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Kroozbox setup
« on: February 21, 2009, 04:27:18 pm »

I am trying to get Kroozbox setup for my NMT and have been running into a few issues. Namely when I try to acccess the Notice, HD, or Std. my NMT just processes and then eventually times out. I can get the URL to work on my PC http://ipaddress:9008 but when I try the URL on my NMT I do not get anything.

I did not set anything up in the or in the file. file: dbName = C:/NATESPVD.PVD... dbaseMediaRoot = nts:movies ... localMediaRoot = f:/movies (and the # is not infront of any of these entries)

I also added an entry in the which included the "nts:movies" into the  [myShare] value. Note I did remove the brackets here... I am assuming that is what needed to be done. The document said to replace it with my value.

Also note I am trying to set this up for ISO streaming.