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Filmstarts_DE (movie,screens.,poster)
« on: December 19, 2011, 07:59:41 am »
..and here 3 new scripts  for

filmstarts_DE.psf the movie script
curent version:
similar to the zelluloid script
most of PVDs standard fields
1 aditional credit
aditional crew members, based on level of importance
( "Mr.Xxx" -- "___cinematographer___") or ( "Mr.Xxx" -- "___Kamera___")
... language based ...
similar movies as connection list ( *** read code below)
search page navigation
awards are not liste by this site   :(
Code: [Select]
 SEARCH_w_PIC    = TRUE;  //represents the search results with covers
 DO_CREDITS      = TRUE;  //get actor /crew data
 DO_CRITICS      = TRUE;  //this will get the critic
 DO_RATINGS      = TRUE;  // not supported yet (dont know wether i need this)
 DO_TECHNIC      = TRUE;  // get budget / money info if any
 DO_POSTER       = TRUE;  // download the poster
 DO_bigPoster    = TRUE;  // try to get the big poster
 DO_EXTRAS       = TRUE;  // get additional crew members
 DO_CUSTOMS      = TRUE;  //Set to False if you do not want custom-fields being filled
                          //this will allso affect others
 DO_CREW_RANG    = 5;     //this will get additional crew members by importance from 0-5
                          //0=higest importance, 5=lowest importance
 DO_CRITIK_AT    = 2;     //1= custom field cf_kritik
                          //2= comment field

 DO_SIMILARS     = TRUE;  //this will add a connection list for up to 10 similar movies
                          //(in normal mode we can grab only the title but these may not match
                          // to a corresponding existing title of an other movie site,
                          // so its less save for a consistent DB)
 DO_SIM_PRO      = FALSE;  //this loads the similar movies site first
                          //to get the org.title and the year before adding
                          //( but there are max. 3 items with urls (:-( javascript) )
                          //( items without org.title will be skipped )

 DO_numDates     = TRUE;  //this converts name of month to numeric value
 JOB_LANGUAGE    = 'de';  // curently only  'de' or 'en'
 //end OPTIONS

 //start language independent
 //you may change the followings values to your language
 // the following will mark crew members (Kamera, Sound...)
 JOB_PREFIX   = '___'; // what ever you like
 JOB_SUFIX    = '___'; // what ever you like

 //coustom field names      setup here the names for requierd custom-fields
 cf_fstartID    = 'ID FStart';              //Kurzer Text
 cf_primeDE     = 'deut.Erstausstrahlung';  //Kurzer Text
 cf_FSK         = 'FSK';                    //Kurzer Text
 cf_kritik      = 'Kritik';                 //Memo
 cf_news        = 'News';                   //Memo
 cf_notiz       = 'Notiz';                  //Memo
 //end coustom field names

 //end language independent

the options and their setting values are discriped inside the script like above

filmstarts_DE_poster.psf the poster script
curent version:
the options and ..... inside the script

the screenshot script
curent version:
the options and ..... inside the script


I tried to explain all options and their setting values inside each of the scripts
*** NOTE: if you change any of the options
***or if you use the scripts for the first time
*** PLEASE  try on an empty test database first

cu meriator

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Re: Filmstarts_DE (movie,screens.,poster)
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2011, 07:47:19 pm »
Nice work.
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