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Scripts and Templates / may be a Bug & some questions
« on: January 01, 2010, 03:56:44 pm »
...first happy new year to all of you

1. may be a Bug?
I currently working on a script parsing a german TV-Eipsode-Guide page
it seems that I can't add a season with number zero (0) via executing a script,
except the case that this zero season is the only one I'm trying to add.
If I add more then one season, the episodes of this zero-season
will be inserted as episodes of the first-season
and then
the desciription will be overwritten with the episodes-desciription of the first-season

...but I can do so manually via PVD
... or having two script-types
 one parses the zero-season if there is on
 and a second one parsing normal seasons ( means number > 0)
2. is there a way to display a short Status-messages while the script is running
   the reason is , there are TV-soaps with more then 700 episodes in a single season
   so my script is running a long time, while I do not know whats goinig on
   I use the taskmanger to see that there is still action
  but I do not know, weather the script does its job or running in an endless loop.
of course I can use the ShowMessage function
but this is not very comfortable in this case

3. is there a way to get the mid of the last inserted episode
   to change /add other values of the episode in the same loop
   or is this imposible because of using transaction/rollback mechanism of firebird

4. a while ago i asked for RegEx support via ScriptEngine
    is there any future for this

thanks so far  meriator

Scripts and Templates / Re: (Movies)
« on: December 17, 2009, 12:23:47 am »
after still finding some smaler bugs
(roles did not import...)
I made up anew version with corrections
and additional features
budget, poster....and others  can be imported now
additional crew members can be imported now in (little tricky)... ;)
..with german & english language support
see inside the attached file
please try on an empty DB first and for setting it up to your needs

curently everything is enabeld with german language

cu meriator

[attachment deleted by admin]

Development / Re: scripting-engine callback function
« on: December 17, 2008, 01:44:44 am »
so I wait for the future
cause I cant find the episode by sendeing its org.title
I have to use the org.title of the main-movie to get to the right page

thanks meriator

Development / scripting-engine callback function
« on: December 16, 2008, 09:30:28 am »
hi nostra
the script i currently working on should
import/update title and description (in german) for movie-episodes only
(may be later the cover-images too)
the movie has to be allready in the db
I imported my test-movies from IMDb
(its very boring job, to update a lot of episodes manualy)

the source-page for the new script is
this page is a kind of a german episode-guide

while writing this script
I have a problem
I need the MID for giving the orginal title of the episode from the db
because the season- and episode-numbers do not match
to IMDb but the orignalTitle does
so my question is.
Is it posible to implement a callback-function to the scripting-engine
which gives back the MID of an episode (of the current selected Movie),
in exchange
getEpisodeMID(orignalTitle of Movie-Episode)
may be we need
getMovieMID(current selected Movie) too
to do it this way
getEpisodeMID(currentMovieMID, orignalTitle of Movie-Episode)

and a function which will change movie-episode fields
like updateMovieField (MID, field-name, field-value)
this would be very great

thanks meriator

ps:I know you might be very busy, sorry

Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: October 13, 2008, 01:58:03 pm »
this sounds great
take your time
I'll enjoy waiting for this future

thanks a lot
cu meriator

Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: October 10, 2008, 12:46:32 am »
Oh sorry
my intention is not to translate whole sentences
like description, or taglines
this is sure not possible
I'm talking about single terms like genres, or countries
but also tags as they are simple expressions

one reason is
if I search for a comedy I will find
comedy but not Komödie (german) or comédie (french) or comedia (spanish)
but all mean the same thing
but if Komödie, comédie, comedia will point out to comedy
I will find everything I did searched for

cu meriator

Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: October 09, 2008, 06:24:29 pm »
I think we have discussed this topic already and I find the suggestion good, but there some problems with it:
1. Pretty much work for me
2. Too many values have to be translated in too many languages
3. Setting up these replacements will be time consuming

You have to translate not even a single word
May be the way I tried to explain my idea has been not clear enough?

lets take an example
1. way
at view-time (db-data is keeped in orginaly language and will be only processed for viewing)
When the program is going to display an genre-term
and the user-preferences is setup to use replacements
only the SQL-Statment has to be changed, joining the replacment-table, to lookup a replace-term
if there is found one the program will take this term otherwise it will take the original term
so there should be a function at the right place to do it
if user-preferences is set up not to do so, this part will be skiped at all

2. way
at capture-time (db-data will be changed to his native language)
When a genre-term should be imported/inserted
the program has just to checkout before insert/update
if there is a replace-term for this genre-term
if there is one found matching the currently used language and the genre-term
the genre-term will be replaced otherwise not
again depending on user-preferences this part will be skiped at all too

thats all

so i do it a 3.way afterwards
at the moment I do this replacment via SQL-Statments
means by example, I replace one genre-ID with an other one matching my needs

anyway, it was just an idea, which came up to my mind
Who this work might be done easy?
so I thought it might be not that much work
but I do not do the job

