Author Topic: Save copy of video to local computer from remote location  (Read 1935 times)

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Save copy of video to local computer from remote location
« on: May 25, 2010, 07:44:03 pm »
This is an awesome piece of software. I was tasked with writing database management software to catalog company videos and stumbled across this. It is way better than anything that I could have done and saved me a lot of time. I do have one suggestion that would really make it perfect for my application:

I keep my video files on a remote network location and run image processing algorithm testing on my computer. The files need to on my local computer before I can run the algorithm so that it can be done real-time. I currently use the open containing folder function and copy the file to my computer. It would be very nice to automate this step and have it grab a copy from the remote server and save it to a predefined folder on my computer. The dream feature would be to search for videos of interest (say it returns 10 videos) and then run a "Copy all open records" type macro that would copy each video to my local computer one by one. That way, I could start it and go home, come in the next to find all the files copied over.

I would think this would be nice too for a user that wants to copy a video from his network server to his laptop so he could watch the movie on an airplane or whatever.

If this seems to be a unique feature that you wouldn't consider doing without a donation, let me know and maybe we could figure it out.

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Re: Save copy of video to local computer from remote location
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2010, 03:31:36 pm »
The template system is probably the easiest way to do this.  The process would be something like this:
1) do your search
2) select video titles
3) execute a plain text export to create the copy commands
4) save output file with a '.bat' extension
5) if 'open file upon completion' is checked, the .bat file will be invoked, or you can execute it manually.

Here's a sample of an export template you can alter:

filter="Text Files|*.txt"
mkdir "C:\Program Files\Apache\htdocs\DVDs\Movies\Snaps\{%value=title}"

Here's a link to the template documentation:

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Re: Save copy of video to local computer from remote location
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2010, 07:38:21 am »
You could possibly drop the txt file created by export into teracopy or unstoppable copier.
teracopy supports command line.

eraCopy Command Line (v2.0+ only)

TeraCopy.exe Operation
  • Source Target [/SkipAll] [/OverwriteOlder] [/RenameAll] [/OverwriteAll] [/NoClose] [/Close]

        * Operation: Copy|Move|Delete|Test|Check
        * Source: File or folder
        * *Source: Path to filelist
        * Target: Destination folder


        * TeraCopy.exe Copy "D:\My Documents" F:\Backup
        * TeraCopy.exe Copy D:\Video.avi C:\My Documents
        * TeraCopy.exe Copy D:\Data F:\Backup /OverwriteOlder /Close
        * TeraCopy.exe Move *C:\Temp\filelist.cmd C:\My Documents /OverwriteAll /NoClose
        * TeraCopy.exe Test D:\Video.avi
        * TeraCopy.exe Check D:\checksum.md5
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