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drag poster image
« on: October 16, 2011, 09:54:32 pm »
it would be very useful if one could drag the poster image
onto the program. the way it works now (edit mode|open|
find|image|end edit mode) is very cumbersome. thx


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Re: drag poster image
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2011, 10:35:53 pm »
+1. And/or paste from clipboard...

Yes, I've long wished for the ability to paste an image from the clipboard to any image place-holder in the program. That would be very versatile and a big time-saver. I actually wondered if this would also be an effective way to re-save an existing image sent to an external editor. But I thought it might be dangerous to assume what is copied to the clipboard is what the user wants to save. For example, if say I download an enormous poster, and use my external editor to resize it to screen size. After I do so, it will appear reduced in the editor, but it will not actually be resized until I save it. So I'd have to be careful to save before attempting to cut & paste it back to PVD. I can live with that, but are all editors the same in this regard? Maybe I worry too much. If cut & paste is an effective method for everyone for re-saving edited images, then maybe that's the way to go...

Add the option to send any image to a specified program (by double-click and/or button or context menu). Whether an image is "returning" from such a program after editing, or is a new image acquired from elsewhere (e.g., copied from a web page), it can be saved to PVD by pasting it from the clipboard. If it works, this would be a simple universal solution.