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« on: April 25, 2010, 01:51:52 am »
FeatureSkins: separate stars and buttons for each skin
FeatureSkins: height attribute for rows
FeatureSkins: height attribute for spacer
FeatureSkins: maxvalue, precision attributes for ratings
FeatureSkins: allow rating without stars
FixedSkins: automatic width calculation
FixedSkins: Collapsed/expanded states did not save after changing the skin
FixedSkins: Offsets in custom section
FeatureExport: Configurable duration format
FixedExport: resizing images
FixedExporting photos
FeatureScript Engine: GetFieldValueXML, GetSeriesFieldValueXML
ImprovedRound seconds to the full minute when showing duration in minutes
ImprovedDefault colors and underline options for all controls
ChangedBudget and Box Offcie fields can contain bigger values
Fixedgrouping by composers and writers
FixedBigger toolbar icons support
FixedClearing date fields
FixedCreating a database having international characters in path
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