Author Topic: may be a Bug & some questions  (Read 2261 times)

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may be a Bug & some questions
« on: January 01, 2010, 03:56:44 pm »
...first happy new year to all of you

1. may be a Bug?
I currently working on a script parsing a german TV-Eipsode-Guide page
it seems that I can't add a season with number zero (0) via executing a script,
except the case that this zero season is the only one I'm trying to add.
If I add more then one season, the episodes of this zero-season
will be inserted as episodes of the first-season
and then
the desciription will be overwritten with the episodes-desciription of the first-season

...but I can do so manually via PVD
... or having two script-types
 one parses the zero-season if there is on
 and a second one parsing normal seasons ( means number > 0)
2. is there a way to display a short Status-messages while the script is running
   the reason is , there are TV-soaps with more then 700 episodes in a single season
   so my script is running a long time, while I do not know whats goinig on
   I use the taskmanger to see that there is still action
  but I do not know, weather the script does its job or running in an endless loop.
of course I can use the ShowMessage function
but this is not very comfortable in this case

3. is there a way to get the mid of the last inserted episode
   to change /add other values of the episode in the same loop
   or is this imposible because of using transaction/rollback mechanism of firebird

4. a while ago i asked for RegEx support via ScriptEngine
    is there any future for this

thanks so far  meriator
while 1000 thanks crawling after one....they may never reach...the journey is the reward