first one column only needed to be retrieved, now 3 columns are needed???
-normally there is no need of numbering rows as this task is usually accomplished by the database client library and/or programmatically while analyzing results

Sorry—I'd didn't mean to confuse the matter with my very first attempt at a SQL statement. And this is for raldo's plugin, so I don't know for sure exactly what is required. But to accommodate credits in regular alphabetically-sorted list fields in MC's flat database, I believe we need to import two fields. Using Actors as an example, that would be [name] in Actors and "1. [actor] - [role]" in Actor Credits. Then Actors can be used to search and filter movies by actor, and Actor Credits can be used to properly display credits in a movie information context. I realized my query would produce three columns when one is required. I assumed Raldo would know how to concatenate them.

Judging from a screenshot raldo provided, it appears he is using SQL statements directly in a field mapping. That implies to me there is no opportunity to do anything programmatically. In researching this, I see there is a technique for ranking results within a query, but we don't seem to have anything to rank. Can the ordering of the credits somehow be included in the query, or not—because it's just an index and not a field?

Is there a way to concatenate fields in a query, or is that also something normally done programmatically?
In Firebird SQL, concatenation is denoted by a "||", so now we have...

Code: [Select]
  PEOPLE."name" || ' - ' || CAREER."role"
  PEOPLE Inner Join
  CAREER On (CAREER."pid" = PEOPLE."pid")
  CAREER."ctype" = 0 And
  CAREER."mid" = X

The AllMovie site has been replaced by AllRovi. See AllRovi movie script.

Attached is my modification of nostra's script to include additional data for custom fields. Essentially, I changed the script to gather as much data as possible from the left-hand column of the "Overview" page. At the beginning of the script, I've documented the additional custom fields necessary to accommodate this data (see below).

Warning: This script uses the standard Category and Tags fields. Ensure your Field overwrite settings are set correctly to avoid conflicts.

All of the 17 custom fields included are optional. Just add the ones you want to Preferences - Movies - Custom items. There is no need to modify the script for fields you choose not to use. The script refers to custom fields by name, so if you use a different name, you will have to change it in the script.

I've done this largely by copying and adapting parts of nostra's script without understanding exactly how or why it works. :-[  So suggestions or comments are welcome. Questions too—I love to share my confusion. ;D

Here's the documentation:

Code: [Select]

 All custom fields are optional. All standard fields can be suppressed using
 Preferences-Plugins-Overwrite fields. If custom names are changed in PVD, they
 must also be changed where they occur in the body of this script. The type of
 custom field used is also somewhat a matter of personal preference. A list which
 is for viewing only will do just as well in a long text as a multiselect field.


Cast Tab Cast memo
Production Credits Tab Production Credits memo
Review Tab Review memo
Run time Original duration number
Work rating AllMovie rating rating
Attributes Attributes multiselect list
MPAA + MPAA Reasons MPAA standard (IMDb is primary source)
Category Work type select list
Color type Color type select list
Types Types multiselect list
Flags Flags multiselect list
Keywords Keywords multiselect list
Themes Category standard  (sole source)
Tones Tags standard  (sole source)
Moods Moods multiselect list
From book (or story) Book short text
Set in Set in multiselect list
Box office Box office standard (IMDb is primary source)
Produced by Studio standard (IMDb is secondary source)
Release (or Premiere) Released short text
Released by Released by short text
    (Date)     Updated        short text

Current version attached:
09/24/2010 – – Modified ParseCast procedure to save entire Cast tab to custom memo field, as well as individual actors.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Feature Suggestions / Outstanding feature requests
« on: February 15, 2009, 07:55:24 am »
Please check here before making a suggestion that may have already been made. Do add your own comments to existing suggestions—it never hurts to add a "Me too!"

Ever wonder what happened to a feature request? They can take a long time to get scheduled into development. Nostra has his mysterious TODO list, but he'd have to be crazy to let us see that—we'd nag even more! So I've made a few lists in an effort to establish the current status of user suggestions. My hope is this will help users decide what they might patiently look forward to, as well as to let go of expectations unlikely to materialize. :)

BTW, Here is a list of new features that have been added to version 0.9.9.

