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This is a list of comments and suggestions pertaining to the administration of this board.

Please add your comments below. New items will be added to the list. Items will be struck as they are dealt with.

* Links to the board must include sort=subject for the topics to be sorted properly.
* Change the sequence of the boards as presented on the main Forum page.
* Get rid of Solved Issues.
* Add Help to the link bar.
* Make board visible to all.
* Problem with "quick reply" posting?
* Add link back to forum.

2. Presentation in main forum: The sequence of the boards as presented on the main Forum page would be more logical as Help, Support, Feature Suggestions, Development, Talk. For a cleaner look, the boards not mentioned in that list could all be child boards of Development. Except for Solved Issues...

Another exception will be the board for the beta release. As has been the practice in the past (if I recall correctly), that will be first in the list—while active. Once the release is out of beta, it can be moved to Development.

3. Consider getting rid of Solved Issues (except for topics recently moved there, it could be purged). Moving messages there requires moderator effort, and it's not always clear whether something has been "solved." Moving topics there implies they're no longer relevant, which is not always the case. Topics not moved there (usually because they're broader than just something that needs fixing) implies an issue is outstanding. I think it makes more sense to just tag the topics [SOLVED], and let them fade away.

4. Add Help to the link bar—between Screenshots and Forum. This is where new visitors will expect to find it—and many will look for help documentation as a means of assessing whether the application will meet their needs. Most will not understand that such documentation can exist as a board (in other words, even if they see it on the Forum, they may not select it).


--- Quote from: rick.ca on September 17, 2010, 08:44:03 pm ---2. Presentation in main forum...
--- End quote ---

Yes, that looks much better. :)

But what happened to the old beta topics? Have they been purged along with Solved Issues?

And shouldn't Changelogs be a child of Development as well?


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