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Development / Language files
« on: June 13, 2008, 06:20:45 am »
Being hopelessly anglo, I can't help you with translations, but here are some corrections for the English file:

  504, "Also know as{IFCTRL}:" --> "Also known as{IFCTRL}:"
  511, "Aditional Rating{IFCTRL}:" --> "Additional Rating{IFCTRL}:"
  512, "Aditional Rating Name" -->  "Additional Rating Name"
  856, "Put at the begining of the title" --> "Put at the beginning of the title"
  881, "(Warning these changes can not be undone easily)" -->  "(Warning: These changes can not be undone easily)"
1037, "Series with expisodes" -->  "Series with episodes"
1043, "Selected Series with expisodes" -->  "Selected series with episodes"
1453, "Aditional Information" -->  "Additional Information"
1908, "An Error occured while connecting to the server.#13%s" -->  "An Error occurred...
1914, "An Error occured while getting file information.#13%s" -->  "An Error occurred...
1918, "An Error is occured while saving data.#13%s" -->  "An Error is occurred...
1919, "...Are you shure you want to proceed?" -->  ...Are you sure you want to proceed?"
1927, "...The file %s already exsists." -->  ...The file %s already exists."
2462, "Tommorow" -->  "Tomorrow"

And while I'm at it, a suggestion... There's nothing wrong with the filters menu, but I find it helps if it is as simple and logical as possible. Following is an excerpt from my custom language file. By naming each filter group in the form "All—Attribute—Not attribute," it's much easier to take in the status of all filters at a glance, and still understand from the position/context what each one means.

 402, "&All"
 403, "&Not viewed"
 404, "&Viewed"
 405, "All"
 406, "Owned"
 407, "Not owned" (i.e., on wish list)
 408, "All"
 409, "Loaned"
 410, "Not loaned"
 411, "All"
 412, "Online"
 413, "Not online"
 414, "All"
 415, "Bookmarked"
 416, "Not bookmarked"
 417, "All"
 418, "Movies"
 419, "Series"
 431, "No poster"
 432, "No photo"
 433, "No cover"
 434, "No screenshot"
 430, "Advanced filters"
 435, "All"
 436, "Visible"
 437, "Not visible"

Users, of course, can have it their own way by using a custom language file, as described here:

Support / Importing from Excel
« on: May 24, 2008, 12:59:37 am »
Time to start a new topic—continued from Where do i begin??? Help File???

I don't think I've seen this behaviour before, but maybe I never tried importing something with blanks in it. Can you run a test with a small sample (e.g., three records—two "good" ones, with a "problem" one in between) to isolate the problem? Maybe it's a bug. And maybe you'll discover a workaround is just to put something (like a "-") in otherwise blank fields.

I tried testing the Excel import plugin—to see if I could replicate ruffa's problem and to answer some of my own questions about how it works. This is what I have learned...

It seems the plugin is not dependent on headings in the Excel file. As long as the configuration has the correct sequence of columns specified, it will work even if there is no heading row. On the other hand, it does recognize the first row is headings, if that's what they are. So I'm not sure what the implications are of excluding it. My preference is to include headings to help keep track of what I'm doing. Attached is a screenshot illustrating how I view my Excel file while entering the configuration. The Excel headings are not necessary for the plugin, but I do need to list the fields in the configuration in exactly the same order as the columns in Excel.

When importing additional information to existing records, the attached confirmation dialog appears. It may seem straightforward, but can be a little confusing when one appreciates the import works on a field level, not just for each record as a whole. This is what each option does:

Update adds source (Excel) field if destination record exists (as determined by matching ID, Title/Year or URL); otherwise does nothing.

Merge adds source (Excel) field if destination field (PVD) is null; otherwise leaves destination data intact.

Add adds all the source fields to a new duplicate record; the existing record is unaffected.

Do not add skips the record; continues the import with the next record.

Overwrite replaces the destination field with the source field; if the source field is null, the destination field is left unchanged.

Cancel terminates the import.

This dialog will appear for each record already in the database unless "do not show again is checked"—then the response is applied to all records imported.

It's easy to assume all records will be "updated" when choosing Overwrite. It can be important to recognize blank fields in import records will not cause existing data to be "deleted." If this is what is intended, blank cells in Excel should be changed to "null" or "delete me," which can be deleted in PDV after importing (if available for the field, using multiple movie editor).

Now, back to ruffa's problem: I was unable to replicate the problem with any combination of blank cells or special characters (like common field delimiters) in the data. Once the import was properly configured, it worked without error both initially, and when used again to add or change data. I only found this kind of error (data in wrong field for some records, not others) when changing columns the Excel file and not making the same change in the plugin configuration (or vice versa). For the reasons already mentioned, the corruption resulting from this can be difficult to interpret because some records are affected and others are not (e.g., a record is not updated because the import field is null, or the destination is not). Furthermore, for the same reasons, if the configuration is then fixed, running the import again will not fix the corruption unless all the affected fields are included, none of them are null, and the overwrite option is used. In most cases, it would be easier to restore from backup or start a new database than to "undo" an import that has run amuck.

[attachment deleted by admin]

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