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Please note a Help board has recently been added. Anything of value here will soon be incorporated into the Help documentation, and this topic will be deleted.

This is the recommended method for seeking help...

* Review the Help Table of Contents for the topic you need help with. It includes fairly specific sub-topics, so there's a reasonable chance you'll spot one applicable to your question.

* If you don't find anything that way, or the applicable topic has not yet been written, use the Search box on the Help board. It will show any hits in the Help documentation—possibly revealing something not apparent from the TOC. You can modify the search from the results page, review any page hit, and return to the results page.

* If your question is not yet addressed in the help documentation, you haven't wasted your time. Modify your search by changing "This board" (i.e., Help) to "Entire Forum." The results will then include all posts with your search terms, including anything here.

* Finally, remember that when you need help, it's often difficult to know what to search for. Don't hesitate to ask. And you don't have to ask here. You may post a comment or question to any help topic, just as you may post here. So if you don't find an answer in a topic you think should have it, please add a "comment" to that topic. Then we can answer your question, and revise the help topic at the same time! 8)

Opening Credits

This "Help Index" is a categorized list of links to helpful topics. Please post your suggestions for additions to this list. Provide a title and a topic or message link, and perhaps a comment that will help me categorize it. Please do not post requests for help here—start your own topic (after reading Read this first, of course).

If you don't see what you're looking for, use the forum's powerful Search feature (discussed ~here). :(

Most of the links on this page (marked with a "~") are to messages that have been lost. I have attempted to recreate them from my personal records. Unfortunately, those include only my posts and whatever I may have quoted from others. I'll mark those with a "*" and change the link to a post below. I have struck-out those for which I have nothing. :(

Getting Started

*Where do I begin? – This is a long discussion, but worth a read if you're just starting out.

Importing from Excel – Get started quickly by importing anything from anywhere!
An edited version of this topic is posted below.

*Importing from other software via Excel.

~Running PVD in Vista with UAC – Read this if you're having problems.

How to...

Download from IMDb
– *Configuring the plugin
– *Handling movie titles
– *Using Silent mode
– *When the wrong movie is downloaded (or ~here)
– ~Using custom instead of standard fields :(
– *Adding a single season to a series
– *Updating series information
– Batch plugins

– *Disappearing movies
– *Use to select movies for export

– *Search box behavior
– ~Advanced search operators :(
– ~Advanced search tips :(
– *Advanced search vs. Statistics

– described *here and ~here

– *Selecting a template (or ~here)
– *Various questions including, "Is there any way to export posters in original title names?"

Cool Features

*Web search – If you can't download it, Web search it!

New Features in 0.9.9 – Maybe your issue has been addressed in the new version.

Related Software

Kroozbox – PVD to media theatre solution

PK's MovieDB – Dynamic website template

~Video editing/conversion utilities :(

This message intentionally left blank. ;)


--- Quote from: patch on February 13, 2009, 10:24:08 pm ---Excellent post rick.ca
This should be one of the pages in an online wiki or manual
In suppose the easiest way to start one is if you started an help index thread, maintained the first "Contents" page (with helpful suggestions from other forum users) then stuck it to the top of the support forum.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the suggestion, patch. Now what? ;)

If you see or receive a message you think would make a good addition to the Help Index, please "nominate" it. Do that by replying to the message and using the key phrase "help index" (e.g., "Thanks for the great explanation—it belongs in the help index!"). I'll periodically update the index based on a search for "help index."

And if the brilliant advice is to be found only in your head, please post a message—and nominate yourself! 8)

You have excelled again rick.ca
I'm sure the index will help novices (and forgetful veterans) more rapidly solve their problems & ultimately get more out of PVD. I like the idea of users tagging threads deserving of addition to the index. That should ensure it continues to grow and evolve with PVD.


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