Author Topic: Some usefull SQL scripts in PVD  (Read 2816 times)

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Some usefull SQL scripts in PVD
« on: January 28, 2017, 08:10:45 pm »
there are sometimes that the script is not a good tool for arrange PVD. Happily we have the possibility of use SQL scripts.

First you must start  PVD in Debug Mode (viddb.exe -debug) and then you have in Menu->Help->SQL where you can run a SQL Script (tick the box if the script have several lines).

I publish two examples easy to understand:
1) Now I have problems with IMDB[EN] and the original title (give me a false string 'var ....'). I can solve easily the problem running:
                  update MOVIES set "origtitle"="title" where "origtitle"='var ue_t0=window.ue_t0||+new Date();';
                  update MOVIES set "origtitle"="title" where SUBSTR("origtitle",1,3) = 'var';

2) Some strange chars appears in the people IMDB url. I use:
                  update PEOPLE set "url"=replace("url",'?ref_=tt_ov_dr', '/');
                  update PEOPLE set "url"=replace("url",'?ref_=tt_ov_wr', '/');

I anime to all to publish here their own SQL scripts for PVD.