First—the results of Vote: Features for 0.9.9. They are listed below as "Feature - #votes (%total)" with the status indicated as implemented, outstanding, or postponed.

Customizable views - 80 (16.6%)

Grid view - 50 (10.4%)

Sorting and grouping custom fields - 46 (9.6%)

Printing - 43 (8.9%)

Customizable toolbar - 39 (8.1%)

Copy and Paste records from one DB to another - 33 (6.9%)

Retrieve multiple posters - 25 (5.2%)

Customizable file scanner - 24 (5%)

Read only version of PVD - 24 (5%)

Append database function - 22 (4.6%)

Automatic screenshot making - 22 (4.6%)

Client-Server support - 20 (4.2%)

Tag export/import (like ID3 for mp3) - 20 (4.2%)

Customizable Hotkeys - 18 (3.7%)

The following are feature requests where nostra has indicated in some way (e.g., "added to my TODO list") the feature might be included in 0.9.9. These requests—and nostra's responses to them—took place over a long period of time. Logistics and priorities change, so, again, I hope nostra might indicate the current status of these requests. Despite its length :o the list is not complete, and I may have misunderstood some requests and/or nostra's response.

It would be nice if the scan folders routine dealt with new episodes of series already in the database.

Would it be possible to implement a function to rename the files like the name in the database?
Planned for version 1

TV Series - is it possible to have a record for each season [rather than a blank page]? 
Drag and drop - it would be nice to drag and drop a file onto a record to add or update file link and details.

Preferences vs. settings: "Plugin settings" on the Tools-Import menu linking to the plugins page of preferences; "Template settings" on the Tools-Export menu linking to the template configuration dialog; "Tree view node settings" on the list panel context menu and view menu.
Planned for version 1

Thank you for this great description of [panel or pop-up]. I'll do my best to implement smth. like this in 0.9.9.

"Date added" field is already planned for people.
It seems that I'll have to add Advanced search as well so you will be able to do the same thing as with movies.
Planned for version 1

I would like to use paths like "...\movies\movie001\movie001.avi", or "db\covers\" something like this. Is this possible using variables like %cd% or something?

These little mouse over information cards are great! I'd really like it if there were like three different size options for them (i.e., small, medium and large).

Turns out [filter episodes] doesn't work if the episodes filter is on. If I'm displaying only episodes, search will not find an episode.

How about an Eject after read finished with DVD option?

Could you add support for

I'll add Reviews to the allmovie script if you still need it after the first beta is released.

Automatic screenshot making.

Save image to file to save to the filename "[Title] ([image number]).jpg" so multiple images can be saved

make it possible to add words to be removed when importing titles with the file scanner.

can the program be started using a switch, for instance one that let you start the program in fullscreen pointing at a movie you named in the switch?

Handling playlists in File scanner and New Movie Master is a good idea.

Downloading screenshots is planned for 0.9.9.

I find myself often wishing there were back and forward navigation buttons—like in a browser.

Advanced Search is going to be so useful, I hope you've included the ability to save searches and map them into custom toolbar buttons.
Planned for version 1

is it possible merge two databases?
Planned for version 1

I'll vote for [IMDb number of votes], and please add the Top 250 rank (that appears right after the vote count).
And since both these change over time, this would be another good reason to make available the date the movie was last updated by a download.

I would like the ability to SPLIT a database, or more to the point, the ability to select a number of records (via clicking, search, or whatever) and save them directly to a new database.
Planned for version 1

It is planned to improve [filmography movie link behaviour] and add some options in 0.9.9.

I often wish I could cut & paste an image URL or the image itself from a website to PVD.
Planned for version 1

Feature Suggestions / New Features
« on: February 14, 2009, 10:29:58 pm »
This is a list of new features that have been added to version 0.9.9 as of release on February 8, 2010. It's purpose is just to provide a quick overview of where development stands. If you require more information, please check the Changelogs or use Search (relevant posts could be in a number of different forums). If you have a question or comment, please post to Support or Feature Suggestions. For features not yet implemented, see Outstanding feature requests.