3. Setting up these replacements will be time consuming
this would be my job I  asked for ;D

thx again for your response
cu meriator

Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: October 07, 2008, 05:03:12 pm »
An other suggestion
I think that most users relay on IMDB for their movie-data,
especially on unknown/uncommon movies they do not own yet.
Unfortunately these data is mostly only in english available
and there are a lot of other good site in the web with
different languages from the users own.

to solve language related problems
in a proper way it might be usefull to have
a language specific replace-list

language specific means if I use the app with english translation
only phrase marked as translated into english will be used
and so on

for genres, countries(names), languages(names), categories, tags, mpaa-ratings, ....
and maybe for phrases used by the program it self (to customise the viewable output),
as i have seen in other apps aka "data crow" ->


so all incoming data will be setted up
language-specfic correctly to users-needs
at capture-time (db-data will be changed to his native language)
at view-time (db-data is keeped in orginaly language and will be only processed for viewing)
nothing (means like it is)
(this all should depend on the users-preferences
if he, the user needs this and if he takes the time to use it)
with out the need to know all these phrases at the development process

the replace-list could also contain a generaly list off
which might be lead to output-errors or which simply unwanted
this list should be processed always on all incomming data

but these lists should be keept either in the specific movie-DB
or for all in an other settings-db or how ever a simple list
(again users-preferences)
(on export/import the user should asked for the language,
especially if he has choosed view-time-processing)

and so after a while(may be) language-specfic replace-lists
could be shared here in the forums or where ever

I know that native english-speakers dont think so much about these language-specfic things
but all others may do a little more

these is one of the most important features
Sadly to say, I miss in most apps

this are only a few ideas I'll had to handle this language-specfic things
without having so much development-work
on handling unknown phrases (which besides might be wrong)

@nostra special greetings and thanks
while I'm reading here, recognizing your allways friendly open ears to all questions
which is not allways usual

cu meriator

Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: October 07, 2008, 02:59:54 pm » other little wish
to have custom fields for persons
like they are existing for movies already
(this might be more difficulty)
an integreation of custom fields into advanced search

this would be great
thanks a lot anyway

cu meriator

Development / Re: StringReplace - RegEX ?
« on: October 04, 2008, 01:55:07 am »
hi nostra

you've got mail  ;)

Development / StringReplace - RegEX ?
« on: September 03, 2008, 06:25:26 am »
my Question:
does the function StringReplace accept for Patterns a RegExpression ?
something like '/<(FSK:|fsk:)(.*?)(,|<)/s'
and which syntax for the RegEX is used C-like or PHP-like or orPerl-like or does Delphi has a diffrent Syntax
or is ther an other function via scripting engine that accept RegExes
it's easier to ask then trying all Night long

my Sricpt for is almost finished
cu meriator

Development / Re: german language
« on: August 19, 2008, 12:30:44 pm »
the items in my 1. post
are the corrected ones allready
cu meriator

Development / german language corrections
« on: August 19, 2008, 12:11:55 am »
I noticed that
some of the german phrases are either incomplete, mistakable or wrong
Code: [Select]
6200, "Databank öffnen"
 6237, "Bild vom Scanner holen"
 6565, "CD-Vorderhülle {IFCTRL}:"
 6567, "Abspann-Text"
 6880, "Zeige Personen aus den Filmabspännen"
 7156, "Hintergrund-Modus für alle Plugins (keine Benutzereingaben erforderlich)"
 7158, "Keine Personen aus Auszeichnungen hinzufügen wenn sich nicht in den Filmen gelistet werden"
 7512, "Screenshot Erstellung öffnen"
 7926, "Kein TWAIN-Quelle gefunden."
 7928, "Keine Personen gefunden :("
 8000, "Person auswählen"
 8021, "Gruppiere Personen nach %s"

a good reference for the german language
could be found at

thx again
cu meriator

Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: August 17, 2008, 01:14:55 am »
It's not clear to me, for example, why a non-English user is trying to translate information from the IMDb is easier to understand
2. and I prefer my home-language
3.I'm sharing my DB with my people and not all of them understand/speak english
but some of my reallife friends are foreigners in my country (Germany)
and they do not speak german very well but english or italian or ...
so why not more then one language if it's possible to do
4. a lot of terms are coming up again and again
   like genres, professions and, why not,  tags too
once translated no more or less future trouble
5.I like to have my data in more then one language
and a lot of my DVD-movies are supporting my wishes  ;D
sometimes I'm watching movies with friends in other languages then my own
and mostly a have seen the movie already in my language, this is funny
6. i like to work on DBs, and translations are a recuring challange
it's like surfing the Inet, relaying on only one language would be very boring

so I do not collect all needed/prefered infos from IMDB
but of course IMDB has a lot of them in 1 place
except older stuff

these are some Ideas why to do so
and maybe, Russia agree   ;D

thx again
cu meriator

Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: August 16, 2008, 10:21:19 pm »
Do you have something automated in mind?
;D not realy but
they can be pre-translated via google etc..
and then correctd by your self
then the table should have an other field
which mark a term_value as ....finaly translated  :)
.....and maybe PVD should colorize all untranslated terms....

