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Zweitausendeins Filmlexikon DE (movies, screens.)
« on: December 21, 2011, 10:18:45 pm »
hi all
I've yust finished this scripts  ;)
Zweitausendeins Filmlexikon DE

it was a little difficulty the way we have to search this site
but i found a way .....

mostly you may not get any result on orig. title,  if it is not a german made move
so we will have todo a second search with the (visible) title

in this case any :space ->": " is replaced to +-+
because the standard way to separate
main movie title: sub movie title
= in german more common like
main movie title - sub movie title

badly they use encodeURI(chr) requests in their post method
so it took me much more time to figure this out ....
then to make a function to encode the query this way

on doing a second search the script will not add the orig. title to your DB
in fact of .. this is a little unsave comparing to IMDB ..
execpt you force it to do so
eq. the title will only be change if you force if

there are alot of movies without  posters .. and  or images
if there are any you can decide an images as poster
either the first or last out of xx images
can be downloaded if you wish
Note: posters, if any, are mostly at the end

This site it self  is very basicly, 
but one of the best german movie pages with short but good descriptions
and mostly correct data (I think IMDB has more data errors then this site)
on more than 54.000 movies, bascily german, european ones.
A fundamental research, so  that lot of other website use to quote them.
This was the fact for me to do this script.

zweitausendeins_DE.psf the movie script
curent version:

zweitausendeins_DE_screenshots.psf  the screenshot script
curent version:

the webpage has no personaly infos on actors
except their filmography
(so I thought for me, that there is no important reason for a person script)

edit:found a little bug
archive updated

zweitausendeins_DE_screenshots.psf  the screenshot script
curent version:
cu meriator

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Re: Zweitausendeins Filmlexikon DE (movies, screens.)
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2011, 04:54:24 pm »
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