  • Database: Client-Server Support
  • Database: Replace folders in file paths when playing
  • Database: Access Rights
  • Database: Password protect

  • Command line parameters: -readonly, -noconfig, -addmovie="title", -addfile="video_file_path", -selectmovie="title", -selectperson="name"

  • File Scanner: RegExp support and additional functionality
  • File Scanner: Customizable file extensions for all video file operations

  • Movies: Automatic screenshots (configure in Preferences)
  • Movies: Using ffmpeg for taking screenshots
  • Movies: Use first screenshot as poster option
  • Movies: Organize files by episodes (move multiple files from root record to separate episode records)
  • Movies: Video file information (now get information for multiple selected movies)
  • Movies: Date added and Date modified fields support time
  • Movies: Color tags for hyperlinks in memo fields

  • Custom fields: Additional types, sorting, grouping, filtering (advanced search)
  • New fields: Budget, box office, release date, aspect ratio, original language, multiple audio streams, date added (people)
  • New fields: Last modified (movies and persons)

  • Import: New plugin system - work progress UI; downloading multiple posters, movies or persons at once
  • Import: IMDb plugin option: download only one plot summary
  • Import: The TVDb plugin
  • Import: Download all found posters option
  • Import: A possibility for scripts to process download exceptions
  • Import: A possibility to define both titles/names when adding awards using scripts
  • Import: ConvertEncoding function for constants saved in ANSI

  • Export: Fields now accessed by name
  • Export: Replace options added - replacecase and replace
  • Export: Customizable naming format for exported images
  • Export: Export near video files

  • General: Movie Twitter
  • General: PVD Tray Icon
  • General: Automatic updates

  • Tools: Search-list-as-you-type (for movies/people)
  • Tools: Advanced search filters for Awards
  • Tools: Find movies removed from HDD
  • Tools: Reindex movies
  • Tools: Apply web search to all selected items

  • Appearance: Customizable Toolbar, Hotkeys and List font
  • Appearance: Customize behaviour of links (Preferences - Miscellaneous)
  • Appearance: Collapsed/Expanded state of fields now restored after program restart

  • Skins: Customizable colors, fonts, sizes and positions for all fields
  • Skins: Transparency for posters
  • Skins: Separator tags
  • Skins: Collapsed lines to show

  • Hotkey: Remove all posters/photos/screenshots/covers
  • Hotkey: Expand/Collapse all fields

  • Internet connection: Download thread timeout (advanced setting)

Support / Help Index
« on: February 13, 2009, 11:16:19 pm »
Please note a Help board has recently been added. Anything of value here will soon be incorporated into the Help documentation, and this topic will be deleted.

This is the recommended method for seeking help...

  • Review the Help Table of Contents for the topic you need help with. It includes fairly specific sub-topics, so there's a reasonable chance you'll spot one applicable to your question.

  • If you don't find anything that way, or the applicable topic has not yet been written, use the Search box on the Help board. It will show any hits in the Help documentation—possibly revealing something not apparent from the TOC. You can modify the search from the results page, review any page hit, and return to the results page.

  • If your question is not yet addressed in the help documentation, you haven't wasted your time. Modify your search by changing "This board" (i.e., Help) to "Entire Forum." The results will then include all posts with your search terms, including anything here.

  • Finally, remember that when you need help, it's often difficult to know what to search for. Don't hesitate to ask. And you don't have to ask here. You may post a comment or question to any help topic, just as you may post here. So if you don't find an answer in a topic you think should have it, please add a "comment" to that topic. Then we can answer your question, and revise the help topic at the same time! 8)

Opening Credits

This "Help Index" is a categorized list of links to helpful topics. Please post your suggestions for additions to this list. Provide a title and a topic or message link, and perhaps a comment that will help me categorize it. Please do not post requests for help here—start your own topic (after reading Read this first, of course).

If you don't see what you're looking for, use the forum's powerful Search feature (discussed ~here). :(

Most of the links on this page (marked with a "~") are to messages that have been lost. I have attempted to recreate them from my personal records. Unfortunately, those include only my posts and whatever I may have quoted from others. I'll mark those with a "*" and change the link to a post below. I have struck-out those for which I have nothing. :(

Getting Started

*Where do I begin? – This is a long discussion, but worth a read if you're just starting out.