it is also possible to implement the translation-table
this way as I have done in some Apps before
adding a lang means then Alter "table" add fieldname varchar(....
where fieldname = the lang_identifier
deleting means ...drop fieldname...
but this way it is harder to mark single lang_terms as final or what ever
on the other hand it's possible to have diffrent meanings
via default_value and/or ident_key on the same term
because the default_value has no specific language
and the  ident_key will match the use of the term

good translations are hard work any way

an other idea on translating the terms might be
let PVD-users work together
create an online-db for translated tags
where PVD can synchronize the tag-table
may be the requierd fields only

2200 terms in 10 or more languages are possible to do this way
by myself  I could'nt do it
I do not trust google, or babelfish ..ect...that much   ???

thx again
cu meriator

Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: August 15, 2008, 03:40:33 pm »
What do you mean with translation tables?
I think my last post will explain your question

but may there's also the need of an ident_key
to mark translation to purposes


and so on

in a realy relational DB a better way would be


so we get no double values in default_value aka term_ID
and we are able to pre-translate terms by procedur/function
if term_value matches any new incomming value
but the overhead is
the user has to match the languge of new incomming terms before
(specialy imported tags from IMDB are in diffrent languages as I noticed)

thx again
cu meriator

ps.writing to fast forces me making spelling mistakes
if you find one keep it  ;D

Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: August 15, 2008, 03:37:20 pm »
forgot an other suggestion

the tag feature
as it is a very useful feature
it lacks on translation

it would be realy nice to a have these tags translated
in some other languages
there for I should be able to define some needed languages
and then, while importing the tag
each one should be saved
multible times accoriding to my needed languages
needed langs may be eng, ger, spa, fra
table fields

if lang_value =empty default_value=taken instead
after translation the table may look like


thx again
cu meriator

Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: August 15, 2008, 03:02:10 pm »
2. I think two factors are going to affect requests of this sort. First, Customizable views and more flexible custom fields will improve our ability to add whatever we want. Second, the Scripting feature gives us the means to get the data for whatever fields we have added. The catch, of course, is that we'll have to do it ourselves.  :'(

3. What do you mean by "movie-preview"? The current Actors section shows actors and their roles if Preferences-Movies-Information card Show credits as...roles is set.
thanks for u comment
2. I wouldn't do it via custom fields far i found out there's a table named career
which seems to store all the info's about
person->profession and person->role per movie->ID
this is the right place
..but there should be the possibility
to assign labels to the interger->field ctype
wich seems to carry the profession->information.
(...and great would be to do it via a translation-table
but the trans-Table i found in the DB
has not the valid fields to store translations in diffrent languages for the same "term of meaning"

3. (sorry) movie->dataview is meant  ...thank you, this is it   ;D....

now taking an other deep breath.   ;)
I may study the DB-structure a little more, because I'm not used to Firebird->DBs

thx again
cu meriator

Feature Suggestions / Re: Vote: Features for 0.9.9
« on: August 15, 2008, 02:39:51 am »
First 1000x Thanks for this nice App   :)

I would like to vote for all choices, if I could
but ...realy hard to decide...4 most important f.... are in my case..

Grid view, Customizable views, Client-Server support, Customizable file scanner
Read only version of PVD,..... if I could..
upps repeating my self

what else I would like to be part of features is:
1. multible files for each movie-entrie, (  like *01.avi, *02.avi ).
 ( maybe this will be included in Customizable file scanner )
2. support for technical-team -> director of photography, camera, sound editor.... ->  from IMDb
3. displaing of  actor/actress <-> characters  in movie-preview
   ( and memders of technical-team <-> profession )
 ( maybe it's possible in Customizable views )
4. filtering of  movies by  awards
5. the ability to add users  for a Read only version of PVD to let them vote and comment movies
  and displaing of  users-votes & -comments
6. the ability to add diffrent kind of images to display them on diffrent positions in movie/person-preview
  aka (cover, poster, screenshot, photo, ...)
7. for cosmeticaly purposes only
   it would be nice to be able to access the movie-editor in (all)|(default)|(technical)|(image) -> menu-choices
this might give a better handling, maybe without too much scrolling
these are some of my ideas
cu meriator

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