Author Topic: Export template: Roksbox XML, problem with episodes  (Read 3063 times)

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Export template: Roksbox XML, problem with episodes
« on: September 27, 2011, 08:35:11 pm »


I'm working on an export template that will generate an XML file containing all movies and episodes in a format compatible with Roksbox.  It's working fine for movies, and I am familiar with the format required by Roksbox for episodes.

However, I can't figure out how to get the PVD plain text export plugin to generate a record for each episode: it will generate only one record for the top-level series name.

I took the episode line from the examples.ptm file, but this line is run only once per series, not once per episode.

I have spent a lot of time searching through the posts here and haven't found an answer.  K9Sports was trying to do the same thing in the thread "XML export and episodes to roksbox" but his question wasn't answered.

The code between the HEAD and the FOOT in a template is executed once for each top-level movie record.  How do I get it to execute once for each episode also?