Importing from Excel – Get started quickly by importing anything from anywhere!
An edited version of this topic is posted below.

*Importing from other software via Excel.

~Running PVD in Vista with UACRead this if you're having problems.

How to...

Download from IMDb
*Configuring the plugin
*Handling movie titles
*Using Silent mode
*When the wrong movie is downloaded (or ~here)
~Using custom instead of standard fields :(
*Adding a single season to a series
*Updating series information
Batch plugins

*Disappearing movies
*Use to select movies for export

*Search box behavior
~Advanced search operators :(
~Advanced search tips :(
*Advanced search vs. Statistics

– described *here and ~here

*Selecting a template (or ~here)
*Various questions including, "Is there any way to export posters in original title names?"

Cool Features

*Web search – If you can't download it, Web search it!

New Features in 0.9.9 – Maybe your issue has been addressed in the new version.

Related Software

Kroozbox – PVD to media theatre solution

PK's MovieDB – Dynamic website template

~Video editing/conversion utilities :(

Support / File Scanner and Regular Expressions
« on: January 22, 2009, 03:42:08 am »
-Feature: RegExp support and additional functionality for File Scanner and Organize files by episodes function

Is there a particular external RegEx reference we should use as a guide in creating our own expressions? I know very little about RegEx (other than it makes my brain hurt), but I assume there are different "flavours." Are there any special terms that are unique to PVD?

If the scanner is unable to match a file to an existing record, the title can be edited, but the only available action is to "Add new movie." It would be nice if it re-checked the database for a match if the user edits the title (and perhaps a "refresh" requested) so the "Update file path" action would be available.

When adding new episode files to existing series, the existing title and year are removed. Title is changed to "#S.E" and Year to "-1." This happens whether or not "Automatically import... Movie information" is selected (i.e., the problem can't be worked-around by selecting that).

What is meant by "Organize files by episodes function"?

Development / Template Option "Replace"
« on: August 07, 2008, 07:51:59 pm »
The replace template option seems to ignore a space included as the first character of the target string. I often include a leading space to restrict a replacement to a whole words in a sentence. It can also be necessary in a direct replacement, like replace " -- " with "—". Am I missing something, or is there a another way to do this?

Feature Suggestions / Gratitude List
« on: August 06, 2008, 10:14:16 pm »
As you work night and day, ignoring work, family and friends to implement an endless list of features in 0.9.9, perhaps you could use this reminder of what your users think of you and your program. It's compiled (mainly) from posts from new users over the last several months.

By far the best program for video management that I have found—great work and thank you for creating it!
Great work done so far!
Heartfelt Congratulations to you and your fantastic software.
I'm very impressed.
I'm very very pleased with this program. It's great!!!! THANX
I've recently "discovered" your program and I find it great and very useful.
I appreciate your making such a fine program available for free.
I have been looking for a program like this for a long time now—Thank you.
I hope you go on with your development and have the best Freeware Movie Database.
I just found your database and it is amazing—and for free!
I just love it, want others to love it as well—It's so well done.
I just started using PVD yesterday and I love it.
I LOVE the product.
I love the program and prefer it to all the others I've tried.
I love this program!
I Love this program.
I love you.
I think the program it's almost perfect.
I’m very enthusiastic about it.
Keep up the good work, it is truly appreciated!
So pleased to have found this software.
Thank you for this great and free tool to manage my films.
Thank you for this great software.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Thank you very much for the really great program.
Thanks again for this great piece of software.
Thanks for creating such a great application.
Thanks for the excellent work you've done building this software!
Thanks for this awesome software. I tried every other and this is far the better—and free!
Thanks for your great software.
Thanks for your work.
This is a great application!
This is an awesome program.
This is the most amazing video program I have used.
This little app is simply amazing.
Very good program.
Your program is excellent.
Your program is fabulous—keep up the great work!
[ed. and my personal favourite...]  ;D

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