Author Topic: Thanks for the update to the IMDb Movie Import Plugin! - just two issues...  (Read 1832 times)

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    Hey, the plugin update seems to be mostly working very well again for TV episodes. Just a couple of issues I've noticed since the new version was automatically downloaded the other day...

    • After importing info for a new TV series, the info is downloaded from IMDb, but there is no "+" to expand the title, and show the seasons & episodes. However, if you go into the main title to edit it, then save your changes, suddenly the ability to expand the title appears. It's as if the title in the list column isn't being refreshed, or something. (Importing from TVDb after the IMDb import also causes the expand option to appear, but then that was always the case with that.) EDIT: OKAY, WEIRDLY NOW THIS APPEARS TO BE WORKING -- AT LEAST FOR THE LAST SEVERAL TV SERIES I'VE UPDATED. Newer Edit: Whoops -- no, now it's doing it again. Just added a new series and the option to expand the title did not appear, just like before.
    • When first running the plugin on a TV series main title, the images being downloaded from IMDb for each particular episode in the TV series are thumbnails, not the full version. So I have to go into Preferences, and check the box to have the plugin overwrite the existing posters, in order to get the full-sized versions when I run the IMDb plugin again on the episodes themselves.

    Otherwise, I appreciate you getting it working again! IMDb's formatting of episode titles is generally better than TVDb, which I find makes the final IMDb updates-by-episode run more smoothly.
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