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Importing from Access
« on: July 10, 2009, 01:23:41 am »
Welcome, gf. ;)

I just install PVD on my computer and it works fine. My problem is that I make a MS-Access Database about 2 year ago and I archive 1450 Films in this Access DB. The direct import in PVD was not possible, I take AntMovieCatalog and import my files from Access and then to PVD. All screenshots were lost but this is not so bad. I can get new covers with connection or else.

My worst problem ist, that lot of comments in the Access text field have some special characters . All the descriptions could be imported in AntMovieCatalog, but the import from AMC to PVD was broken. After about 50 Films the import aborted with error. It will be really hard to bring the text with cut/paste into the PVD, so maybe you will realize in next release an import from Access?

About printing: for me it will be ok, if I get a simple CD Cover with the Comment of the film and a picture. Yes this is a lot and it takes me some time in Access to make my special report, but this feature in PVD could be nice.

Thanks for reading this an maybe you will take some of this idea in your next program release.

You should be able to export from Access to Excel, and then import from Excel to PVD. Include Title and/or Original title and Year (to ensure proper matching of records), Description, and whatever else you want to import. Include these fields and only these fields in the Excel import configuration.

For printing, use Plain text export plugin. Using templates, you can create whatever form of report you want.