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« on: February 08, 2010, 07:33:28 pm »
FeatureAutomatic updates
FeatureLetters in ID field like "AB125"
FeatureColor tags for hyperlinks in Memo fields
FeatureSkins: Transparency for posters
FeatureSkins: Separator tags
FeatureSkins: Collapsed lines to show
FeatureScript engine: A possibility for scripts to process download exceptions
FeatureScript engine: A possibility to define both titles/names when adding awards using scripts
FeatureScript engine: ConvertEncoding function for constants saved in ANSI
ImprovedCSV Import allow escaping using double quote chars
ImprovedTrying another search url for impawards
ImprovedEscape special chracters in Ignore regexps
ImprovedPreselect network path in FileTree
ImprovedUse latest Mediainfo
Improvedauto-screenshot maker from main menu
ImprovedScroll Tree on key press when needed.
ImprovedExtension indepenedent image handling
FixedAdding awards
FixedSome issues with scrolling information panes
FixedImage full view in Full Screen mode
FixedUpdate modified date when images are added/changed/removed
Fixed-readonly command line parameter
FixedA couple of Date/Time issues
FixedGrouping by cast
Fixed and ImprovedExport plugin
FixedSome UI fixes
FixedMany memory leaks removed
FixedMany miscellaneous fixes
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