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Image Frames
« on: December 04, 2009, 03:21:31 am »
I'm considering writing a plug-in to add frames to images.  I've made a number of requests for changes and never done anything but that.  I guess it's time to set up to the plate.

1) Is this the way to do it?
2) Is there any interest in this, or should I build a stand-alone for it?
3) Is there a way to tell which images have been updated?  I haven't looked at the database format, but I suspect given the general design of this program, that there is.
4) I want to add (optional) captions, so I'd guess that I could use the movie name / person name for this...?
5) Feature suggestions?
6) Any implementation considerations would be appreciated.

What I have in mind is a replaceable image file with the various border formats (left, right, top, bottom, and the corners) with an option to have an "inner border".  My preference at this time, given that I do not use the built-in screenshot maker, is to have a directory that I convert through a stand-alone program, then upload the file via PVD.  If there's interest is this, I'll look at pulling images from the database as I don't think it will be much more work...if I can track what images have been framed and which have not.

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