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1.0.2 Beta


Finally, I have freed up my time schedule for the beloved PVD!

It is very important to backup your real database, before trying this version!


FeatureAutomatically import external subtitles (if language is detectable from filename), audio streams and postersFeatureCopy & Paste RecordsFeatureCopy and Paste images from clipboardFeatureOption: select first search resultImprovedToolbar tabs:
Left-click toggles toolbar
Double-click replaces everything with the selected toolbar
Right click shows a popup with all actions of the toolbar (if possible)
If a toolbar does not fit, it is placed on the next row
The second "dynamic" row can only contain one toolbarImprovedHTTP ClientImprovedDuplicate check when adding recordsImprovedShow number of selected records in Mass Editor + Confirmation when changing more than 10 entriesImprovedNew firebird versionChangedNew ffmpeg versionChanged"Disc inserted dialog" is not shown if minimizedChangedFile Path Field is now an expandable MemoChangedSystem dlls are installed into PVD folderFixedOnly set automatic id to visible moviesFixedA couple of issues with date fieldsFixedDo not ask to delete files if there are no video files assignedFixedBrowse button executed the action twiceFixedUnable to change titleFixedMany other minor fixes and improvements

There seems to be a problem converting older databases. Please test with a new database if it does not wotk for you. I will provide a fix in a day.


 Thanks for the effort Nostra, can't wait to try the subtitle import option.


--- Quote from: deazo on November 20, 2011, 07:32:24 pm ---
 Thanks for the effort Nostra, can't wait to try the subtitle import option.

--- End quote ---

This feature will get better in a couple of hours ;) Stay tuned.


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