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« on: December 04, 2010, 02:07:38 am »
The next version 1 test release is here.
Tabs are improved dramatically, there are a couple of new settings and a bunch  of fixes.

I do not recommend using this build with your real database!


Feature"Collapsed" toolbar mode when no tabs selected
FeatureCustomizable tabs on toolbar
FeatureNew options in "Appearance": sort lists, execute plugin on selection
FeatureSaving tabs, filters, searches, sorting and grouping
FixedSome issues with high DPI
FixedFull screen mode
FixedSomee isuues with window painting with disabled Aero
FixedPlugin selection was reseted after switching the mode
FixedSome minor fixes

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Re: Beta
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2010, 12:07:58 am »
Nice work!

I'd like to keep beta testing discussion organized. I realize there's no "right way" to do that, but past experience tells me ongoing discussions become impossible to follow if all comments are posted in the release thread. So, where appropriate, please continue existing specific-issue topics by posting your comments there. Yes, that can be confusing too, but it should be okay if the first poster after a new release makes it clear he's referring to that new release. If you're commenting on something that hasn't been discussed before—and you believe it's worthy of discussion—please start a new topic.

I've move the comments that were posted here to Restructuring of main toolbar and menu.

General comments about the release are welcome here. Also, if you have a list of specific and perhaps diverse bugs to report, it's okay to post them all here. It's the comments likely to be part of an ongoing discussion that I would like to keep organized.