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Some Christmas fixes :)

Please, always backup your database, before updating an existing PVD installation!


ImprovedUI is fully translatable (English, Russian and German languages are already available)ChangedSome minor UI changesFixedRecords were not filtered when loading saved tabs with filtersFixedDouble Click on posters and CoversFixedPredefined date filtersFixedExternal images were not loaded when relative paths were changedFixedError when handling duplicate recordsFixedA couple of issues with copying and pasting recordsFixedImporting information for peopleFixedSome backwards compatibility issues

Thanks :p

Seems to work better for portable use.
French Amazon doesn't work (as with all versions i used), and I still have those problems :


--- Quote ---French Amazon doesn't work (
--- End quote ---

OK, I'll fix it soon

--- Quote ---and I still have those problems :
--- End quote ---

What is you operating system?
The problem with Cyrillic letters in the skin is not a bug. You have just a Russian version of the skin. Download and install an English one or just change those words in the skin yourself.

geoslake if I'm not mistaken, you are using a skin called pvd_classic_movie_tabs_remix 
I have a solution for you, skin in English language attached

skinimg I have not changed.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks to both of you.

Ivek, the skin is in english now, thank you ! (was obvious, my bad).

Nostra, I'm using windows xp sp3, and actually I thought it was impossible to have a "modded" titlebar like that...

Pvd still doesn't see some movies (it sees 243 instead of 250, have to properly identify all of those, but one is the "Z.avi" I already talked about).

ps Donation made

and..merry christmas :)


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