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Personal Videogame Database
« on: July 17, 2012, 12:16:19 pm »
Currently I'm having a 2-member team working on a catalog program for game collectors (working title: PriViGaDa).
There will be a 'regular game info' panel where you can choose to will retrieve it's info from or add the info manually.
But there will also be a 'collectors info' panel where you can add (manually) specific info about a game you own.
And yes, it will be freeware.

My question is:
What info should be stored in this 'collectors info' panel.
For now I came up with these:

-Edition (e.g. White Label edition)
-Package (boxed, miniboxed, dvd-case, jewel-case, etc.)
-Sealed (yes/No)
-Media (e.g. CD-Rom [1x], 3.5" Disks [4x], etc.)

But there might be more info you would like to store.

* So, do you think it's a good idea creating such program?
* Do you have any ideas for more fields for the 'collectors info' panel other then mentioned above?

Thanx for the input already :-)
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